The Reason the Lakers Won Game 5 in 1 Word: Mihmsical

Monday, June 16, 2008

The singular reason the Lakers won the game last night was the fact that they pushed their white player performance to the 5.5 level by inserting the dominant Chris Mihm into the lineup. In 2 minutes and 46 seconds of what can only be described as divine, Mihm was an unstoppable force reminiscent of the greatest of greats. His final stat line read 0 points, 2 fouls, 1 air balled hook shot, and 1 inbounds pass to the other team.

Now imagine what the Lakers could do if they pushed the limits even further an inserted Coby Karl in the lineup to push their chalk count to 6.5. They would surely stomp the Celtics in Boston. The Celtics only hope would be the Scalabrine Leprechaun counter attack which is an inherently risky maneuver given his inability to play basketball at all.

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