Why I Love Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's an excuse to tailgate on a thursday morning. Right now I'm not sitting at a computer nor am I watching the Macy's day parade. Nor am I helping to cook anything. No I'm tailgating. Tailgating for a game I have zero intention of going to. Kegs, Eggs and drinking games. Nothing makes for a better thanksgiving than that. Hours from now I will be drunk and full enough to even enjoy the Lions game, that is before I fall asleep.

So, Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you will enjoy it is as much as I know I will.

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Hey, Who Passed the Kool-Aid to the Nation?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last week I was pretty adamant on how I was sippin the green kool-aid and how I thought the Jets matched up very well against the Titans. I turned out to be right and just when I went to grab the pitcher to sip on some more kool-aid, it was all gone. Why? Because it seems like the entire national media went in to get a sip before I did.

I turn on the radio or ESPN and I hear questions like, "Are the Jets the best team in the AFC right now?". Sometimes the answer to this question comes back as Yes. Yes? Seriously? The Jets played great the last three weeks, they completely throttled the Titans, I could not have been in a larger state of glee on sunday afternoon, and thoughts of SuperBowl creapt into my head for singular second... but the thought the Jets are now the best team in the AFC or even larger the 2nd best team in the NFL never crossed my mind. Did they miss when their defense got torched by the Chargers? Did they miss their inept showing against the Raiders? The Steelers have the same record and have played an infinitely better schedule. The Titans still only have 1 loss. The Colts have returned to close to SuperBowl form. And finally the Patriots are again dominating on offense, and well their the Pats.

Are the Jets on November 26th different than they were when they took the field against Oakland? Yes they certainly are. Favre is playing better, the D-Line and O-Lines are playing consistently, Leon is now dominating, but there are still holes. Massive holes in the secondary that are being ignored by the media. But as I mentioned last week the Jets can be abused by secondary receiving options of which the Titans do not have. The Colts, Steelers, and Patriots however all have the weapons to consistently take advantage of the Jets weakness, a weakness which could lead to lots of points against.

With all this being said, I'm not as optimistic this week as I was last week. Do I think the Jets will win? Yes. But I think people are dismissing the Broncos because they laid an egg last week. Well, please tell me who's covering Eddie Royal this week? Ty Law? Too Slow. Dwight Lowery? Too awful. If they decide to cover him with Revis than that means constant double coverage on Marshall which will leave Scheffler and Graham to patrol the middle in single coverage by a linebacker. That didn't work out so well against Ben Watson. The Broncos have a very good shot at putting a ton of point on the board and pulling off the upset, but because everyone in the media took a sip of Kool-Aid everyone thinks the Jets are going to roll. I do not, and I think my feelings would be completely different if the media didn't steal all my Arm Punt Kool-Aid.

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The Big 5 College Football Games of Weekend #14

Lots of big games this week and a couple of rivalry games like the Iron Bowl that just don't quite make the cut.

5. Oregon Ducks at Oregon State Beavers
Isn't this called the Civil War or something? Either way the Beavers need to beat their biggest rival to secure a spot in the Rose Bowl. If they can than they also significantly diminish USC's chances of playing in the Championship game. The Pick: Beavers by 6

4. Texas A&M Aggies at Texas Longhorns
This is usually a rivalry game and a few years back the Aggies mauled Colt McCoy almost to death in the upset victory. Unfortunately the Aggies pretty much suck this season and have little shot of upsetting their in-state rival. The Pick: Texas by 23

3. Kansas Jayhawks vs. Missouri Tigers in Kansas City
Missouri already clinched a trip to the Big 12 title game, why does this game have any meaning at all? Well that's pretty damn simple, computers. In all likelihood the Longhorns and Sooners tie-breaker will come down to the computers. The Longhorns have a victory over Mizzou which the Sooners do not. If the Tigers were to lose in their rival matchup it would incredibly help OU in the computer ballot.The Pick: Mizzou by 17

2. Florida Gators at Florida State Seminoles
The Gators are just 2 games away from playing in the National title game. The Seminoles would like nothing better than to watch Tim Tebow walk off the field disappointed and relegated to a potential Sugar Bowl trip. The Pick: Gators by 10

1. Oklahoma Sooners vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys
It's time for another statement game and a lot of politicking by Bob Stoops. Beating the Cowboys will certainly help in the computers but if they go into their rival and dominate than they could get some added human votes which could make all the difference in the world. The Pick: Sooners by 13

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NFL Week 13 Pick Suggestions

Chances of me following up a 12-4 performance with another dominant performance is piss poor.

5. Buffalo Bills (-6 1/2) at San Francisco 49ers
I've called the Bills overrated on about 400 occasions this year but at home against the niners who have to fly cross country and play in likely miserable weather. The Bills will win this game by a touchdown or more.

4. New Orleans Saints (+4 1/2) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Saints are back to being an offensive machine now that Pierre Thomas is getting the bulk of the carries. This game will be a close one but I'll take the Saints plus 4.

3. New York Giants (-3 1/2) at Washington Redskins
The Giants are probably due for a let down at some point but they thoroughly dominated the Redskins in week 1. Additionally the Redskins have been play eh-football the past few weeks and could have easily lost last week to Seattle. With Jacobs back the Giants once again beat down inside the division.

2. Tennessee Titans (-11 1/2) at Detroit Lions
The Lions are a mess without Orlovsky. Ha. Really they are a mess because they can't stop the run. The Titans are going to rush for 250 yards on Turkey Day.

1. Indianapolis Colts (-4 1/2) vs. Cleveland Browns
The Browns are in disarray and the Colts are on a massive hot streak. Would I like to see the Colts stumble and fall out of the playoff run? Absolutely. Do I think there's really any chance of that happening this weekend? Absolutely not.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle
Titans to bounce back over the Lions.

Non-Spread Picks

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NFL Week 12 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: The Jaguars, Remember at the start of the season when some people (cough Mike Greenberg cough) picked the Jaguars to make the SuperBowl? Right now the Jags are 4-7 and even worse at home (1-5). Runners Up: Donovan McNabb maybe you wouldn't get benched if you didn't suck, the Pack defense was a complete no show.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Andy Reid, You are down by 3 points and you decide now is the time to sit your captain your leader and to put in Kevin Kolb. Bright idea jackass. Instead of a spark your team got throttled. Runners Up: LenDale White should shut his mouth post game, Norv Turner's clock management skills were superb.

Cough Cough Cough: The Chargers, Down 3 with 3 timeouts left and 4 minutes to go, good ole Norve decided it was a genius idea to go into a hurry up 2 minute drill offense. The offense stalled and the Chargers needed to kick the game tying field goal with plenty of time left for Peyton Manning to win the game. Runners Up: The Lions 17 point lead was gone in about 5 seconds, Denver losing to the Raiders is just piss poor.

The Shocker: The Raiders, They've been completely useless on offense for weeks and then they come in against the division leader and dominate. Runners Up: The Jets thoroughly dominating, the Bills are able to score 54 points who knew.

The Pimp: Matt Cassel, Making bank. One of 5 players in the history of the NFL to throw for 400 yards in back to back games. One of 5. Any more games like this and the Pats just might franchise him and look for a trade. Runners Up: Michael Turner had 4 touchdowns, Drew Brees owned the Pack defense.

You Got Jakked Up: Jason David, Aaron Rodgers is not Joe Flacco, he does not watch a dback tip toe the sidelines for a pick 6. No he throws his shoulder into the chest of the dback and blasts him out of bounds.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Donovan McNabb, AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, you complete dickbag you sunk my season.

New York Jets MVP: Leon Washington, It's tough to really come up with one MVP in the Jets complete domination this past weekend but will give it to Leon for 2 tds and for being a spark all the way around despite the fumble.

My Picks

My Picks: 11-5
Preseason Picks: 7-9
Picks Vs. Spread: 12-4
Pick Suggestions: 3-2

A dominating spread performance by me except in the suggestions. Who the hell goes 12-4 but 3-2 in the games they are 'most confident' in. I guess that's what happens when you A) Don't want to look like a complete homer by putting the Jets in the suggestions and B) Do it in 5 minutes on a Saturday.

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Leon Wants You To Pick Him Up

I don't know if Leon is a massive play most weeks but for this week against the Broncos it's time for the pick up and play. Leon is going to dominate.

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Coaching the Team And Yet Motivating Players On an Individual Basis

One of the most important aspects of coaching in todays environment is balancing the motivation of individual players while also getting them to buy into the team philosophy. Every squad needs players to fill roles that are not glorious or name making spots. At universities such as Florida, USC, Texas, etc. where ninety percent of the recruits are four or five star athletes with NFL aspirations it's immensely important to get them to buy into the team philosophy.

In many college jobs you only get one or two 5 star recruits and that player is slotted in as an immediate starter, motivating a player to work hard when he knows he's going to get a lot of action isn't very difficult. But what about having that freshman 5 star athlete and motivating him to continue to get better even though he's frustrated with a lack of consistent playing time or a shared role. Motivating that player to continue to improve and getting them to buy into the team concept is a much more difficult task.

Pete Carroll is a perfect example of a coach with the job of motivating players and getting them to buy into shared duties. Take his running back situation for example. This year USC has five running backs with 20 carries or more. Stafon Johnson (5 Star) was the #2 running back recruit in America in 2006. CJ Gable (5 Star) was the #4 ranked Safety in the country with aspirations to play tailback in 2006 and Stanley Havili (4 Star) was the #16 running back recruit in America in 2006. Joe McKnight (5 Star) was the #1 running back recruit in America in 2007. Marc Tyler (5 Star) was the #2 running back recruit and Broderick Green (4 Star) was the #12 running back recruit in the same recruiting class as McKnight. Each of these players could have gone to a program and been 'THE STAR' but at USC they need to do what's best for the team. Sometimes they need to take a back seat to other players and eventually when their number is called they need to be ready. Creating this depth is what makes USC the program they are year in and year out. They build incredible depth at every position and Pete Carroll gets players to stay with the program and buy into the system. Coaches win mostly on talent and nobody in the country is better at recruiting great players, continually motivating them, and getting them to accept that their time will eventually come.

So when you vote for the Liberty Mutual Coach of the Year, make sure you take this into account. At the best of the best teams win and lose on depth and it is incredibly important for Coaches to get a 5 star athlete or two to buy into the system even if it doesn't immediately showcase them to the NFL.

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Stoops May Regret His Decision

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Earlier today I mentioned how Mack Brown and not Bob Stoops has a vote in the Coaches Poll. Well, it's basically all Bob's fault. Given the opportunity to partake in the poll, Stoops declined and now he's stuck to his decision which means he puts his team at a disadvantage. On Sunday the Sooners are already down 1 vote to the Longhorns in the Coaches pool and Mack Brown has the power to be as big a dick as he wants. If he decides to go all out and vote Texas 1 and Oklahoma outside of the top 25 it could make all the difference in the world.

I can't really think of any reason to not partake in the poll other than laziness, and that laziness just might bite Stoops in the ass come sunday.

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Mack's Got a Vote and Stoops Does Not

In a wonderful twist to this whole Big 12 BCS tie-breaking bullshit, Mack Brown has a vote in the USA Today Coaches Poll and Bob Stoops does not. How stupid is that? The Coaches Poll consists of 61 of the 119 Division 1 Head Coaches, why it doesn't include all of them just seems ludicrous. I can't find how the poll decides who is allowed to and who is not allowed to vote but it seems completely ridiculous that Texas and Oklahoma's spot in the Big 12 title game comes down to essentially a vote and Texas starts out with a 1-0 lead.

The worst part is it's not as if Mack Brown just had a one vote advantage over Oklahoma. Mack Brown could essentially vote the Longhorns #1 and Oklahoma out of the top 25 if he chose to and while that would be disgraceful and completely shady and perhaps his vote would be relinquished next year, chances are the public wouldn't find out. Why? Because the Coaches Poll is anonymous until the final week of the year, so USA Today will not publish Mack nor anyone else's vote on Sunday.

Hoorah for College Football being even shadier than I thought ten minutes ago.

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Your Chore/Challenge of the Day

Explain the BCS to someone that does not understand it. Last night I spent approximately 20 to 25 minutes trying to explain everything to my girlfriend (not 100% sure why she was interested). We started how the BCS standings currently work, the Big 12 Championship game, the three way tie, how the winner of Bama and Florida are likely in, how some conferences have a title game and others don't, how if Missouri wins the Big 12 title then essentially the voters will be able to choose between USC, Texas, or Penn St and how some voters say they won't vote for a team in the top 2 if they don't win their respective championship, etc.

Just go over everything you can logically explain it will take awhile. And then in completing this task and explaining it to someone that has limited idea of how everything works you will gain a greater sense of just how stupid the BCS is and how stupid not having a playoff is.

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Enough With the Head to Head Garbage

"WAAAAHHHH Texas beat Oklahoma how could you possibly rank Oklahoma ahead of Texas, WAAAAAHHH". That's essentially what I've heard on ESPN the entire past few days. Half the time the analysts follow up that saying with "I think Oklahoma is the better team today but you can't rank them ahead of Texas. WAAAAHHHH" which makes zero sense at all.

Here's the main issue I have with every single one of the analysts that say you can't rank Oklahoma over Texas, you are contradicting yourself. Each of you says that Texas Tech should no longer be in consideration because they got the shit kicked out of them, which I guess I can be fine with, but then you somehow are able to manipulate that not in Oklahoma's favor. These three teams are all equal right now. They played each other they all have 1 win and 1 loss. Head to head does not mean anything. Texas > Oklahoma > Texas Tech > Texas > Oklahoma > Texas Tech ... it's a never ending loop. Your logic for ranking one over the other should immediately venture into a different realm than head to head.

Immediately you should focus on what big wins do they have. Right now big wins Texas has that Oklahoma does not, is Missouri and Oklahoma St. Meanwhile Oklahoma slaughtered TCU (10-2), Cincinnati (Big East Champs), and Nebraska. At the end of this weekend if the Sooners can knock off the Cowboys than the Sooners point of emphasis should be do you like wins against Nebraska (7-4), Cincy, TCU or Mizzou and Rice (8-3).

I'm not saying you can't vote for Texas, just please don't use Schlabach's methodology: "The Sooners would have four very impressive victories if they beat Oklahoma State. But the Longhorns would have the only victory that matters -- a win over the Sooners." Why not? Because you could simply reword that phrase to, "The Longhorns would have four very impressive victories because they beat Missouri. But the Red Raiders would have the only victory that matters -- a win over the Longhorns." It's a 3 way tie, not a 2 way tie, can you make some other logical argument please.

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Hope You Got That Hedge Bet In

Last night gmreynolds71283 decided to man up for the million dollars and pick the monday night football game. He went with America's choice and not mine and chose the Packers to head into Nawlins and come out victorious. Unfortunately for him, the Pack got slaughtered and he will not be getting a million dollar check from ESPN. For his sake I hope he was able to raise funds and get his hedge bet in on the Saints or else he could end up walking away with absolutely nothing.*

After gm's demise, user Bigsam1122 is now your leader with a streak of 23. On the leaderboard, he is followed by 2 users at 22, 1 user at 21 and 5 users at 20. I think we can all agree on one thing, if someone deserves to win 1 million dollars it's definitely TurdFurg3sson. Ya Turd Furgesson it's a funny name.

*ESPN's will give 10K to the person with the longest streak if no one reaches 25 by the start of the year, so he's still got a shot to win that on December 31st.

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Distorted View Trivia: College Mascots

Below there are ten Distorted Pictures of College Mascots. How well can you identify the high flyers? If you get stumped you can opt for help by either going here for 10 clues or here for the list of the 10 coaches so you can match them up to each distortion. When you're done or have given up, here are the answers.












Try Out Other Silhouette Trivia
Fat Football Coaches
Lefty Hitters
To The Rack

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Week 13 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, November 24, 2008

Roses For the Old Man
Were They For the Rose Bowl or a Get Well for Hip Replacement Surgery?

This Is An Incomplete Pass
Enjoy the Cotton Bowl Graham

Mommy Said I Could Have Another Cookie

Gatorade Dodging
Undefeated Coaches Are Always Fleet of Foot

Dude It'll Be Ok
Yale Losing 'The Game' Isn't Really a Big Deal

ND Sucks
Seriously You Lost to Syracuse? Seriously?

Brains + Brawn
A Rhodes Scholarship at FSU? So He Didn't Use the Peter Warrick Discount?

AHHHHHHH It Tastes Like Crap
Who Put Poop on the Apple Cup?

So You're Going to Kill Us Aren't You?
Ya, You Are Going to Get Obliterated

Blowin Lines
Is Blowing Snow Better or Worse than Blowing Leafs?

Football + Snow = Awesome
Snow Makes Every Football Picture 1000 Times Cooler

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3 Losers and One Man With 1 Decision Left

Over the weekend ESPN did a lot of dodging but despite avoiding three bullets, one man is one pick away from a million.
First sfniners_1 was just two games away from 1 million dollars on Saturday. So what did he do? He went out on a massive limb and took Wake Forest (15.8%) at home against BC. He was rewarded by being eliminated after BC scored a touchdown with 1:12 left on the clock to take a 3 point lead and eventually the victory.

Next up user name Jordan achieved his 24th victory when BC defeated Wake. But he then waited until sunday to make his final strategic pick. He chose division leading Carolina (67%) to go into Atlanta and knock off their rival. Boom the Falcons pounced on the Panthers and took them down with relative ease. Here's hoping he was hedging.

User girlie_girl21 decided at 23 victories that she also needed to make a play at 4:15 on sunday afternoon. So she went with... the Panthers as well. Whoops.

And that brings us to gmreynolds71283, who currently sits at 24 victories after avoiding the Panthers selection and taking the Ravens and the Colts yesterday. 1 more pick and he's got himself a million dollars. Right now the only game he is allowed to pick is the monday night football game. The Saints are currently -2.5 point favorites over the Packers, yet the ESPN public likes the Packers at 62.3%.

So what do you do if you are him? Do you just sack up and pick tonight? Do you wait for what you think may be a better matchup, even though it might not come? Do you take one team and hedge by betting the spread on the other? One thing is for certain, his heart is certainly going to be beating at a rapid pace during whichever game he selects.

If it was me, I would get every single cent I could gather up via loan bank account friends etc. and bet in vegas on the Packers and then pick the Saints. Why? It's pretty much 50/50 which team wins. But here's where playing this hedge makes sense. If you pick the favorite in the Streak for Cash and they win then you get a mill, but you also have a chance to win your hedge bet as well. If the Saints ever won this game by 1 or 2 points you end up with 1 Million + your hedge. In all likelihood you wind up with either 1 Million - your Hedge or just your hedge, which certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. Now if you do the opposite and take the Packers for the Streak and hedge on the Saints there is a remote chance you lose both which would be very bad. It's kind of the pussy mans way out, but still wouldn't you rather guarantee you win money than take a 50/50 shot?

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Product of a Fupa and The Penguin

Is Charlie Weis the Product of a Woman with a Large Fupa and The Penguin? Me Thinks So.

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How to Build the Worst Fantasy Football Team Ever

Step 1 Make Sure Your #1 Draft Pick Gets Injured

Steven Jackson is a dominant force in the backfield. Every game he plays he gets his yards he gets his tds he gets his catches. He's an all-around threat. But up 20 in the 4th quarter against a beaten down Cowboys squad he's still in the game. Why? So that he can injure his quad and manage to get 7 carries in the next 3 weeks.

Step 2 Trade Away Your 2nd Pick For a Player About to Go in the Shitter

Tony Romo is out and Owens is doing absolutely nothing on a week to week basis and you're desperate for any quarterback production because as you will see later they sucked balls. So you trade away your best wideout for a quarterback with solid stats. You trade TO for Donovan McNabb. Donovan McNabb carefully crafts back to back miserable performances starting with a 4 turnover game and increasing the ineptitude to a 3 turnover -5 point playoff hopes destruction.

Step 2b Make Sure the Side Player You Are Getting Gets Busted for Steroids the Next Day

The trade was officially McNabb and Deuce McAllister for TO and Bulger. The next day Deuce and the rest of the Saints were busted for Water pills.

Step 3 Draft a Player Hours Away from Getting Injured

Drafting in Mid-August is always fun because you get preseason injuries. Like when you draft Chad Johnson and he tears his labrum an hour after you hit the select Ocho Cinco button.

Step 4 Draft a Player Who Makes a Precipitous Decline to Ineptitude

Who's more consistent than Torry Holt? He's had over 1100 yards in every season but his rookie year. He's had 7 or more touchdowns in 5 consecutive seasons. So of course this is the year that he declines to uselessness. 11 games 2 Tds and 496 yards.

Step 5 Draft A Quarterback That Gets Injured and Drop Him the Week Prior to His Comeback

Good ole Matty Hasselbeck sucks his opening games because his wideouts are all injured, so what does he do? He gets injured of course and sits on the sidelines for weeks upon weeks. Than one week you desperately need a QB because your starter is on a bye, so you drop Hasselbeck and pick up Quinn. Hasselbeck then conveniently starts the next weekend after he's been picked off the waiver wire by another squad.

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Maybe He Is a Little Slow

Last week Donovan McNabb was the moron of the weekend. This weekend? If pictures speak a thousand words it looks like he's not quite the sharpest pencil in the drawer.

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It's Because You're Fat

Lendale White yesterday was a bit confused and upset after the game as to why he didn't get much playing time. Just look at what he had to say:

“I have been over it. It is a game, so what?’’ White said. “You would like to win it, but it is one game, so what? … I only played three plays so I really couldn't tell you what happened, I don't really know, I wasn't paying attention, I didn't care really.’’

“You never know, man,” White said. “I can't tell you that. I don't know if I would have gotten the ball 30 times if we would have won the game or not. I would like to be involved more, but if I am not involved I would like somebody to tell me what's going on. Coming into these games, you expect to get certain carries or see certain things going on at least that's what they tell you.

“And then you get in these games and then randomly you only play three plays. I just wish somebody would let me know what's going on before I go out there. Three plays, I don't know what you want me to do with three plays. I don't know what three plays is helping me do.”

“I ain't got no conversation for nobody, I don't care,’’ White said. “If they have something to tell me, if they need to tell me I'm not going to play, then they should tell me, you know?” Tennessean.com

Hey Lendale, I have the answers if you want to know why you didn't play. It's because you're fat. It's because you have no burst and all runs up the gut against the Jets get stuffed. If the Titans had played you more often than their offense would have performed even more pathetically. You would have averaged approximately 1 yard per carry. Perhaps instead of focusing on yourself, how about you focus on trying to improve the team for next week. You didn't play and you shouldn't have played.

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NCAA Week 13 Power Rankings

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

And there you have it, what was supposed to be a thrilling battle between #2 and #5 turns into an epic beatdown and creates a massive Re-Org in the power rankings.

1. Oklahoma - After the TT throttling, here's why I put the Sooners above the Crimson Tide, quality wins. Losing to Texas on a neutral field is rough, but they are a top 5 team, the Tide have not come close to facing a top 5 team. The Sooners have knocked off their remaining Big 12 schedule, but the most impressive part is that they have two very good out of conference wins. Cincinnati essentially won the Big East this weekend by throttling the Wannies. TCU has positioned themselves as probably the 3rd best non-BCS team behind Utah and Boise St. The Sooners have the wins. Quality Wins: Cincinnati, TCU, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas Tech

2. Texas - So you jumped Oklahoma to 1, what logic do you have for Texas at 2? Does anybody have a better win than Oklahoma on a neutral field? They lost on the road to a top 5 team on the last second of the game. Alabama's wins just don't compel me enough right now to have them over the Longhorns. Quality Wins: Oklahoma(n), Mizzou, Oklahoma St., Kansas

3. Alabama -Simply put Alabama's schedule right now does not match up with the Big 12 teams. The SEC West is pathetic, LSU is miserable and Ole Miss is the 2nd best team in the division. Bama's best out of conference win is against Clemson who is eh. So because of this they are dropped to 3. Quality Wins: @Georgia, @LSU, Ole Miss

4. Florida - Playing the Citadel in your 2nd to last regular season game is just lame. Quality Wins: LSU, UGA(n) Bad Loss: Ole Miss

5. Texas Tech - Losing to a top 5 team on the road usually is never a bad loss, but they were thoroughly embarrassed. They go back to Lubbock praying that the Cowboys upset the Sooners, but even with that result would you pick Texas Tech over USC for the National Title game? Quality Wins: Kansas, Texas, Okie St. Bad Loss: Oklahoma

6. USC - No more big games on the schedule and the Beavers might just win the Pac 10, so its not looking good for the Trojans right now. Quality Wins: Ohio State, Oregon, Cal

7. Utah - Won the Mormon challenge and have solidified their spot in the BCS. Quality Wins: @Air Force, Oregon St., TCU, BYU

8. Penn St. - So they clinched the trip to the Rose Bowl. If the world ends they could find their way to the title game. If the world ends. Quality Wins: Oregon St., @Ohio St., Michigan St.

9. Oklahoma St. - The Mizzou win is still carrying through pretty nicely. Now they get the chance to ruin the Sooners title hopes. Will they? Doubtful. Quality Wins: @Mizzou

10. Cincinnati - I'll throw the Big East some love. Cincinatti's out of conference loss is to the Sooners and they minus one slip up against the Huskies have taken care of business in the Big East. They sneak into the top 11 because the Buckeyes and UGA are highly overrated. Quality Wins: @WVU, Pitt, South Florida Bad Loss: UConn

11. Boise St. -Scratched out the victory against Nevada. Color me unimpressed with the Smurf Turfers. Quality Wins: @Oregon

Dropped Out: Georgia their wins are weak, their losses are to top 5 teams but by utter domination.

Noticeable Absences: Ohio St. will not be ranked in the power rankings at any point this year.

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I Think He Could Play 2nd Base

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Is there anything better than Ninja's on a Sunday Morning? No? I didn't think so.

Via Japan Probe

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NFL Week 12 Pick Suggestions

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Making this quick, the five pick suggestions are the Patriots, Chiefs, Cowgirls, Bears and Redskins.

Non Spread Picks

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Jury Duty

Friday, November 21, 2008

Got Jury Duty today so the day off from bloggin...

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Perhaps I'm Sippin too Much Green Kool-Aid

The Green Kool-Aid is seeping into my brain at alarming rates. How do I know this? I actually think the Jets are going to go into Tennessee give them a massive fight and come out the winner. Yes I know I'm drunk on the arm punt kool-aid but listen to my non-sober reasoning for a second.

The Jets defense has done two things very well this year and done one thing miserably. The defense has repeatedly stuffed the run thanks to Jenkins and they have continually put pressure on the quarterback. Meanwhile they have sucked at covering secondary wideouts and tight ends. Well the good thing this weekend for the Jets is that the Titans really don't good secondary or primary receiving options. Sure Gage is a solid deep threat but he's inconsistent. Brandon Jones is eh, mediocre. And Justin McCareins is terrible. The Jets can match Revis on either Gage or Jones shift safety (Elam) coverage over the other and let Rhodes concentrate on the rushing attack. With this coverage if they can have similar success against the run as they have in recent weeks and big Jenks dominates again than the Jets should be able to hold the Titans under 20 points. Plus with Kerry free to wreak havoc, he could potentially get a devastating sack or two on Mr. Collins.

As for the Jets offense, I'm worried as hell that Favre is going to get back to the Arm Punt routine and I'm also worried that he's going to get the snot knocked out of him but I don't think many points will be required to win this game. I think if the Jets could score 20 points they win this game. Will they? Probably not, but maybe 17 will be enough.

Outside of this weekend, I will continue to remain incredibly frightened of the potential of playing the Chargers, Steelers, Colts or Pats in the playoffs... on second thought, I still remain very fearful of actually making the playoffs. But for some reason despite the impending doom feeling I naturally have as a Jet fan, I'm confident this weekend against the #1 team in almost all the Power Rankings. I guess that's the benefit to being drunk.

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Quick Hitter: Stop Asking Brett Retirement Questions

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just stop. Please just stop. Can't you just be ok with the fact that he has no friggin idea whether he wants to play next year or not? Just deal with that fact we don't need to start up the "Is Brett gonna Retire?" press cyclone now, we don't need to start it once the Jets play their final game, we don't need to start it until he actually has a press conference declaring what he's going to do. So don't speculate and just don't ask him that question, you're not going to get an answer and the only thing you're doing is pissing off sportscenter watchers.

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The Big 5 College Football Games of Weekend #13

Last weekend was incredibly lackluster but this weekend is when BCS trips are decided. All 5 of the Big 5 this week have major implications on whether you're in or your out of the money.

5. Oregon State Beavers at Arizona Wildcats
Once again the Beavers just need to win out and then they likely get a rematch with PSU in the Rose Bowl. Lose and they'll go to some boring bowl no one cares about. The Pick: Beavers by 6

4. Brigham Young Cougars at Utah Utes
In the battle of the Mormon state the Cougars have the opportuntiy to ruin intrastate rival Utah's return to the BCS. If the Utes pull off the victory than they can book their trip to whichever BCS bowl has last pick.The Pick: Utes by 3

3. Pittsburgh Panthers vs. Cincinnati Bearcats
This is the Bearcats chance to clinch the Big East championship and their BCS bid because there is no way they lose to the Cuse in the following week. Meanwhile Wanny if he could win 3 games in a row would also win he will somehow earn a trip to the BCS. The Pick: Wanny by 7

2. Michigan State Spartans at Penn State Nittany Lions
Does Joe Pa want to go to the Rose Bowl? Does Joe Pa want to give himself an opportunity to Ohio State it into the national title game like the Buckeyes did last year? If they dominate Sparty and the chips fall in the right way than the old man with his new hip may end up in Miami instead of Pasadena. The Pick: Penn State by 13

1. Texas Tech Red Raiders vs. Oklahoma Sooners
Last year Bradford sat on the sidelines woozy and out of it after suffering a 1st quarter concussion. He then watched from the sidelines as the Red Raiders dashed any chance at a national title. This year it is the Red Raiders with the definitive title hopes and the Sooners with the 'if we get voter support' title hopes and it will be the Sooners and Bradford who get their revenge. The Pick: Sooners by 6

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2 Picks Away From a Million

Once again ESPN is only a few solid decisions away from forking over 1 Million Dollars in Straight Cash to some random guy named sfniners_1, I'm guessing that A) He's a niners fan and B) That he didn't pick the Niners in any of his streak picks.

Let's Take a look at his picks, in parenthesis is the percentage that the rest of the world selected his same pick.

October 19th: The streak started with 2 NFL picks on October 19th. The Bears (76.8%) pulled off a 7 point 48-41 victory over the Vikings and then the Bucs (98.4%) easily knocked off the Seahawks on NBC.

October 21st: He went against America and picked the Temple Owls (48.1%) to knock of the Ohio Bobcats which they did 14-10.

October 22nd: He went Hockey for the first and only time and took the Devils (95.1%) over the Stars. The Devils won 5-0.

October 23rd:
He went Baseball for the first and only time and took the Rays (77.9%) and James Shields to win Game 2 over the Phillies and Brett Myers. The Rays won 4-2.

October 24th: He went with all of America and took Boise St. (97.8%) over San Jose St. The Smurf turfers won 33-16.

October 25th: He double dipped on a Saturday and picked the Red Raiders (89.7%) at noon over the Jayhawks. They struggled to a 63-21 victory. Than at 7:45 he took #1 Crimson Tide (98.9%) over the Volunteers and they won 29-9.

October 28th: In his closest call yet, he went against America and chose 60 points or more (17.8%) in the Houston Cougar vs. Marshall game. The final score was 37-23 Marshall and hit exactly 60 points thanks to 6 second half touchdowns including a final Cougar touchdown with 2:21 remaining on the clock. Had the Cougars been stopped on that possession the streak is dead at 8.

October 29th: The NBA season has started so he got into the action and took the Hornets (96.6%) over the Warriors on the road. The Hornets won 108-103.

November 1st: A college double dip again. At noon he took West Virginia (70.9%) on the road in Connecticut and the Mountaineers won easily 35-13. Then at 3:30 he went with the Gators (72.7%) in the Cocktail Party and Timmy Tebow definitely got his revenge taking UGA down 49-10.

November 2nd: He wnet for the NFL double dipper and took the Cardinals (93.3%) over the horrendous Rams, and Kurt beat his former mates 34-13. Then for the Sunday Night Game he took the Pats (50.3%) to out rush the Colts which they did 140-47 in their losing effort.

November 4th: On election day he went with everybody else and took Obama (84.4%) to win the presidency.

November 7th: He apparently knew something the rest of America didn't when he chose the Nevada Wolf Pack (7.0%) on the to defeat the Fresno St. Bulldogs. The Wolfpack defeated the Bulldogs 41-28

November 8th: Again he went with the #1 Crimson Tide (86.2%) this time in the Bayou against Saban's former squad. The game went into OT thanks to a late blocked field goal, but was easily won by the Tide then because Jarrett Lee likes to throw passes to the wrong team.

November 10th: For the monday night game featuring the Cardinals and 49ers he went with 48 points or More (52.7%) which turned out wise because the 49ers actually put on their scoring shoes and put 24 points on the board in a 29-24 defeat.

November 11th: On the 11th however he mixed it up and finally took the under when he went with 54 points or Less (53.3%) in the Ball State vs. Miami of Ohio game. The game got off to a 30 point first half start but he won in thanks to the Ball St. defense which heald Miami to only a field goal in the 2nd half in their 31-16 victory.

November 14th:
He went to the Big East and took the Cincinatti Bearcats (94.3%) on the road against the Louisville Cardinals. Cincy won 28-20.

November 15th: It was time to go with some Beaver as he picked the Oregon St. Beavers (86.8%) to stay on the Rose Bowl path and defeat the Cal Golden Bears at home which they did 34-21.

November 16th: If the undefeated teams in college football worked so well, than why not the NFL undefeated team and so he went with the Titans (86.9%) over the Jaguars on the road. Once again Kerry Collins improbably lead his team to victory.

November 19th: Finally yesterday he went with Josh Howard to have more points and rebounds than Yao Ming had points but then Yao was scratched so it was canceled. Perhaps just inspired to make a pick he went with 55 or More Points (77%) scored in the Central Michigan Ball State game. The game finished with 55 points exactly thanks to 5 second half touchdowns including the game winner by Ball St. with 7:29 remaining.

After a little over a month and 23 straight picks 1 in overtime and 2 by the exact margin he sits two correct decisions away from 1 million dollars. Can anybody say.... Hedge Bet?

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Did Someone Tell Me It's Michigan Ohio State Week?

Because I just haven't been really paying attention aka I'm in denial. But I'll Give a prediction for the game...

You're going to see a lot of this.

And a lot of this.

And probably some of this.

And a good chance of this.

UGH, the Buckeyes are favored by 20 and will certainly shove Beanie Wells down the Wolverines throat all game. It probably is not going to be pretty.

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