And the Pavano Era is Officially Over

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goodbye sweet prince. In your time with New York you won 9 incredible games and never had an ERA below 4.75. And that doesn't even mention the fact you only started 26 games in your 4 seasons in the Bronx. You will be missed though. Who will I be able to hate every day of the year with you gone? Who will be there to always strain an ass muscle in spring training for a good joke? Who were always there for that you always inspired hatred and comedy. For all those reasons I shall miss you.

I do have a request for your departure. Can you please do similar things in Cleveland? It would be really really annoying if you won 15 games in Cleveland this year. So, how about a spring training injury or two? Maybe miss the first half of the year or simply have an ERA over 5.50? I think that would be good enough.

Anyway good luck in Cleveland and all. Break a Leg.

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