To the Winners Go the Trophies

Friday, January 09, 2009

It's My Baby, Nobody Can Touch it But Me
This Is All I Get for MVP? I See They Still Use the XFL Title for Something (GMAC Bowl)
It's a Detachable Trophy (Fiesta Bowl)
It's a Lame Crystal Thing, Yay (Meineke Bowl) The Trophy Comes with Confetti and Strippers (Las Vegas Bowl)
It's a Star (Armed Forces Bowl)
I Got Zee Pizza, the Trophy is Lame (Papajohns Bowl)
Hey Where are them Ladies? (Champs Bowl)
It's a 2 for 1 Steal (EagleBank Bowl)
It's A Big Bridge With a Football (Emerald Bowl)
Wow I'm A Flamer (Hawaii Bowl)
Yes We Are in Canada (International Bowl)
Woo It's a Bell (Liberty Bowl)
It's Kind Of Like a Silver Heisman (Sugar Bowl)
Fat White Men are #1 (Cotton Bowl)

You Shut the Hell Up Back There (Peach Bowl)
It's the 3 to Zero Bowl (Sun Bowl)

Well This Isn't The One I Wanted (Rose Bowl)
Lots of People in the Stands (Gator Bowl)
Can I Hold the Big One Now? (Capital One Bowl)
We Make OJ? (Orange Bowl)
It's Got a Boomerang, Yay. (Outback Bowl)
I Think It's a Tuba (Insight Bowl)
Holy Shit We Won a Bowl (Music City)
We Only Got Balloons (Alamo Bowl)
Mama Will Love This Crystal Bowl (Independence)
It's A Pottery for My Asp (New Mexico Bowl)
We Did It for Humanity (Humanitarian Bowl)
Can You Find the Tiny Trophy? (Poinsettia)
Woo It's a Whale (Holiday Bowl)
It Comes With a Cowboy Hat (Texas Bowl)
Haha Crystal Palm Trees (St. Petersburg Bowl)
Is That a Crystal Penis? (Motor City Bowl)
I Can Kiss Myself (New Orleans Bowl)

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