NCAA Week 11 Power Rankings

Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

And now the Power Rankings are slowly resembling the BCS rankings.

1. Texas Tech - If your Mike Leach I understand loyalty to a program that gave you your first major coaching job, but just imagine how high powered his offense would be if he could recruit 5 star players instead of molding unknowns into gems. And doesn't Harrell look like a douche in that picture? Quality Wins: Kansas, Texas, Okie St.

2. Alabama -#2 is never a bad spot to be. The next two games are against Miss St. and Auburn both very winnable games. Then the tester against Florida. Quality Wins: @Georgia, @LSU

3. Texas - The Longhorns can not be pleased with the results on saturday. If Texas Tech wins out than they are screwed. If Oklahoma wins out then they are probably screwed. But I guess that's what happens when you can't make an easy INT or tackle with under 15 seconds to play. Quality Wins: Oklahoma(n), Mizzou, Oklahoma St.

4. Florida - They did not fall victim to the Degrees, and now thanks to the Hawkeyes they control their own destiny. Quality Wins: LSU, UGA(n) Bad Loss: Ole Miss

5. Oklahoma - Snoozer this past weekend, but this weekend is their chance to make the Big 12 title game. Quality Wins: TCU, Kansas, Nebraska

6. USC - Threw a massive celebration after the Penn St. loss, now all they really need is Mizzou to dominate the Big 12 title game.Quality Wins: Ohio State, Oregon, Cal Bad Loss: Oregon St.

7. Utah - TCU had the chance to secure the non-BCS conference BCS birth but could not hang on to their 4th quarter lead. The Utes now need to get past their mormon neighbors and they are in. Quality Wins: @Air Force, Oregon St., TCU

8. Penn St. - Yay, no Big 10 team in the BCS title game, unless the apocalypse happens again. Quality Wins: Oregon St., @Ohio St.

9. Boise St. - I shall include Boise St. even though their wins outside of Oregon are not very solid. Quality Wins: @Oregon

10. Georgia - Barely beat Kentucky this week end and perhaps are not for real. Quality Wins: South Carolina, Vandy, @LSU Bad Loss: Florida(n)

11. Oklahoma St. - A 40 year old man can not apparently cover the spread very well. Quality Wins: @Mizzou

Dropped Out: TCU

Noticeable Absences: Ohio St. will not be ranked in the power rankings at any point this year.

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