Was the Matt Cassel Trade Collusion?

Monday, March 02, 2009

The universal reaction I got this weekend from everyone I talked to about the Matt Cassel trade was "huh, they only got a 2nd round pick and they gave up Mike Vrabel?" Looking more into the matter, and hearing some more rumors out there it becomes even more foggy.

I keep on hearing that the Broncos and Lions were interested and willing to give up more than the 34th pick in the draft, but were too late to the trade party. Huh? What the hell does that even mean? We're still two months away from the draft, do the Pats plan on making any free agent splashes over the next few days? What was the big urgency? Did the Patriots even reach out to those teams, or did Bellicheat and Pioli just kind of agree to this when he parted ways a couple of weeks ago?

It seems pretty obvious that the Patriots could have done better had they looked elsewhere. It also seems like a joke that they had to give up Vrabel in the process and couldn't even get an extra 5th round pick. They've had weeks to discuss deals with other teams to build up the price, so timing isn't a valid excuse. It all just seems a bit too shady for me but whatever, the Pats are the ones that lost out here so I can't complain.

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Sure looks shady to me too. Belicheck has proven he has no regards for rules of conduct. At least he got the short end of this deal, but there's no way they took any other offers seriously before making this deal.

They put the Franchise Tag on this guy, and then trade him for a bag of beans? Puleeze.

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