Week 11 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, November 10, 2008

This is What Happens When You Are Not a Good Coach

How Long Til I Get Fired?
17-0 Certainly Is Not Offensive Genius

Dabo Loses the Bowden Bowl
Sure There's No Bowden on One Side But Dabo Did a Swell Impression

Look Look Up There, It's Joe Pa in the Booth
Do You Think He Understands That They Just Lost?

Phil, I Want a Divorce
I Mean You're Just So Damn Awful

A Little Coaching Advice From Saban
Kick the Ball Higher or I'll Rip Your Spinal Cord Out of Your Body

You Must Not Argue With the Wannstache
They Man is 99% Intensity and 83% Testosterone

Another Great Rivalry Trophy
My Mom is Absolutely Going to Love This Serving Dish

Oh Wow Washington's First Touchdown
That QB is Certainly Going to Get a Gameball

TO and the Cuz
Apparently Cabo Isn't So Popular in November

3 Wins All Year Plus a Brown Jug
Rub It 3 Times Rich and Wish For a Spread Quarerbackgt

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