Hope You Got That Hedge Bet In

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last night gmreynolds71283 decided to man up for the million dollars and pick the monday night football game. He went with America's choice and not mine and chose the Packers to head into Nawlins and come out victorious. Unfortunately for him, the Pack got slaughtered and he will not be getting a million dollar check from ESPN. For his sake I hope he was able to raise funds and get his hedge bet in on the Saints or else he could end up walking away with absolutely nothing.*

After gm's demise, user Bigsam1122 is now your leader with a streak of 23. On the leaderboard, he is followed by 2 users at 22, 1 user at 21 and 5 users at 20. I think we can all agree on one thing, if someone deserves to win 1 million dollars it's definitely TurdFurg3sson. Ya Turd Furgesson it's a funny name.

*ESPN's will give 10K to the person with the longest streak if no one reaches 25 by the start of the year, so he's still got a shot to win that on December 31st.

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