In Which the Fired Lands On His Feet

Thursday, January 08, 2009

So what were the Vegas Odds on Eric Mangini getting a head coaching job before the Jets hired a new head coach? The Jets fired Eric Mangini 11 days ago. 11 days and yet he already has a head coaching job. Meanwhile the Jets continue to interview uninspiring head coach candidates. Ron Meeks? The Colts defense is never good. Coach Jags? Come on. Brian Schottenheimer? Did you watch any Jet games and notice the play calling? Because it was terrible. Bill Callahan? Seriously? Ya I'm not really pleased with the Jets coaching search thus far.

Back to Mangini. I made the point when he was fired that he was truly just the scapegoat in the Jets collapse and not the main factor, that was Favre of course. I think this hire for the Browns is actually a decent one. You get an incredibly young coach that has three years of experience under his belt who is highly motivated and a workaholic. And I'd imagine his boring press conferences and boring personalities will fit in perfectly in Cleveland. I'd be pleased as a Brown's fan that he is bringing in Rob Ryan to coach his defense as Ryan hasn't gotten the pathetic Raiders team to play good defense the past few seasons. What I would be worried about is him bringing Brian Daboll the Jets QB Coach in as his offensive coordinator, not really sure what he did to warrant that job. It certainly wasn't turning Kellen Clemens into a good coach.

Overall, this story just seems like an odd one. 11 days ago you would have imagined Mangini would have gotten a D-Coordinators job and yet he was the first coach to fill out a head coaching opening. The World is a funny place sometimes.

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