To the Winners Go the Gatorade Baths

Friday, January 09, 2009

Alright Fine I Guess I'll Let You Dunk Me
The Way My Team Is Giving Baths, This is the #1 Bath in the Country

Washin that Nutt With Windex

Ahhhhhhh, Ahhhhh, I Coach At Rutgers

Your Gatorade Bath Does Not Phase Me, I Have No Sense of Touch
The All Encompassing Bath

I am the Unnamed Coach, Winning the Unnamed Bowl, But I Still Get a Bath

Much Like the Scoring, The Gatorade Used in the Bath Was Minimal

Does This Mean Stafford and Knowshon Are Leaving?

I Win a Bowl Game and Get Soaked With Urine? Is That Fair?

Dude Come One, I'm Not Even the Head Coach. Why Didn't You Get Bobby?

Come On, It Rained All Game, I'm Already Soaked

Check Out the Winners Trophies

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