Getting to Miami: #7 USC

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Step 1: Sweep the Remainder of the Schedule

No two loss team will be playing in the National Championship game thus if USC loses they are out.

Step 2: Get Lots and Lots of Help

The Pac 10 is not highly regarded this year and thus will not be getting the love from the pollsters, thus they will need at least 2 of the following.

A) Penn St. loses one of the remaining 3 games.
B) The SEC is won by a team with 2 losses. This would mean Florida needs to lose between now and the title game or Bama would need to lose twice.
C) The Big 12 is won by a team with 2 losses and there is no 1 loss team in the Big 12 not in the title game. If OU or UT is left out of the title game with 1 loss they will be ahead of USC already and will probably stay there no matter what.

In essence the chances for USC to make it to Miami are very very very bad as of right now. They need losses everywhere and ASAP.

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