A Theoretical Conversation Between Carlos Gonzalez and Charlie Manuel

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Charlie Manuel - Umm, well hello, umm Carlos.

Carlos Gonzalez aka CarGo - Uhhh, who is this?

Charlie Manuel - Well you know its, [5 seconds of dead air], Chaaahhhllie Manuel. My team, you know, umm, lost in the World Series and umm, I guess that makes me umm the manager of umm the All Star Game.

CarGo - Oh, Mr. Manuel, so is this good news about the All Star game?

Charlie Manuel - Well, you know I had some hardish type decisions to make. Umm, they want me to pick umm the All Star team and umm well I don't remember people's names and things. So umm, I kind of picked guys umm, that were you know kind of All Stars before cause well they were all stars before so well they can be all stars again, right? I think that umm makes sense.

CarGo - Soooo, that means I didn't make the team?

Charlie Manuel - Well ya umm, I didn't really know your name, umm, there are so many people named Gonzalez and umm I just went with Adrian. And well umm, I have to pick a player on each um team so I picked some guys that umm aren't very good, they kind of suck. But they umm told me I needed an Asshole, or is it Assload?

CarGo - Astro?

Charlie Manuel - Ya Assload. So I took Jason Bourne, just in case we get into some kind of fight. And then I needed a D-Bag so I took some Young guy. My secret is ask my bat boy who has the most homers or steals on a team and then umm I take them. Oh Oh and I took that sunglasses at night guy... Love that tune.

CarGo - So, you're telling me that Chris Young, Michael Bourn and Corey Hart made the All Star team over me?

Charlie Manuel - Well yessirreee! And I took a Byrd and some guy named Infante cause he plays like two positions.

CarGo - Wow, well than thanks for the call. I guess. Guess the fact I rank top 8 in the NL in Hits, Average, Runs, RBI and HRs means nothing.

Charlie Manuel - No sirree it don't mean a nothin.

CarGo - Thanks again jackass. [click]

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