Enough With the Head to Head Garbage

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"WAAAAHHHH Texas beat Oklahoma how could you possibly rank Oklahoma ahead of Texas, WAAAAAHHH". That's essentially what I've heard on ESPN the entire past few days. Half the time the analysts follow up that saying with "I think Oklahoma is the better team today but you can't rank them ahead of Texas. WAAAAHHHH" which makes zero sense at all.

Here's the main issue I have with every single one of the analysts that say you can't rank Oklahoma over Texas, you are contradicting yourself. Each of you says that Texas Tech should no longer be in consideration because they got the shit kicked out of them, which I guess I can be fine with, but then you somehow are able to manipulate that not in Oklahoma's favor. These three teams are all equal right now. They played each other they all have 1 win and 1 loss. Head to head does not mean anything. Texas > Oklahoma > Texas Tech > Texas > Oklahoma > Texas Tech ... it's a never ending loop. Your logic for ranking one over the other should immediately venture into a different realm than head to head.

Immediately you should focus on what big wins do they have. Right now big wins Texas has that Oklahoma does not, is Missouri and Oklahoma St. Meanwhile Oklahoma slaughtered TCU (10-2), Cincinnati (Big East Champs), and Nebraska. At the end of this weekend if the Sooners can knock off the Cowboys than the Sooners point of emphasis should be do you like wins against Nebraska (7-4), Cincy, TCU or Mizzou and Rice (8-3).

I'm not saying you can't vote for Texas, just please don't use Schlabach's methodology: "The Sooners would have four very impressive victories if they beat Oklahoma State. But the Longhorns would have the only victory that matters -- a win over the Sooners." Why not? Because you could simply reword that phrase to, "The Longhorns would have four very impressive victories because they beat Missouri. But the Red Raiders would have the only victory that matters -- a win over the Longhorns." It's a 3 way tie, not a 2 way tie, can you make some other logical argument please.

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