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Friday, June 13, 2008

What Maria's Shirt Should Have Said
Doc's Game Plan
Eddie's Thoughts
A Moment of Zen with Phil
Tafoya Plays a Solid Game of Grab Ass

Vujacic's Lover is Not Happy

Fun in the C's Locker Room

Inside the Mind of Each Celtic...

Scott Pollard:
Hey Guys I'm Leaving, does anyone care.
Gabe Pruitt: Wow Pollard is a tool, obviously no one cares.
Big Baby: Wow, I'm ripped right now
Powe: Damn I'm Glad I don't look like Glen
KG: Calm intensity, calm intensity, calm intensity... I'm gonna kill someone...
Sam I Am: Those Lakers are lucky I didn't get in else we would have won by 15.
Pierce: Stop Trying to Chest Bump Me Sam... Please.

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