Another Example of Instant Replay Blowing Up

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's completely understandable when Refs make mistakes on play during the heat of the moment. Sometimes it's just impossible to see. Sometimes they can't get the right angle. Shit happens, people make mistakes but in the long run it balances out.

But when a ref makes mistake and overturns or upholds a replay incorrectly it's 100% completely unnacceptable and it happens way too many times. Yesterday, the Steelers Troy Polamalu on the final play of the game scored a touchdown. The desperate Chargers down 1 went into lateral mode and he knocked the 2nd lateral away picked it up and scampered into the end zone. It looked as if the Steelers would just have to come on and knock home the meaningless extra point to cap an 8 point victory, but instead the play was reviewed? Why was it reviewed? Who the fuck knows but it was reviewed. Then 5 minutes later the ref comes onto the field says that there was a penalty on the play for a forward lateral and that the touchdown did not count? Huh? The Chargers threw two laterals. LT threw his directly behind him, and Chambers (I think) threw his 2 yards behind him while falling down. Both were 100% obvious from every camera angle that they were backwards and legal and yet the call was overturned.

But who cares right? It didn't cost the Steelers the game, they still got the win, it's just Troy didn't get to pad his stats. Well, Vegas cared. Vegas cared a lot. 100$ million was bet on this game legally in Vegas. 66% of the bets were placed on the Steelers. The spread was 4 1/2 in favor of the Steelers. So by taking away the touchdown, which the NFL admitted later was a mistake, the Refs gave a 64$ million dollar swing to Vegas. Complete horse shit.

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