Euro 2008 Predictions

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hey its time to make token predictions based on slightly above average but certainly not expert knowledge.

Group A
I feel as if Portugal and the Czech Republic are pretty safe bets to outlast Turkey and Switzerland. Turkey probably has a slightly better chance to advance than the Swiss but still a limited one.

Group B

I have Germany and Croatia tieing for the group lead and say Germany gets spot #1 on goal differential. I don't think Poland or Austria have a large chance of advancing.

Group C
This is a big time group and of course I sided against the French advancing because well I don't like France much.
Group D
Spain will dominate this group and flip a coin between Greece, Sweden and Russia. My coin landed in a tie with Russia and Sweden and then landed in Russia's favor.

These rounds didn't automatically fill out which team was what. So I just picked them at random and filled out the teams afterwards. I think a final 4 of Italy, Spain, Portuagal and the Czech Republic is a pretty good prediction.

I just picked the two on the left. I feel as if Spain is going to do well this year but if I was going to pick between Spain and Italy the bias in me would have picked Italy anyway.

Again I just picked these at first without figuring out who was Game 29 winner. Regardless it wound up being Portugal and well its Christiano's World the rest of us are just using his land and air out of the kindness of his heart.

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