Tiger Woods Needs Lessons

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. His passion and intensity and work ethic is unparalleled. In all likelihood he will pass Jack in almost every major category. Yet with all his accolades and all his talents Tiger is undeniably horrible at one thing on the golf course. He and caddy Steve Williams are kings of the awkward High Five. Every single major celebration they have ends in the creation of an eye cringingly embarrassing High Five. Whether it was yesterdays putt to send the US Open into a playoff or the epic shot at Augusta on the 16th, it all ends with a sorry attempt at the high five.

But fear not Tiger I have you're cure and your teacher. If you and your caddy Steve dedicate yourself with the same intensity and devotion as you do your golf game you to can have non awkward high fives. And because I trust your drive I will set you up with one of the plates #1 high five specialist. A man who is often criticized because his high fives are so spectacular that they can create fury in the opposition. A high five that was blamed for the motivation of the miserable Marlins to dismantle his team in the final weekend of the season. That man, that high five artist and your future teacher is Jose Reyes.

You want flare you want style when you hit one of the greatest shots in history rather than an embarrassing smack of forearms? Than you want Jose Reyes wisdom in the art of the high five. With just a few lessons from Reyes you too Tiger can have a patented high five which could be revered as much as your golf game. And then finally your celebrations will be in the same stratosphere as your golf game.

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