The Scalabrine Watch: Scals Burns it Up in the Frigid Winter

Friday, January 02, 2009

It's the second season of the Scalabrine Watch which is meant to point out just how terrible he is as a basketball player. It shall track both his typical numbers as well as his +/- which the signifies the total number of points the Celtics lose while he is on the court.

The Celtics went through most of December without a loss. Unfortunately over the final 6 days they experienced a Jet lag. Meanwhile, Scals was dominating the cheerleading section of the bench all month long.

December Sum Up: +8

When your team wins 19 games in a row in means that chances are pretty damn good that when your feet hit the court your team is outscoring your opponents. Despite this Scals managed to put up a negative +/- in 5 games in December during the win streak whereas he only put up a positive +/- in 4 of the winning streak games.

At the end of the month however, Scals managed to finish with an overall +/- of 8 based mostly on strong positives in Celtics beatdowns. In the 34 point victory over Washington Scals took home a +10. In the 18 point blowout win at home against the Bulls Scals took home another +10. Finally Scals capped off his month with the +9 he enjoyed in the 45 point demolition of the Kings.

The Scals got into 12 of the teams 15 games in December including the massive 14 seconds of PT he got on Christmas Day.

Overall November Performance: -13

The Scals despite an overall positive December sits at -13 for the season based on his horrendous November beginning. If there is a positive for Scals it's that he lowered his DNPs in December to just 3. If there's a positive for Celtics fans its that he really doesn't get playing time in games that are close.

November Totals: 105 Minutes, 19 Points, 11-22 FG, 7-13 3s, 1-2 FTs, 13 Rebounds, 4 Assists, 4 Turnovers, 4 Steals, 1 Blocks, 19 Fouls

November Averages: 8.8 Minutes, 1.6 Points, 7-21 FG, 4-13 3s, 1-2 FTs, 1.1 Rebounds, .3 Assists, .3 Turnovers, .3 Steals, .1 Blocks, 1.6 Fouls

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