I Think We Can All Agree A Penn St. Loss Is For the Greater Good

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I've never been a Penn St. hater, it's kind of hard to when your team dominates them on a year to year basis but still I don't wish them harm on a yearly basis. In most cases I'd probably say I want them to win. If they do get into the National Title Game I will pull for them there. I just don't want them to be there. Why? Basically because of Ohio St. the last two seasons.

I just can't easily get over the embarrasment that was the past two title games. I do not want to waste another January evening pretending as if a team in the Big 10 is one of the top two teams in the Nation. And for this reason I want whatever it takes to be done to avoid this situation. Over the next 3 weeks I will hope that either Iowa, Indiana or Michigan St. pulls out the upset card. If that doesn't happen than I will regretfully pull for Texas Tech and Alabama to go undefeated, two teams I care little for. If either team loses I will hope for either Florida, Texas or Oklahoma to look like gods in the final weeks and somehow drug the voters into jumping them over PSU.

I'm sorry Joe Pa for what may end up being your 5th undefeated screw job, but it's for the greater good of college football. We need a good championship game again. We need a championship game devoid of a Big 10 team with a weak out of conference schedule.

So let us all agree that we need whatever it takes to avoid another Big 10 embarrassment.

Note: I'm actually a Michigan Fan. If you are a Penn St. fan, feel free to call me a douche or tell me how much Rich Rodriguez blows or whatever.

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I honestly hope that Ohio State never gets the chance to go to another title game... i don't hate them, it's just for the greater good that they don't have to embarass the big ten anymore in the national spotlight

Anonymous said...
2:59 PM  

I wouldn't call winning every other year "dominating", moron.

Anonymous said...
4:14 PM  

Why does everyone assume Penn State would get murdered in the championship game? Just because they're conference stinks doesn't take away from the fact that they're actually a good team with a good defense and a very talented offense (minus the Ohio St game, which they still won.) They've dominated nearly any game and I think can go toe to toe with anyone in the country. Don't punish Penn State for playing in a down conference.

MarkC said...
5:52 PM  

read the note smart ass

Anonymous said...
6:21 PM  

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