Hey, Who Passed the Kool-Aid to the Nation?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last week I was pretty adamant on how I was sippin the green kool-aid and how I thought the Jets matched up very well against the Titans. I turned out to be right and just when I went to grab the pitcher to sip on some more kool-aid, it was all gone. Why? Because it seems like the entire national media went in to get a sip before I did.

I turn on the radio or ESPN and I hear questions like, "Are the Jets the best team in the AFC right now?". Sometimes the answer to this question comes back as Yes. Yes? Seriously? The Jets played great the last three weeks, they completely throttled the Titans, I could not have been in a larger state of glee on sunday afternoon, and thoughts of SuperBowl creapt into my head for singular second... but the thought the Jets are now the best team in the AFC or even larger the 2nd best team in the NFL never crossed my mind. Did they miss when their defense got torched by the Chargers? Did they miss their inept showing against the Raiders? The Steelers have the same record and have played an infinitely better schedule. The Titans still only have 1 loss. The Colts have returned to close to SuperBowl form. And finally the Patriots are again dominating on offense, and well their the Pats.

Are the Jets on November 26th different than they were when they took the field against Oakland? Yes they certainly are. Favre is playing better, the D-Line and O-Lines are playing consistently, Leon is now dominating, but there are still holes. Massive holes in the secondary that are being ignored by the media. But as I mentioned last week the Jets can be abused by secondary receiving options of which the Titans do not have. The Colts, Steelers, and Patriots however all have the weapons to consistently take advantage of the Jets weakness, a weakness which could lead to lots of points against.

With all this being said, I'm not as optimistic this week as I was last week. Do I think the Jets will win? Yes. But I think people are dismissing the Broncos because they laid an egg last week. Well, please tell me who's covering Eddie Royal this week? Ty Law? Too Slow. Dwight Lowery? Too awful. If they decide to cover him with Revis than that means constant double coverage on Marshall which will leave Scheffler and Graham to patrol the middle in single coverage by a linebacker. That didn't work out so well against Ben Watson. The Broncos have a very good shot at putting a ton of point on the board and pulling off the upset, but because everyone in the media took a sip of Kool-Aid everyone thinks the Jets are going to roll. I do not, and I think my feelings would be completely different if the media didn't steal all my Arm Punt Kool-Aid.

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