It's Time to Hang 'Em Up

Monday, June 30, 2008

Taking a look around stats across MLB I came across old man river Omar Vizquel. Vizquel will never be known for his hitting considering in his 20 year career he's managed to hit over .300 just once and managed to hit double digit homers once as well. So it's not surprising that the 41 year old isn't mashing this season, but his numbers are as miserable as they could possibly be.

For the season Omar is hitting .156 (19-122) and that's downright terrible. What makes it even worse is that 8 for his first 18, so that would make him 11 for his last 104 putting him at a massive .105 since May 15th. Furthermore Vizquel has only 3 extra base hits this season (all doubles) the last coming on May 21st meaning he's gone 86 at bats without recording a single one double, triple or home run.

And if that wasn't bad enough for you, Omar's been even worse the last half of June. Since June 14th Omar has one single in 32 at bats. In that span he's grabbed 1 rbi, scored 2 runs and walked twice. Thus in his last 11 games Omar has a slugging percentage of .03125 and an on base percentage of .0909 giving him an OPS of .122. This is essentially equivalent to the OPS of hitting one double in the same span.

So ya I think it's probably time for Omar to hang 'em up and let someone else play.

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MLB Prediction Market

For one of my courses I was tasked with coming up with a pitch for a prediction market. Essentially in a prediction market has given assets where you get paid out if an event happens and the price of the asset is essentially the group wisdom of the likelihood it will happen. So if an asset is selling at 50, than the public thinks its 50/50 that the action will happen and they will receive the 100 payout. Just think of it like gambling on predictions just in a stock way. An example of a prediction market is .

Anyway I wrote my paper on creating a predciction market based solely on the MLB draft so if you care to read 5+ pages of joy here's The Papel.

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Friday Video Blowout

Friday, June 27, 2008

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes, laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies time.

Videos In Order Courtesy of EC, LIO, COED Mag, Hot Clicks, Sports Hernia, Unique Daily, Busted Coverage, Fanhouse, LIO

She certainly isn't Abreu's daughter.

If we were in the Philippines we could just watch them go at it.

This is why Shaq was renowned as an awful rapper.

Delicious baseball juice. Clemens adds steroids and Viagra to his breakfast blend.

Oh my god that must have hurt so much. He's such a warrior.

Come on that doesn't hurt at all. Ronaldo would take that like a man.

Do skullets bring championships to all people?

Come on John you of all people know you should finish the beer first.

Sneaky sneaky. He didn't even offer a reach around.

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The Wrong Hat Parade

This is arguably my favorite part of the draft. Players wearing hats for teams they never play for.

Lovely: Memphis -> Minny
Mayo: Minny -> Memphis

Super Nintendo: Minny -> Miami

Bayless: Pacers -> Blazers

Rush: Blazers -> Pacers

Batum: Rockets -> Blazers

Dorsey: Blazers ->Rockets

Arthur: NO -> Portland -> Houston -> Memphis

And of course the absolute best was Darrell Arthur, who wore a New Orleans hat even though New Orleans sold the pick days ago and then he was traded twice more in the night. What a roller coaster ride.

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Well That Makes Sense Now

I wondered why in the world the Celtics did not take CDR with the 30th pick, but now it all makes sense. J.R. Giddens was Paul Pierced.

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Hoorah for a Free Yi Jersey

Man, now I really want New Jersey Nets season tickets.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Knicks Fans will Love the Cock. It's only a matter of time.

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Shall LBJ Blaze the Trail to Brooklyn

The Nets just traded Richard Jefferson for Yi Jianlian, Bobby Simmons and the chance to sign Lebron in 2010. Hoorah another team which is basing the success of their franchise on the hope of making some massive free agent splash years in advance. The problem for the Nets is that well, unless they move to Brooklyn there ain't a chance in hell that they'll be locking up LBJ so perhaps this will get their ass in gear.

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Well No Sh*t

Maybe it's because I'm just in a complete pissed off mood right now, but do we need shitty stories about how any NBA draftee dreamed about playing in the NBA. Wow a kid always hoped and dreamed that he could play professional basketball, what a heartfelt story it happened for him. No shit, what did you think he dreamed of being? A janitor?

Too bad I never dreamed of being in IT when I was a kid or else maybe I would have gotten a stupid F'n story written about me.

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Feel Free to Vote for Me

EC had the ole photoshop thing for a 50$ gift certificate and my e-card is up as one of the potential. If you feel like voting for me, go here, however lets be honest the Hank one is the best one.

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Product of Lurch and Spicoli

Are the Lopez Twins the Product of Lurch and Spicoli? Me Thinks So.

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What Am I Missing About TJ Ford?

Yesterday TJ Ford was the biggest asset utilized in a trade by the Raptors to pick up Jermaine O'Neal, and well I don't F'n get it. Perhaps I understand the Pacers wanting to start off a fresh and maybe getting the #17 pick will pay off, but to me it seems like they should have gotten more than what they ended up with. Certainly at the very least everyone has to admit that they held onto O'Neal too long and that this is a solid move for the Raptors considering Calderon is hands down a better point guard than Ford.

What puzzles me most is that people in the past have compared him to Steve Nash. Why because they both play point guard are both quick and both can't play physical defense? Just in case those people haven't noticed, Steve Nash has a pure stroke. In each of his 4 years with the Suns he has shot over 50% from the floor and over 43% from three. Meanwhile Ford's career FG% is 42.9 and his career 3% is 31. The dude can't shoot. He's not a big time player.

Maybe I'm just not a fan of a point guard who has my shooting stroke and my range.

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Getting All Controversial on NBA Draft Busts

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now that the NBA Draft is just around the bend it is time for everyone to discuss the greatest NBA Busts of all time. ESPN had a top 10 greatest busts on Sportscenter and I'm sure blogs and MSM members alike are all putting together their lists of the greatest NBA Busts of all time. But I would just like to hypothesize for a second. What would be worse for an NBA franchise? To draft a player in the lottery whom never amounts to anything and is labeled as a bust or to forfeit the pick entirely. To analyze this let me bring up a few cases of the historic NBA draft busts.

Kwame Brown was drafted number 1 overall by the Washington Wizards in 2001 and was listed as ESPN's #1 draft bust of all time. He even has a website aptly named devoted to the fact that he sucks. In 7 seasons in the NBA Kwame has averaged 7.5 points and 5.7 rebounds per game. His peak numbers came 03-04 when he averaged 10.9 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. These numbers certainly aren't great but they are better than having no player at all right? And if that doesn't tip the scale than this will. In 2005 off season the Wizards were able to trade Kwame and Laron Profit for Caron Butler and Chucky Atkins.
Verdict: Kwame > Forfeiting the Pick

Sam Bowie will always be renowned as a major draft bust because he was taken instead of Jordan. Was Bowie ever a dominant player? No of course not, but at his peak with the Nets in 89-90 he averaged nearly 15 points with 10+ boards. And in his first two seasons with the Trailblazers after being drafted he averaged 10+ points and 8.5 boards. He was no superstar but he contributed.
Verdict: Bowie > Forfeiting the Pick

Chris Washburn in my humble opinion is the single biggest draft bust in history in the typical context. In 1986 used the #3 overall pick to take the NC State big man. After only a season an a half with the Warriors the team jettisoned him off to the Hawks for Notre Dame Grad Ken Barlow who was playing in Europe and who played the rest of his career in Europe. All in all, Washburn thanks to drug problems lasted only two seasons in the NBA before getting the boot and only averaged 3.1 points and 2.4 rebounds per game during that period.
Verdict: Chris Washburn = Throwing away the Pick

And now this brings me to my point. Even the worst draft bust brings more benefits to a franchise than forfeiting the pick entirely. At the absolute worst when drafting a player like Chris Washburn you are essentially throwing away the pick. And therefore one historical pick is being overlooked by everybody creating a list.

Len Bias is in fact the single biggest Draft 'Bust' of all time. Obviously this isn't a very kosher opinion to have given that the reason he never contributed to an NBA team is due to his completely tragic death. And I understand that taking this stance is completely controversial and why every single list fails to include Bias but the facts remain that even the worst of the worst contribute something to their franchise while Len Bias did not. The only difference in NBA terms between Bias and Washburn (who were drafted #2 & #3 in 86) is that Bias cocaine use led to his death while Washburn's led to his banishment from the league.

[This is why I have a Heartless Tag, sigh]

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At Least You Got a Make Out Session Afterwards

Novak Djokovic got bounced in straight sets by the always awesome Marat Safin today and it looks as if the two celebrated the tough match with a make out session. Man on Man love, Yippy.

Marat looks a bit more into it than Novak.

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Danilo Gallinari Shall Now Be Known as Big Cock

In my limited interest in the draft I decided to do some research on Danilo Gallinari to see just what he was about. So naturally I first went to Wikipedia to check out his entry. It didn't provide much insight, but what it did provide was a link to Danilo's website. The website of course is in Italian, but that's what Google Translate is for. So I started my perusing and guess what Danilo has his very own blog, aptly named the DBLOG. And hoorah it was time to peruse the blog using the wondrously incorrect translations provided by google. Here are some highlights with one resulting serious conclusion:

His First Blog Post:

I was very amused to design these pages, and in particular are very happy to have even a blog ...
Not a blog any ...
This will be my blog, my diary, where write everything that I passing through the mind, tenendovi always up to date on what I am doing and thinking.
I like the idea to be able to compare with all who follow me, with you ...
this is exactly the right place to free the mind and relax.

Great Insight on Yao:

This morning I was with the radio turned to me to the shower when I hear that Yao Ming was injured and that the season with Houston is over!
I have precipitated the PC on the Internet and I find that not only is true, but which could also skip the Olympics!
Well .. I said now I call and do my mouth in a wolf .. because I felt close more than you imagine!

[Note He signed of this post simply as Cock]

Best Comments (Apparently Italians love his Cock):

Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be ... fantastic game ... and as always great cock!

Written by Francy May 19 08 @ 20:23

great guys! grande vuckevic, super-booker e mitico gallo!! vuckevic great, super-booker and mythical cock!
l'atmosfera al forum era spettacolare! the atmosphere at the forum was spectacular! grazie! thank you! e adesso continuate così!!! and now continue so!

Written by chelseadaggers May 13 08 @ 17:28

27 points big cock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Scritto da walter_94 il 19 maggio 08 @ 17:24 Written by walter_94 May 19 08 @ 17:24 (Link)

So what have we learned? Whatever his nickname is in Italy (Gallo) it translates simply to Cock. Therefore I think it should stay. Why should he have to change what so many Italian fans loved about him prior. He should be able to transition comfortably to the US by keeping his nickname, thus Long Live Danilo 'Big Cock' Gallinari.

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Fresno's Hair Is Reason Enough for Me

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just in case you needed extra incentive to root for the underdog Bulldogs, I present you with Kris Tomlinson. If a man is willing to go to such extremes of self humiliation simply in an effort to create luck for his team he deserves nation wide support.

Courtesy of Friends of the Program

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2 Lessons I Learned from Attending the Travelers Championship

~I went to the Traveler's Championship (aka the golf tourney in Hartford that no foreigners play in) on Saturday and while I learned a few things I have one important piece of wisdom to share. If you attend a golf tournament in the near future I have a singular suggestion for you (other than wear sun screen) and that is find the draft beer tent. I walked around the course for multiple hours and everywhere they had typical food and beverage stands and each one was selling either Bud or Bud Light Aluminum 16 ounce bottles or Heineiken or Amstel Light 12 ounce cans for 5.75. I figured that was the typical price so I ponied up the money and had one with lunch.

Than after lunch we went strolling around the lake which holes 15, 16, & 17 are built around and I saw people drinking draft beer. So I followed the trail and saw the tent in the distance with about 12 different kegs lined up. So I figured I'd see how much they were, figuring about 8 bucks, and when I get their with a confused look I read "Craft Beers 20 Ounces 5.75". Now I don't know why they used Craft rather than draft, but when I was sipping down my 20 ounces of Newcastle for the same price as a 16 ounce bud light I knew that I hit the jack pot.

~The single largest thing I took away about golf from the event is that being a caddie sucks. First of all seemingly every golfer on the tour must use the largest bags on the planet. Basically each bag looks big enough to pack an entire 5 day vacations worth of items. And each bag for that reason looks like it at minimum weighs 100 lbs. So while the golfer casually walks around the course (I did much more walking on Saturday than any of the golfers) and swings a club every once in awhile the caddy has to walk the same distance just with a tremendous amount of weight on their shoulder. Than they have to do tedious tasks, like rake out the bunkers. I watched a player pummel a shot out of the fairway bunker, after he hit the shot he made some stupid trail with his club which he walked on. The caddie then got the rake got in the bunker and slowly and precisely raked away for what seemed like 5 minutes. Each stroke was as if he was trying to create a work of art. Shit like that would piss me the hell off.

And then I saw something complelety ridiculous. For some ungodly reason Sharon Funk, wife of Fred Funk, decided that she would caddy for him this weekend. The bag she had to lug around all 4 days easily looked heavier than her. Why in the world if your her would you want to deal with that all day? No f'n way. The has a video interview with her about her caddying.

~The amount of silence required at a golf tournament is pretty ridiculous. Each hole employs countless amounts of volunteers whose sole purpose is to raise their hands when a golfer is about to hit to signal to the crowd to be silent.

~On that note, when I got in, a player (I forgot whom) was teeing off and a kid made a single noise and so he stepped off the ball and directed a comment to the kid instructing him that he couldn't do that (Had to be embarrassing to the father). Then he stepped up to the ball again, got distracted by a fly swung his club at the fly, and stepped off the ball again. Then he proceeded to knock his Par 3 tee shot 5 feet from the cup. Asshole.

~Vijay Singh is ridiculously dark. I mean ridiculously dark.

~Vaughn Taylor popped his collar the entire round, which makes me question his sexuality.

~It must have been plaid shorts day at the course for spectators.

~Apparently you're not allowed to bring in your Blackberry or Cell Phone into the course. So I simply lied and said I didn't have it. It was on silent anyway so F off.

~Oh and they hit the ball ridiculously far and straight. Top notch insight there.

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Go Here...

A Quiz on NBA Draft Outfits at Mental Floss
I got 10 of 12 right. Only got the first and last question wrong, both were unacceptable for me. The first was downright pathetic.

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Strike 2 Donny

Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Last year I was one of the many to defend Imus and say that his firing was too extreme, well yesterday he was at it again with the racial controversy.

During a conversation about Jones' run-ins with the law, Imus asked, "What color is he?" Sports announcer Warner Wolf said Jones — formerly known as Pacman — is "African-American." Imus responded: "There you go. Now we know." AP

This time Imus decided he wasn't even going to remotely try to apologize rather he said people misinterpreted his statements.

On Tuesday he said he was following the spirit of that promise by calling attention to the unfair treatment of blacks — in this case the arrests of suspended Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones.

"What people should be outraged about is that they arrest blacks for no reason," Imus said Tuesday. "I mean, there's no reason to arrest this kid six times. Maybe he did something once, but everyone does something once."AP

Seriously Don? How do you expect any person to believe that explanation? First of all A) You have no idea what race is so you obviously have no idea what he actually did, his story and whether or not he actually deserved to be arrested.

Right now if I was asked whether or not I think Imus is a racist my answer would have to be yes.

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Mockin the Draft

Forgive the apathy but since the Celtics won the title and they have the last pick in the first round, I just don't care as much this year. So I pretty much just put together the picks real quick, feel free to disagree I won't argue.

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You're Not Ozzie So Stop It

Monday, June 23, 2008

When the White Sox brass decided that it was time to end their time with Jerry Manuel as the manager of their ball club they decided to replace him with a man of intense passion one with a big mouth and a history with the club and thus they chose Ozzie Guillen. In his time with the White Sox Guillen has provided one World Series ring and a whole lot of loud noises and embarrassing quote. Now, less than 5 years later it seems like all Manuel wants to be as manager of the Mets is Ozzie.

After Reyes didn't run out the ball he went Gangsta
"I told him next time he does that I'm going to get my blade out and cut him. I'm a gangster. You go gangster on me, I'm going to have to get you. You do that again, I'm going to cut you right on the field."

And then he went all Bill Parcells on Reyes
"She acted up with me, and she had a day off."

When asked how Heilman handles the boos he equated Shea to a place filled with shit (highly accurate)
"It's very, very fertile ground for growth in Shea Stadium. It's fertile ground for a team's growth and development. Sometimes, fertile ground has fertilizer."

"Fertilizer is a good thing. It's a good thing. You get the greatest results—get the most beautiful plants—when you put it in that type of fertile soil. That's what we have the opportunity to do."

Unfortunately for Manuel there are big differences between him and Ozzie. First Ozzie had a long storied background with the White Sox. People in the city of Chicago were both used to his ways and accepted them. Manuel meanwhile has no such history with New York and certainly is not in the good graces with the typical Met fan. Secondly, Manuel has inherited a team with massive expectations mid season. He already comes with a ton of controversy and photoshopped back page covers of him with a knife behind Willie's back. He's taken the job on thin ice and what he's done in the first week is not cute it's embarrassing. So perhaps he should try to act more like himself rather than some big tough "Gangster".

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Is "Ahhhhhhhhhhh Good Afternoon Everybody" Soon to Be Dead

Perhaps this is only relevant to those of us in the Tri-State, but Neil Best at Newsday is reporting that the Mike and the Mad Dog program just might be no longer. Apparently the two are not getting a long so well and that strain could perhaps abruptly end their show only months from their 19th anniversary.

While both think they know just about everything on the planet and can be annoyingly pompous at times, they are vastly entertaining and this would deal a significant blow to my miserable hour commute. At the very least you can't say they aren't passionate about their opinions and about sports in general.

Who knows if both would leave, one would get a new cohost, or this rumor even has merrit, but regardless the rumor itself is cause for concern. Michael Kay is the lone sports radio competitor in my area during the rush hour session and well I easily disagree with him. Meanwhile the FAN's mid day show of Evan and Joe, to me atleast, isn't remotely as entertaining as Max Kellerman and Brian Kenny. Thus if this breakup is imminent than the FAN needs to get their ass in gear to find replacements that can hold their current dominant ratings performance.

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22 Games for 26 RBI

Friday, June 20, 2008

In the history of baseball only 2 players have racked up 100+ rbi prior to the all star game. In 1935 Hank Greenberg had 103 by the July 8th game and in 1998 steroid abuser Juan Gonzalez had 101 by the July 7th game. Well sitting at 74 rbi now, Josh Hamilton has 22 games to reach the 100 rbi total. Here's hoping he joins the club.

Note: The All Star Game is a week later this year, so it wouldn't be as impressive but it'd still be solid.

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Friday Video Blowout

Everyone needs something to keep them occupied on Friday afternoons so the Friday Video Blowout was born. Spend your next few minutes, laughing, crying of laughter, pissing your self, whatever, but mostly wasting your companies time.

Videos In Order Courtesy of COED Mag, Hot Clicks, Hot Clicks *2, The Onion, DockSquad, Fanhouse, Fanhouse *2, Ball Don't Lie, Who Ate All the Pies,, Tirico Suave

Probably felt like a professional massage.

Jon def. would have fired him on saturday to avoid paying for his flights.

I hope he kept that look.

He could probably play a down or two.

A commercial that actually is watchable and enjoyable, as KG would say "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE".

I think Tub O' Lard may revoke his sponsorship.

I despise Pryor already... and this fat guy.

If only I could dunk like that guy...

Stupid Brits can't even make a European tourney.

The machine makes one shot cause he is machine.

See that's what you get when you can't cheerlead for a real team.

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An eCard from Fred to Omar

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Proving Michael Kay Wrong Makes Me Smile

A little bit over two weeks ago I took the media to task, namely Michael Kay, for their completely incorrect criticism of how the Yankees were handling Joba. And I would like to say now only 3 weeks later that I was right you were wrong, I'm smart you're stupid, I'm stunningly handsome you have eaten one too many donuts (probably way more than 1).

In 4 starts since the Yankees inserted Joba as a starter the team is 3-1 with their only loss coming in his first outing against the Toronto Blue Jays. An outing where the Yanks faced Roy Halladay so the chances of winning are incredibly diminished. An outing in which Veras and Edwar gave up 6 runs in the 7th inning. Every fan would sign up for any pitcher to go 3-1 with the lone loss coming against a Cy Young opponent.

Since the first start the Yanks have gone from 2 games under .500 to 7 games over .500, but that's not really the point. The point is that this month Joba has given the Yanks 18 1/3 major league innings and has given 5 earned runs during that period. So instead of having Kei Igawa or some replacement throw those innings, they got a 2.50 ERA over 18 major league innings and in the process have lucked out into training Dan Giese to be the initial filler for the Yankees injured Wang.

So once again Michael Kay baffles with his blatantly wrong opinions and analysis, let's see if he actually admits it for once.

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Time to Get Over Yourself a Bit

I understand that everybody in Philadelphia hates JD Drew, hell last year everybody basically hated JD Drew even Red Sox fans (they probably turned around when he blasted a grand slam in the postseason). I understand that he dismissed your franchise and that you feel burned by him, but can we just analyze what the hell happened. Daulerio at Deadspin is a Brotherly Lovian, and pretty much is sick of the whole derogatory actions that are directed at Drew and brought up the point that it was actually the front office who failed to meet the demands which Boras laid on the table for all to know well before he was drafted. I would like to bring up a slightly different factual point that everybody ignores. And that is Pat Burrell.

Contrary to popular belief when you do not sign your draft pick you actually do not lose your first round pick. Instead you get an additional pick in the next seasons draft. Thus by not signing your pick you're delaying the recruitment of talent. In the 1998 draft the Phillies garnered the #1 pick as a result of the jilting by JD Drew. With that pick they drafted, you guessed it, Pat the Bat. With their second pick they selected Eric Valent whom you probably don't remember, but again that's not the point.

The Phillies didn't get Drew who's bounced between 4 teams in his career but rather got Pat who's played every professional game in a Phillies uniform. While their talents are different their production throughout their career and this season is comparable. So can Philadelphians please fight with the facts for once instead of just spewing misguided hate all the time.

[What I'm saying is that it would be way cooler if they convinced Pat the Bat to defeat JD in a steal cage death match rather than just throw batteries at him]

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Random Ebay Lookup: Farny

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Every once in awhile out of curiosity I'll look up someone on ebay and see what kind of items are being sold. Today, it's Kyle Farnsworth a great american hero.

As you can see, everybody wants a piece of Farny. 17 items regarding Farny and a whopping 4 have been bid on. Poor Farny, nobody loves him.

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Kobe's Lips Are Sealed Press Conference Faces

No Of Course I'm Happy...
If Only Pau Wasn't Such a Bitch

Why Did We Let the Machine Shoot So Much?

If You Ask Me a Question about Jordan I'm Gonna Stab You
I'm This Far Away From Crying

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I've Found My Calling

It's in predicting international soccer contests. Screw analyzing the teams that I like and follow with intense passion like the Celtics or the Jets. Or a sport that I follow daily like baseball. Nope, I just need casual observance to have a solid showing in predictions.

And this brings me to my Euro 2008 predictions from two weeks ago. The first round concluded yesterday, and well if it wasn't for Peter Cech's boneheaded inability to catch a cross I would be 8 for 8 in the group selections. Instead Turkey blasted its way in the final 10 past the Czech Republic. Anyway through the first round of the ESPN Euro Pick'Em challenge I am in the 98.1 %. Now I just can't decide whether alter the order of my selections to reflect my original predictions of Italy vs. Portugal, or keep the checks as they lay now which would lead to the Dutch vs. Portugal.

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The Scalabrine Watch Postseason Version

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I think that image pretty much sums up Scalabrine's contribution to the NBA playoffs. Stepping off the bench and onto the court a whopping zero times and only wearing a uniform when Kendrick Perkins was deactivated for the game. Yep, Scals made 3 mill this year gets an NBA title ring, and didn't have to do anything in the postseason to garner either. And he even got the opportunity to have a press conference.

Yep, that guy makes 3 million dollars. It makes you feel pretty shitty about yourself doesn't it.

Video Courtesy of the Fanhouse

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Kobe's Big Fail

This Shirt Tastes Like Future Fail

If I Keep Them Closed Long Enough Maybe the Score Will Change

I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to Two Soft White Guys

Did Pau Just Rock a Deuce in his Shorts? Cause it Smells Like Crap

Hey, How about One More Soft White Guy Joins the Bench

Accurate Depiction of the NBA Finals: 5 Celtics vs 1 Kobe

No Hugs for Kobe

I Can't Believe You Were Better Than Me

Championship Fail

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The Big 3's Title

So after I shoved my foot in my mouth this morning perhaps it's time for just some semblance of analysis. Simple analysis, but analysis.

The Celtics were simply a better basketball team. Paul Pierce is not leaps and bounds worse than Kobe Bryant. In given games Pierce could easily match Kobe's production thus nullifying the Lakers sole advantage. The rest of the Celtics roster was simply far superior.

The bench play was completely overlooked by the media coming into the game. Namely James Posey who was a force for much of the series. He knocked down huge shots and played stellar defense. Eddie House when Doc finally got it through his skull that he should played also knocked down huge shots and balanced off the court when the Cs made their huge run in game 4. Additionally House provided scoring when Allen and Pierce were not on the floor. Finally Powe dominated game 2 and was the biggest reason they won that game.

The biggest reason the Celtics won this series? They aren't soft. The Lakers however are. Pau Gasol is a talented player, but if you body him up enough and play physical enough with him he starts to make poor decision and his game starts to fade. Lamar Odom gets hit and turns into a whining 3 year old. Vujacic and Radmanovic are typical European shooters. They don't board they don't play defense and they certainly aren't physical. The Lakers did not have enough presence down on the blocks to consistently score, defend or rebound. And without they they became subject to prolonged slumps and prolonged Celtics runs. Celtics runs that ended their season in embarrassing fashion.

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Insert Foot in Mouth Now...

If there's one consistent topic I've been wrong about since this blogs inception than its the Boston Celtics (other than predicting them to win the title this year of course). So let's take a look back at all of my miserable opinions from the start of this blog.

The first of which was one of my first basketball posts at this here blog regarding my assessment of the 2006 NBA Draft. I thought the Celtics needed a distributor, someone who could make open jump shots and run an offense I thought they needed a big time point guard and I thought they needed Marcus Williams. So when they picked Rondo a player who proved in college he couldn't shoot I thought it was incredibly poor decision. (Trading the #8 pick which turned out to be Brandon Roy for Bassy was still a very dumb decision). I was continually hard on Rondo throughout his rookie season and coming into this season in my post about finding the next Celtics point guard I said "...the biggest need for the squad is a point guard, as Rajon Rondo is not going to be the answer this season." Whoops. Granted Rondo at home is superman and on the road he's superman holding kryptonite, but he certainly was a big time reason why their defense was so strong.

Now onto my biggest past criticisms and my desire for Doc and Danny to get the axe. With Danny's miserable history on trades which I chronicled last year how exactly was I supposed to predict him making intelligent decisions in the future. I even petitioned for people to venture off to the site Can Danny. And as for Doc, sure I wanted him fired but come on so did everybody else. The only thing he was especially good at in the past seasons was tanking games. He definitely wasn't good at developing talent for finding solid rotations (something he still sucks at).

Then the offseason came and when the ping pong dropped in the wrong direction I felt a sense of doom. When the Celtics decided to trade their 5th pick for Ray Allen I was essentially indifferent to the decision while the majority of the media was criticizing the move. My personal thoughts were that at least it gave the Celtics buzz and the #5 pick wouldn't have helped that much. But alas this was the first big example of myself failing to show any vision.

And then came my biggest mistake, disagreeing with the KG trade. I think my general sentiments are summed up well in its conclusion:

This has been my longest rant ever at SimonOnSports and I guess it's simply built up hatred for Danny and Doc and their overwhelming desire to trade my favorite Celtic along with every other chip of value for a 31 year old aging superstar that they are going to incredibly overpay. One that I've never been that fond of. I don't think the deal is the right move, I don't think they will win a championship and even worse I think it means I'll have to see those two asses roaming the sidelines for the foreseeable future.

Only a few days later after my rage died down, I back tracked and back tracked some more on my initial statements, but the negative feelings still lingered. I didn't want KG, I wanted Big Al, he was my favorite Celtic I didn't want him to go to bring in and 'aging' superstar. I wanted to win with players I had grown with and I didn't have the vision to see the moves that would win them a title. The biggest move being signing James Posey, whom the Celtics would not have won the title without.

Anyway I'm sorry Doc I'm sorry Danny, you guys were right I was wrong. You guys are smart I'm stupid. You guys take gatorade baths I barely take showers. You guys have a ring and multi millions and live in mansions I have um a blog and live in 'my mothers basement'.

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