Perhaps I'm Sippin too Much Green Kool-Aid

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Green Kool-Aid is seeping into my brain at alarming rates. How do I know this? I actually think the Jets are going to go into Tennessee give them a massive fight and come out the winner. Yes I know I'm drunk on the arm punt kool-aid but listen to my non-sober reasoning for a second.

The Jets defense has done two things very well this year and done one thing miserably. The defense has repeatedly stuffed the run thanks to Jenkins and they have continually put pressure on the quarterback. Meanwhile they have sucked at covering secondary wideouts and tight ends. Well the good thing this weekend for the Jets is that the Titans really don't good secondary or primary receiving options. Sure Gage is a solid deep threat but he's inconsistent. Brandon Jones is eh, mediocre. And Justin McCareins is terrible. The Jets can match Revis on either Gage or Jones shift safety (Elam) coverage over the other and let Rhodes concentrate on the rushing attack. With this coverage if they can have similar success against the run as they have in recent weeks and big Jenks dominates again than the Jets should be able to hold the Titans under 20 points. Plus with Kerry free to wreak havoc, he could potentially get a devastating sack or two on Mr. Collins.

As for the Jets offense, I'm worried as hell that Favre is going to get back to the Arm Punt routine and I'm also worried that he's going to get the snot knocked out of him but I don't think many points will be required to win this game. I think if the Jets could score 20 points they win this game. Will they? Probably not, but maybe 17 will be enough.

Outside of this weekend, I will continue to remain incredibly frightened of the potential of playing the Chargers, Steelers, Colts or Pats in the playoffs... on second thought, I still remain very fearful of actually making the playoffs. But for some reason despite the impending doom feeling I naturally have as a Jet fan, I'm confident this weekend against the #1 team in almost all the Power Rankings. I guess that's the benefit to being drunk.

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I picked the Jets to win as well. This does not bode well for the Jets.

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