Breakin It Down: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants

Friday, January 09, 2009

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Which Wideout Steps Up?
Last year the man in the playoffs was Plaxico Burress. Without him the Giants lose to Brett Favre and Favre never becomes a Jet (damn you Plax). So which wide reciever fills in that playmakers void? Dominik Hixon? The aging Suit wearer? One of the 8 Wideouts named Steve Smith? Who's the Boss? Someone needs to step up.

Who Covers Westbrook?
The answer to this question should not be Antonio Pierce. He's the leader of the defense, but in the last game it was pretty evident that he can not effectively shadow Westbrook. The Giants need someone with speed to hound him all day. So who will it be? Corey Webster maybe? I've got no idea, but whoever it is the game just might be in his hands.

The Windy Meadowlands?
How will the conditions at the Meadowlands be? The forecast is for AM snow showers currently but how will it be at 1 pm. Most importantly how will the wind be? Eli Manning sometimes with the blustery winds of the Meadowlands struggles with his accuracy and his spiral. If the winds are heavy it could be a big advantage for Philly.

Can DeSean Jackson Have a Massive Impact?
DeSean is a play maker. On Punts, at Wideout, Potentially on Kickoffs, the kid can make a difference. He's lightning quick and can go to the house on any play. He's also seemingly a bit on the dumber side. So what will his impact be in the game? If he has a few massive punt returns and a deep catch or two it could be the difference between a win and a loss.

How Do You Get Back in the Groove?
The Giants coming into their last matchup with the Eagles looked like absolute Juggernauts. Since then they've struggled. Is it partly because they've had injuries/nothing to play for? Or is it because defenses are now fully adjusted as to how to defend their offense without Plaxico. Can the Giants with a week off find their midseason groove?

The Pick
This is probably the best game of the weekend (thankfully I'm going to miss it because I have an MBA class, yes I'm a dumbass) and I truly think it's a toss but in the end I'm leaning Superbowl champs. The Plaxico distraction is dead, Jacobs is healthy and the Giants are just a better team.

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