The Shootaround [1/6/09]

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I've Decided to be a Friendly Neighboorhood Blogger in 2009 So We Shall Be Shooting Links Around. I'll be shooting links at stories that I like and/or stories that I find interesting but can't get to. Also, it'll come whenever I feel like it.

What the Hell is a Crab Dribble and why can't Lebron count to 3? [benardcometh]

The Blueprint to beating the Celtics is to Stop Rondo, so says CelticsBlog. I'm not sure if I fully buy into this, but he makes some good points. [celticsblog]

Which leads me to... Stephon Marbury the blogger obviously. [NY Post]

Andy Pettite rejected the 10$ Million Dollar Offer, which is dumb. [Imperfect Dynasty]

Photoshoppin is Fun at Mondesi's House [Mondesi's House]

Matt Millen Giving Football Anaylsis is a Good Idea How? [World of Ike]

Go Away Tony Dungy, You are the Brett Favre of Coaches [Dueling Couches]

Mark Teixeira was a front runner growing up. Wooo. [Blue Collar Baseball]

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