Breakin It Down: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Which QB Likes the Interception More?
On one sideline you have a man who always looks like he's one interception away from a bottle of Jack Daniels. On the other sideline you have a man who still sports a Unibrow even though he's a professional athlete. Both Quarterbacks had good years, but are far from trustworthy. So which one decides to get on the pick six train first? The boozer or the unibrow?

When Shall Ed Reed Score a Touchdown
Last week I said it seems like Ed Reed scores a touchdown every game, and well he did. Is there a QB that's more likely to throw a dagger interception for a touchdown to Ed Reed than Kerry Collins? Well Chadwick obviously, but Kerry is a close second.

Which Backfield Breaks a Big Gain?
Both teams are built on their defense and their ability to run the football. The problem is this game they are playing a mirror image of each other. Both teams are built to stuff the run. The Titans have the big guns up front to deal with the beating Le'Ron gives and have the quickness at Linebacker to run down Willis or Rice. Meanwhile Ray Lewis is always putting his hat on the opposing running back.

How Healthy is the Titan Front 4?
The Titans are expected to get Haynsworth and Vanden Boche back for Sautrday's game and they better be healthy and ready to go. If Haynesworth ever goes down during the game than the Titans could be in serious serious trouble.

Slim to None?
In their first meeting Kerry Collins engineered an 11 play drive touchdown as time was winding down to defeat the Ravens 13-10. The chances of that happening again are slim to none right?

The Pick
I'm going Titans solely because of homefield advantage. These teams are essentially the same. Built on their defenses and run. A shaky QB who could make a mistake at any time. I do believe Chris Johnson is the most likely of all running backs to break a big run, so slight advantage there. This has 13-10 written all over it. If you don't like defense than this is not your game.

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