2008 US Open Preview

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some people love to watch the best players in the world fighting through the rough and taking bogey after bogey, to those people the US Open is the greatest tournament in the world. Personally, I'm a green jacket guy first and the allure of the history of the Links courses second, but the US Open still has its appeals.

4 People to Watch to Contend

Obvious - Jim 'Ugly Swing' Furyk - The US Open is Furyk's best tournament. In the past five years Furyk has made every single cut and has 3, 3 top 2 finishes including back to back 2nds in 2006 and 2007. His ability to keep the ball out of the deep stuff while still getting length on his drives allows him to always be in contention in these tournaments.

A Litte Spanish Flavor - Sergio Garcia - Eventually Sergio is going to win a god damn major. He picked up his biggest win of his career at the TPC and now it's time to step it up. He's been awful at the US Open the past two years and now is his time to reemerge as a contender.

A Little More Foreign Blood - Daniel Chopra - The Europeans never seem to win a major. From Sergio on down the line they just can't get it done on the biggest of stages. Chopra is seemingly always around the top 30 when he plays in Big tournies but perhaps this is his time to move into the top 10 on sunday.

The Young Whipper Snapper - Anthony Kim - Kim, 22, currently sits at 11th on the Tour money list this year having 3 top 3 finishes including his first career victory. His Driving Accuracy rank is surely scary for this event, but he's a big hitter (7th in Driving Distance) and this tournament has steadily moved its favor to the big hitters who can pound the ball out of the rough.

3 People Who Might Surpisingly Miss the Cut

The Past Champion - Retief Goosen - Retief has 2 US Open Titles and is considered one of the best players on the planet. Yet, he has missed the cut during the past two US Open Tournaments and he hasn't played particularly well recently.

#3 - Adam Scott - Perhaps I'm just being a skeptic but I think it would be difficult to golf with a broken finger. And given the fact that Scott has not played well in recent US Opens and will be pressured heavily by his opening round pairing, I could easily see him lounging on Saturday.

Big Mouth - Rory Sabbatini - I haven't heard Sabbatini's annoying mouth recently probably because he has yet to make a splash on the tour this year. And with his recent play combined with his history at the US Open do not be surprised if we do not see him around this weekend.

2 People to Root For this Weekend

The Club Pros - I don't know their names and you don't know their names unless you're from their country club of choice, but if any of these guys pull off a Tin Cup than it will be the greatest story of the year. Not only would that person win the cash (assuming they don't have stupid amateur status) but they would be able to sign up a Disney movie deal within minutes if not seconds of hoisting the trophy.

The Stuffy Brit - Colin Montgomerie - Some people hate Monty others like me want to see him around on Sunday afternoon to see what kind of antics he pulls. He had the 06 tournament in the bag after Phil blew up but than he blew up himself. Here's hoping he's given that same opportunity this weekend.

1 Winner

Fatty Phil - This tournament has been Fatty Phil's to win in the past and he's choked up a big one. This year there will be the added pressure of pairing with Tiger during the opening rounds but for some strange reason I think he rises up to the challenge. I think Fatty Phil gets his coveted US Open title while Tiger fights with his surgically repaired body into the top 10.

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