Uh When Did Oakland Start Trading *FOR* All Stars?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Matt Holliday is going to be a free agent after next year. His agent is high power devil Scott Boras so he shall be seeking a very very large contract and thus the Rockies wanted to get something for him before getting nothing. So they shopped the markets that can afford Holliday. They had discussions with the Phillies as a replacement for the Pat Burrell. They discussed a deal with the Cardinals for Ryan Ludwick. They gave the Yankees a phone call. But alas there was only one large market team that had the money and talent to acquire him.................


What the Hell is Going on in this Upside Down World? Every year the A's go out and trade one of their ace starters to get prospects, now they are trading their prospects to get an all star outfielder? The players Oakland is giving up hasn't been 100% revealed by any source but it will likely include any combination of Greg Smith, Huston Street and Carlos Gonzalez. No matter who they give up, this certainly strays from the typical Billie Beane move. And apparently it is not going to end their as according to Ken Rosenthal the A's are very interested on dropping loot on Rafael Furcal. Huh?

If this is any indication of what the MLB Offseason is going to be like then prepare for a very very entertaining few months of wheeling and dealing.

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