Quick Notes: Thoughts from MSG

Monday, January 05, 2009

I went to the Celtics Knicks game at MSG last night with the family and here are just a rundown of a few thoughts.

~The Celtics played piss poorly and often looked unenthused.

~KG played awful last night. 6 points against the Knicks that's just terrible. He was getting doubled within seconds of getting the ball however.

~It would have been nice if Ray hit a jump shot or two. He went 0 for 9 from three, which isn't going to get it done.

~The Knicks dared Rondo to take a jump shot on almost every possession which is probably why Doc benched him for the majority of the 4th quarter in favor of House.

~Either Doc had a massive brain camp or he did it simply to piss me off, but he played Scalabrine for 12 straight minutes. 12 straight minutes from 2 minutes to go in the 3rd to 2 minutes to go in the 4th, meaning he was playing in crunch time. What the hell was he thinking?

~This essentially means their bench is definitely lacking a big man who can shoot. Scalabrine spends 80% of each offensive possession waiting in the corner for a kickout to shoot the three. For some reason Doc and Scals believe he can shoot. It would be nice if they brought in a big man who actually could shoot.

~Wilson Chandler looked pretty damn good last night with his career high. He takes the ball to the rack hard, his jumper looked silky, he looked like a future all star.

~Al Harrington is still good and certainly likes to gun.

~I don't know if Steph would help the Celtics much at all, but it certainly would have been fun if he was wearing green last night.

~David Lee looked basketball white, in a not good way, for three quarters and then decided in the 4th to play like a good NBA player.

~The Celtics ran iso in the posts to both Powe and Big Baby when Lee was on them because they apparently thought they could exploit Lee.

~The Knicks have zero worthwhile big men and thus they start Jared Jeffries as their center.

~Tony Allen should where an electric collar that shocks him whenever he tries to shoot a three.

~For the 'world's most famous arena' or whatever they call it, MSG really is just another arena to me. Nothing about the place really wows you.

~Jon Stewart was sitting in the front row with his kid who seemingly had no desire to watch the game but rather pester his father.

~Spike was Spike. He was wearing a beret and a sweat suit and arguing with the refs over calls. No fan has more leeway than Spike.

~At least the Chicago Boyz were entertaining at half time.

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