Breakin It Down: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

Friday, January 02, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Is Flacco Flappable

This rookie has played in a playoff game before. He in fact won three games last year before getting throttled by App St. in the title game. Will that experience help him out or will the rookie make mistakes?

Chad's Charmed Life

Chad's had the best year of his career and he's stayed turnover free for most of the year, but part of me thinks his story in 2009 is done. Doesn't beating the Jets in the final game of the year seem like the climax to a story oft written?

Where's the Pick Six?

Does it not seem like Ed Reed scores a touchdown in every game? If you've watched Chad in the past you know that many games his team has been sunk thanks to him throwing an ill-timed pick six.

Wildcat Wrinkles

The Wildcat has the potential for massive wrinkles. Take last weekend against the Jets. The Dolphins lined up in the wildcat with Chad lined up as a wideout. Ricky did the normal motion but wound up doing a fly route on the sideline. Chad ended up with the ball and threw a pass to a wide open Ricky 20 yards down field. Ricky dropped the pass, but the potential is still there for big plays in the Wildcat.

Poundin the Rock

Both of these teams want to play defense and pound the rock. Whoever winds up with more rushing yards is going to win this game.

The Pick

I think the Dolphins have a better shot than most people are giving them but I just feel like Chad's good karma is done.

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Seems to me that every time Mangini gets involved with a quarterback they contribute to crippling turnovers in critical end of the season situations.

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