Who Wants the Man Afraid of the Padded Wall?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mr. I'm Afraid of Any and Every Outfield Wall (aka Bobby Abreu) is still a free agent looking for a home. That home obviously won't be the Yankees, as they are looking to get rid of outfielders, not take more in. So where will Bobby land and what kind of player are you getting if you sign him? Let's look at the numbers first:

The Totals Say "I'm pretty damn consistent, but whats with the plummeting walk totals?"

On Base Percentage Says "I'm Not above .400 Any More."

Good Ole Bobby days as a 20/20 guy are just about up as his stolen base total is falling by the year and he was caught stealing 11 times last year. Additionally he's hit 20 home runs in only one of the past three seasons. Even with those so so power and steal numbers he would have extreme value if he was still a .400 on base guy, but those numbers as well appear to be on a severe decline. In two years with the Yankees surrounded by All Star talent, Abreu's On Base % fell from 5 straight years above .400 to two years at around .370.

So Who Wants Him?

Apparently the White Sox do for 1 year at 8 million. It doesn't seem like the Tigres, Mets, Mariners or any other squad that seemingly needs a corner outfielder is going to come running with a better offer, so Bobby might just be patrolling the southside next year.

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