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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The biggest matchup of the AFC East might be tomorrow night, but with 4 teams within a game of the lead it is certainly worth it to break down the schedule by week.

Week 11
New York Jets @ New England Patriots
Oakland Raiders @ Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills

The biggest question for this week will be the play of Brady Quinn. The Dolphins at home against the lowly Raiders should be an automatic move to 6-4. The winner of the Jets Pats game immediately moves to front runner for the division while the loser falls back to the pack. The Bills are not playing well right now and Quinn had a solid game for his career first start. If the Browns win then the Bills might just fade away. If the Bills win then they will continue to have a fighting chance at the division crown.

Week 12
Buffalo Bills @ Kansas City Chiefs
New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins

The revenge game for the Pats. The Dolphins have zero difficult games remaining outside of the division and if they could manage to repeat their Foxborough success than they very well may cruise to a playoff spot. The Chiefs on paper are awful, but for some reason Tyler Thigpin has been playing very well his last few games and they nearly defeated the Chargers last week. This game could be very tricky for the Bills. Finally the Jets faceoff against the currently undefeated Titans. I honestly think the Jets matchup better against the Titans than the Pats mostly because they do not have the mental block, I'm not saying I'm taking the Jets to win, I just don't think it's the automatic loss many would sign them up for.

Week 13
San Francisco 49ers @ Buffalo Bills
Denver Broncos @ New York Jets
Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins @ St. Louis Rams
The Steelers will need the victory in week 13 with the Ravens playing extremely well and with a matchup against the Chargers in Week 11 they may actually end up trailing the Ravens. The Broncos will also come into New York needing a victory to hold off the Chargers so that should also be a tight matchup. Meanwhile, the Niners are a joke and should be wiped out by the Bills and the Rams are useless without Steven Jackson so if he's out of the lineup it's an automatic victory for the Dolphins.

Week 14
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
New York Jets @ San Francisco 49ers
New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks
The Bills need to be in position in Week 14 or they can probably kiss their chances goodbye as they finish with 3 division games and the Broncos. In the home matchup versus the Dolphins the Bills will certainly welcome any and all snow they can get. The Jets and Pats meanwhile get to travel cross country to face basement dwellars. Both should be easy wins unless Hasselbeck is healthy and playing well by week 14.

Week 15
Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets
New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders
San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins
The Bills get to head into New York and look for revenge after their rush attack was dominated by the Jets. Meanwhile the Pats and Dolphins should lock up easy victories.

Week 16
Buffalo Bills @ Denver Broncos
New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks
Arizona Cardinals @ New England Patriots
Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs
More Cross Country travel as both the Bills and Jets fly out to the far west. Again the Seahawks could be a very different team in Week 16 then they are now so this could be a very tricky matchup for the Jets. Meanwhile the Broncos will likely be fighting for the Division or a Wildcard in 16 and should give the Bills all they can handle. The Cardinals might be the best team any AFC East squad faces in week 16, but chances are good that they will have clinched the division and will have absolutely nothing to play for in New England. The Herminator also might throw a little wrench in the Dolphins plans come week 16 at home with LJ back and Thigpen fighting like a Power Chanticleer.

Week 17
New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets
The final week has two division games and that's it. Week 17 could include anywhere from 2 spectacular games to two meaningless games.

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The only problem with the Bills getting snow for the Dolphins game is that it will be played in Toronto at the Rogers Center, which has a roof...

Anonymous said...
4:34 PM  

forgot the bills were doing those lame games in canada

Simon said...
4:41 PM  

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