Pats vs. Jets Quick Notes

Friday, November 14, 2008

~Hoorah for the NFL's lame overtime rules. The Jets showed at no point in time from half time on that they could stop the Pats driving. But it didn't matter thanks to the NFL and a 16 yard completion to Dustin Keller to keep the drive alive at the start.

~I truly thought the Pats were going to go for 2 after their touchdown because they were dominating the Jets offense and I was thrilled they didn't.

~“Randy Moss told me to throw a pick after the coin toss in overtime.” Favre

~At no point in time last night was I confident the Jets were going to win. I've witnessed first hand Jay Feely's shanking clutch field goals and until I saw the ball go through the uprights I still didn't think the Jets were going to win.

~That's why I'm a pessimist / glass half empty guy.

~I despise the prevent defense. When the Pats got the ball on their final drive it was blatantly obvious that the Jets were going to be ok with allowing the Pats opportunities at the end zone. They let them complete every single pass

~If you're a Pats fan and you want to bitch about the holding penalty that set up the Jets on the goal line, don't. You got the same call in the third quarter on Calvin Pace down the field on 3rd down. It came on a 3rd and 6 in your own territory, you would have needed to punt the ball away and the lead would have stayed at 11. Instead you got the call and went down the field and scored a td. Same call, same result.

~Both teams had receivers just fumble away balls with limited contact.

~Brett Favre won that game for the Jets. They don't win that game with Pennington. It's blatantly obvious to anyone who has ever watched a Jet Pat game in the past. Pennington would have kept them in the game until a final drive where one of the Pats Dbacks jumped a quick slant for a pick.

~Must everyone ask Favre "Is this what you came back for?"

~Solid job by Mangini challenging the Coles play on the opening drive.

~With that said sometimes the Jets play calling is still completely baffling.

~Cotchery's catch was completely ludicrous.

~Ha the New York Post did not put the score of the Jets game in the paper and did not put them on the backpage. Rather Nick Swisher was on the back page. Ha.

~Leon Washington is amazing.

~Dustin Keller looks like he has some solid future pro bowler potential... but he should have caught the td on the 2nd drive.

~Dwight Lowery is not good. Imagine what it would have been like last night if they did not get Ty Law. Sure Law didn't play great, but the dropoff from him to Barrett is massive.

~Because of Dwight Lowery, Jabar Gaffney had his biggest game of the season.

~Getting Thomas Jones for a flop of 2nd round picks was a complete steal. He's not dynamic, but he's like a Curtis Martin he gets the job done. It's not flashy and he does it differently than Martin did but he gets it done.

~I think Jenkins takes too many plays off and the Jets don't appreciate him as a pass rusher completely. You can't single him on any play. When the Pats tried to do that in the 4th quarter on their second to last drive, he just tossed the Pats guard to the side and destroyed Cassel.

~Matt Cassel made himself a lot of money last night. 400 yards, 3 tds and 60+ rushing yards. Not to mention a perfect 2 minute drill with a perfect throw with 1 second left. The reasons they lost the game do not include anything Cassel did.

~Cassel put up 48 points in my fantasy league this week. So, chances are good Ole Rick is gonna win and stay ahead of me via tie-breaker... F You Drew Brees.

~He did however miss Moss on a wide open touchdown.

~Moss's catch was depressing on many levels.

~So all this talk on ESPN this week was about the Pats newfound rush attack. I know they went down by a good amount and needed to fight back through the air, but it was for the most part non-existant all game.

~Ty Warren being out made a big difference in the Jets ability to rush the football.

~I hope the Titans go into next Sunday at 10-0.

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You mentioned moss' catch at the end of regulation, but I can't believe you didn't touch on the fact that it WAS NOT a TD. The replay from the back of the end-zone clearly showed that. Now granted it didn't change the outcome of the game, but that game never should have gone to OT. It should have end right then and there.

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