2 Picks Away From a Million

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Once again ESPN is only a few solid decisions away from forking over 1 Million Dollars in Straight Cash to some random guy named sfniners_1, I'm guessing that A) He's a niners fan and B) That he didn't pick the Niners in any of his streak picks.

Let's Take a look at his picks, in parenthesis is the percentage that the rest of the world selected his same pick.

October 19th: The streak started with 2 NFL picks on October 19th. The Bears (76.8%) pulled off a 7 point 48-41 victory over the Vikings and then the Bucs (98.4%) easily knocked off the Seahawks on NBC.

October 21st: He went against America and picked the Temple Owls (48.1%) to knock of the Ohio Bobcats which they did 14-10.

October 22nd: He went Hockey for the first and only time and took the Devils (95.1%) over the Stars. The Devils won 5-0.

October 23rd:
He went Baseball for the first and only time and took the Rays (77.9%) and James Shields to win Game 2 over the Phillies and Brett Myers. The Rays won 4-2.

October 24th: He went with all of America and took Boise St. (97.8%) over San Jose St. The Smurf turfers won 33-16.

October 25th: He double dipped on a Saturday and picked the Red Raiders (89.7%) at noon over the Jayhawks. They struggled to a 63-21 victory. Than at 7:45 he took #1 Crimson Tide (98.9%) over the Volunteers and they won 29-9.

October 28th: In his closest call yet, he went against America and chose 60 points or more (17.8%) in the Houston Cougar vs. Marshall game. The final score was 37-23 Marshall and hit exactly 60 points thanks to 6 second half touchdowns including a final Cougar touchdown with 2:21 remaining on the clock. Had the Cougars been stopped on that possession the streak is dead at 8.

October 29th: The NBA season has started so he got into the action and took the Hornets (96.6%) over the Warriors on the road. The Hornets won 108-103.

November 1st: A college double dip again. At noon he took West Virginia (70.9%) on the road in Connecticut and the Mountaineers won easily 35-13. Then at 3:30 he went with the Gators (72.7%) in the Cocktail Party and Timmy Tebow definitely got his revenge taking UGA down 49-10.

November 2nd: He wnet for the NFL double dipper and took the Cardinals (93.3%) over the horrendous Rams, and Kurt beat his former mates 34-13. Then for the Sunday Night Game he took the Pats (50.3%) to out rush the Colts which they did 140-47 in their losing effort.

November 4th: On election day he went with everybody else and took Obama (84.4%) to win the presidency.

November 7th: He apparently knew something the rest of America didn't when he chose the Nevada Wolf Pack (7.0%) on the to defeat the Fresno St. Bulldogs. The Wolfpack defeated the Bulldogs 41-28

November 8th: Again he went with the #1 Crimson Tide (86.2%) this time in the Bayou against Saban's former squad. The game went into OT thanks to a late blocked field goal, but was easily won by the Tide then because Jarrett Lee likes to throw passes to the wrong team.

November 10th: For the monday night game featuring the Cardinals and 49ers he went with 48 points or More (52.7%) which turned out wise because the 49ers actually put on their scoring shoes and put 24 points on the board in a 29-24 defeat.

November 11th: On the 11th however he mixed it up and finally took the under when he went with 54 points or Less (53.3%) in the Ball State vs. Miami of Ohio game. The game got off to a 30 point first half start but he won in thanks to the Ball St. defense which heald Miami to only a field goal in the 2nd half in their 31-16 victory.

November 14th:
He went to the Big East and took the Cincinatti Bearcats (94.3%) on the road against the Louisville Cardinals. Cincy won 28-20.

November 15th: It was time to go with some Beaver as he picked the Oregon St. Beavers (86.8%) to stay on the Rose Bowl path and defeat the Cal Golden Bears at home which they did 34-21.

November 16th: If the undefeated teams in college football worked so well, than why not the NFL undefeated team and so he went with the Titans (86.9%) over the Jaguars on the road. Once again Kerry Collins improbably lead his team to victory.

November 19th: Finally yesterday he went with Josh Howard to have more points and rebounds than Yao Ming had points but then Yao was scratched so it was canceled. Perhaps just inspired to make a pick he went with 55 or More Points (77%) scored in the Central Michigan Ball State game. The game finished with 55 points exactly thanks to 5 second half touchdowns including the game winner by Ball St. with 7:29 remaining.

After a little over a month and 23 straight picks 1 in overtime and 2 by the exact margin he sits two correct decisions away from 1 million dollars. Can anybody say.... Hedge Bet?

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He better ask for the million in cash.

Brown said...
4:40 PM  

Wonder if he lives in Vegas?

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