The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Championship games abound with a trip to the BCS title game on tap as well. A good way to finish off what has been a solid regular season of College Football.

5. Oklahoma Sooners vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers in Big 12 Title Game

The perennially thrilling battle between Big 12 South (Yankees) and the Big 12 North (Devil Rays). Making this matchup even less exciting than the typical Big 12 blowout, Adrian Peterson who was apparently "healthy" enough to play last weekend is not going to play this weekend either. Boo. The winner of this game goes from arguably the least exciting Championship game, atleast ACC has a Cinderella Story, right to the least attractive BCS game against Boise St. Not a banner year for the Big 12 conference. Anyway on to the matchup, eh I'll be honest I don't care. The Pick: Sooners by 10.

4. Wake Forest Demon Decons vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in ACC Title Game

Throw the ACC conference into the blender of conferences having a bad season. With FSU and Miami having terrible years the ACC was having it hard enough, then last weekend they lost all three SEC rivalry games and basically got kicked when they were already down. The one thing the ACC has going for them is the cinderella Wake Forest story and they should really hype that up as much as possible to generate some viewers to this game, because when you look at these two teams you think of one person Calvin Johnson, and unfortunately Reggie Ball doesn't know how to pass it to him anymore. In addition the chances of the winner of this game not getting lumped up in the BCS is minimal, atleast you guys dominated the ACC Big 10 Challenge for the 8th Consecutive year. The Pick: Wake does the improbable and wins the ACC BCS bid.

3. Rutgers Scarlet Knights vs. West Virginia Mountaineers in Morgantown

Now to a game that I will definitely be looking forward to watching, why? Because in the Big East they play no defense and I will be interested to see how WVU bounces back from their no show last weekend. Rutgers is playing for a trip to the BCS against the team everyone picked to be the Big East representative, where does Rutgers have the advantage, well rushing against West Virginia's small defensive front. Where does WVU have the advantage, blasting runs through the linebackers and outrunning the secondary. If you like gashing rushes, and tons of rush yardage along with a decently high score, this most likely will be your game. The Pick: Slaton rallies the troops WVU by 4.

2. Florida Gators vs. Arkansas Razorbacks in SEC Title Game

Everyone and their mother prior to last weeks loss to LSU was predicting a win for Arkansas in the SEC title game simply because Florida wasn't dominating teams on offense, but why. Here's what I was amazed about while watching the fight for the Golden Boot last weekend, the Razorbacks have absolutely no quarterback play, when you go 3-17 with an int in a game thats not a sign of a bad day that's a sign that you are a miserable quarterback. Really when watching the game all I could think of was damn they should just play the Wildcat formation all game and simply run that and other option plays similar to WVU. But they didn't and on the final drive they threw 4 pass plays, huh? Florida may not be dominant on offense but they are not one dimensional. The Pick: No QB = NO BCS, Gators by 7

1. Southern California Trojans vs. UCLA Bruins in the Rose Bowl

The most important game of the weekend falls between the rival LA schools. Pete Carroll is staring down another possible National Title and only the Bruins stands between him and Glendale and they typically Ole like a Matador. After last weeks dominant offensive performance against the Fighting Irish what would give anyone the logical notion that a much maligned Bruins defense would be able to slow down the Trojans in the slightest. Unfortunately for all Gator and Wolverine fans their path to the title game will be over come 7:30 saturday afternoon. The Pick: USC mauls the Crosstown Bruins.

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NFL Week 13 Pick Suggestions

And Thursday Night games are now in full force forcing me to make my weekly selections a day earlier. A lot of difficult games to breakdown and decipher this weekend, and of course this is the nfl so the bizarre is bound to happen.

5. New Orleans Saints (- 7 1/2) vs. San Fransisco 49ers

The 49ers have one of the worst ranked pass defenses and have given up a boatload of yardage this season, Drew Brees is on pace to finish just behind Dan Marino's single season yardage record seems like a recupe for disaster doesn't it. The Saints have played very well this season in the Superdome and a win here keeps their one game lead in the NFC South.

4. San Diego Chargers (-6 1/2) at Buffalo Bills

The Chargers struggled last week against the Raiders but it was a divisional rivalry game and the did end up with a W anyway. The Bills rush defense is one of the lowest ranked in the NFL and facing the best running back in the NFL that's a recipe for disaster. In addition could you honestly foresee JP Losman play three effective games in a row? I certainly can't.

3. Carolina Panthers (-3 1/2) at Philadelphia Eagles

The Panthers failed me last week, will they do it again. The Eagles looked terrible last week against the Colts and if the Panthers can't shut down the Eagles offense lead by Jeff Garcia I will be shocked and annoyed (Fantasy Defense). Eventually Jake Delhomme is going to have to saddle up spread the ball around the field and put up big offensive numbers.

2. St. Louis Rams (-6 1/2) vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Rams now can see a light towards the playoffs after their win last week and the recent struggles of the New York Giants. The Cardinals on the other hand are completely unable to stop an effective running game or running back. Steven Jackson is exactly that, a huge fast strong and talented running back who will abuse the Cardinals front seven at home.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars (+1 1/2) at Miami Dolphins

The whirlwind world of the Jacksonville Jaguars will move back to a high point this week in Miami. The Jaguars play well in Florida, desperately need a win to erase their loss last week and Buffalo and keep them in the AFC playoff hunt. Lose this week and their done. The Dolphins can only stay hot behind Joey Harrington for so long and with the loss of Ronnie Brown the Jaguars should be able to pressure Harrington and get him to perform more like the QB that all of the fans in Detroit loved for several years.

Cincinatti (-2 1/2) vs. Baltimore ... One Day Baltimore will struggle, tonight?
Indianapolis (-7 1/2) at Tennessee ... Vince can't continue the high
Minnesota (+9 1/2) at Chicago ... Close game cause both offenses stink
New York Jets (+1 1/2) at Green Bay ... Jets defense es en fuego
Cleveland (+5 1/2) vs. Kansas City ... Romeo keeps the Browns in it this week
Atlanta (+1 1/2) at Washington ... Vick showing up? Ugh...
New England (-13 1/2) vs. Detroit ... Detroit continues track to Brady Quinn
Houston (+3 1/2) at Oakland ... What a thriller, I'll be tuned in.
Tampa Bay (+8 1/2) at Pittsburgh ... Takin the points
Dallas (-3 1/2) at New York Giants ... Looks easy, but stay away.
Denver (-3 1/2) vs. Seattle .. In Cutler we trust

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Michael Strahan I Said It But Its Your Fault

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Michael Strahan this week on his weekly segment on WFAN, a segment he apparently gets paid for, completely threw Plaxico Burress under the bus, saying that he quit on the team and that he doesn't understand what his motivation is, etc. It was obviously a comment out of frustration and he was most likely just honestly answering a question which in most cases leads to problems. Today was one of those days.

At first Strahan was approached to talk about his statement from yesterday but he refused to comment on the previous comment saying that he doesn't talk to the media until thursday. Then the ESPN reporter decided to bring the comment directly to Plaxico Burress and read the quote verbatim to him. This lead Plaxico to sit there in almost complete shock as it was the first time he heard the statement. His replies were the typical things like that's unfortunate that he feels that way, I'm not going to talk about another player on my team, he should say it to me, etc.

Then when interviewed later today Michael Strahan said that his quote is just being portrayed as negative. Michael continued his tirade and with all of his statements he was attempting to alleviate all of the blame from himself and place it on the media saying that the media was trying to divide the locker room. He then went into a rant about how the media is always negative and told them that he doesn't give bleep and he knows garbage when he reads it.

Simply put, you have to live with your words Michael. You said it, then when approached you could have nipped it in the butt and clarified your statements, instead the reporter made the easy decision and brought it to Plaxico to create a bigger story.

And the Giants Avalanche picks up extra steam.

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NFC Playoff Breakdown

With only 5 weeks remaining and some inexcusable losses coming in week 12 who's still got a chance and how will the Playoff Spots Breakdown in the NFC.

Cruisin Towards a Bye

Chicago Bears

Likely Spot: NFC North Champs #1 seed

Despite the loss against the Pats this weekend the Bears will need a collapse down the stretch to yield the number 1 spot in the NFC to any of its competetion. After the Bears went 2-1 on their difficult Northeast Road Trip the Bears should cruise to the seasonal finish line while hopefully improving Rex Grossman's decision making and production.

Remaining Schedule: Minn, @Stl, TB, @Det, GB

Fighting for a Bye

Dallas Cowboys

Likely Spot: NFC East Champs #2 or #3 seed

The Cowboys are currently playing like the best team in the NFC East but as we have seen with other teams, aka Giants Bears, its not that difficult to fall off the perch. A loss to the Giants gives the Cowboys a legitimate shot at losing the division as they would no longer control their own destiny. A win and they have a 2 game lead and will be battling the remainder of the season to take a bye week away from the Seahawks or Saints.

Remaining Schedule: @NYG, NO, @ATL, PHI, DET

Seattle Seahawks

Likely Spot: NFC West Champs #2 or #3 seed

The Seahawks have snuck under the raider to a 7-4 record and have 3 remaining games on their schedule that would be shocking if they lost. If they could ever beat a newly QBed Denver Broncos team this week they could easily set themselves up with a Bye week and the ever important playoff game at Qwest field. It's really amazing that a team that lost their QB and RB for an extensive period of time, combined with terrible rush defense for the majority of the season is in a position to go 11-5 for the season. A solid coaching job by big Mike.

Remaining Schedule: @DEN, @ARI, SF, SD, @TB

NFC South Battle

New Orleans Saints

Likely Spot: NFC South Winner #4 Seed or Wildcard #5

The feel good story of the year and the best offense of the season comes down the stretch with a one game lead over the rival Panthers with three very difficult games remaining on their five game schedule. If they can get past San Francisco and Washington, both at home, and all signs point to yes, than they will need to win atleast one of those difficult games preferably against the Panthers. How exciting would a last week of the season battle for the South title in the Superdome be?

Remaining Schedule: SF, @DAL, WAS, @NYG, CAR

Carolina Panthers

Likely Spot: NFC South Winner #4 Seed or Wildcard #5

Last weeks loss to the Redskins was both very confusing and unexcusable. A week after shutting out the Rams completely they head to Washington and give up a game winning drive to Jason Campbell? Huh? Also with Steve Smith and Keyshawn on offense shouldn't this team be putting up more points than 13 every week? That last week of the season in the Superdome they could be tied but they will need to find an offensive grove to beat the Saints who haven't been stopped by anyone other than themselves when they committ foolish turnovers.

Remaining Schedule: @PHI, NYG, PIT, @ATL, @NO

Attempting to Endure the Storm

New York Giants

Likely Spot: Wildcard #6 Seed

As I said yesterday the Giants have many issues but they still are in the driver's seat despite all of their problems to gain a wildcard spot. First no matter if they lose this week they will still be at the worst tied for the final wild card spot, with the tiebreaker. See the Giants lost 3 of their games to the AFC meaning their conference record, aka the tie-breaker following head to head, is better than every 5-6 team. The Giants just might be able to go 8-8 and still make the playoffs, in fact I think that is a distinct possibility, as when you look at the 5-6 teams schedules all seemingly have 2 losses on their schedule.

Remaining Schedule: DAL, @CAR, PHI, NO, @WAS

The 5-6 Brigade

St. Louis Rams

Likely Spot: Tied with the G-Men, Tiebreakered Out

The Rams have the best path of all the 5-6 teams. They play three games against teams that are far out of the playoffs, play their one very difficutly game at home in their dome, and by the time they face the Vikings in the final game of the season they could be completely out. In addition that game is also played in a dome, not a huge disadvantage for the Rams. With that being said, I do not foresee the Rams having a chance and winning their final 5 games, and would find it difficult to foresee them winning four games simply due to their inconsistancy this season and the lost focus on getting Tory Holt the ball. They'll probably end up with the same record as the G-Men but get axed due to a tiebreaker.

Remaining Schedule: ARI, CHI, @OAK, WAS, @MIN

Minnesota Vikings

Likely Spot: On the Fringe, but just out of the postseason

And the key game for the Vikings is this weekend at Soldier Field, win it and they could move into a tie with the G-Men or the Panthers for the final wildcard spot and sit with a relatively easy remaining schedule to possibly go 9-7. Lose it and then they sit needing to win their final four games and they just do not appear to be a consistant enough offensive team to win four games in a row weak schedule or not.

Remaining Schedule: @CHI, @DET, NYJ, @GB, @STL

San Francisco 49ers

Likely Spot: Overachieved in 06, but not to the playoffs

The 49ers have had a fantastic season given the expectations and have made enough progress to think that they in fact won't always be a doormat in the NFC West. This season however, they really have no chance at the playoffs with three deadly road games and the need to go 4-1 down the stretch run. If those three road games against 7-4 squads were played in San Fran I would give them a remote shot, but they aren't going to win in Seattle or Denver at the end of the season when both will need games to improve their postseason positioning.

Remaining Schedule: @NO, GB, @SEA, ARI, @DEN

Philadelphia Eagles

Likely Spot: Far, Far Away from the Playoffs

The Eagles only hope for surviving the Donovan McNabb injury was for their defense to stop up and start playing big. Well the sign from Sunday night was that they're terrible. They single handedly put Joseph Addai in the rookie of the year debate, and now have a huge game against the Panthers if they want any shot of making the playoffs. They hold no tie-breaker over the Giants and if you think they will win their last 4 games with Jeff Garcia at the helm, you are a dillusional person.

Remaining Schedule: CAR, @WAS, @NYG, @DAL, ATL

Atlanta Falcons

Likely Spot: Jim Mora Fired

This team just might implode coming down the final five games of the season. There is obvious tension everywhere around this team from the Quarterback to the Coach, QB to every Wideout, QB to fans, Fans to Wideouts, nothing is stable on this team right now. They do have 5 winnable games, but they've already lost multiple winnable games in a row and Vick has to have lost all confidence in his receiver core after their laughable performance against the Saints. One more offseason contemplating whether Michael Vick can ever get it done at the quarterback position.

Remaining Schedule: @WAS, @TB, DAL, CAR, @PHI

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What's Wrong with the G-Men?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Giants three weeks ago were sitting at 6-2 with the division looking to be a formality, the Cowboys switching Qbs, the Eagles coming off a few bad losses, and the Redskins all but dead and buried. Three weeks and three losses later and the Giants are on the cusp of not making the players, so what in the world happened to the Giants.

Injury Bug

It all started with the season ending injury to LaVar Arrington and increased at an exponential rate. Soon following the Giants lost half of their starting defense including both ends Umenyiora and Strahan who were very much responsible for the Giants 2005 success and who were just beginning to garner a dominant 2006 pass rush. Soon after the defense passed the virus to the opposite side of the ball and reliable receiver Amani Toomer was lost for the year and followed by the loss at the all important left tackle position when Luke Petitgout was lossed for the remainder of the regular season. Its one thing to continue winning through a few injuries but when you suffer major injury after major injury to every position and especially the defensive and offensive fronts of course your team is going to struggle to win. You suffer 9, 10 injuries to your starters and you're not going to beat good teams like the Bears.


You can't question the effort levels of most players on the field but you can of one particular New York Giant, and his name is Plaxico Burress. Burress in back to back weeks gave up on passes down the field that were intercepted, if you're going to desire your quarterback to just throw it up so you can make plays, how can you possibly give up on the ball. Effort receivers and intelligent ones, break up the pass which was intercepted by Pac-Man this weekend and in both cases they make the tackle and do not allow for a big return. Plaxico on the other hand lolligags after the cornerback, gets pouty faced and brings down the team. He needs a kick in the ass.


The Giants have two offensive players in Plaxico and Shockey who want the ball at all costs and turn into pains in the ass when they do not get balls thrown their way. Sure everyone is happy when the offense is clicking on all cylinders but when they don't get first downs obviously one or both will not be getting balls, which leads to heads slumping down or bitching on the sidelines, can't be good for the teams psyche.

Finger Pointing

One way to tell a team that is going in the wrong direction is the team speak. After the loss to Jacksonville on Monday Night Tiki Barber came out and moaned that the coaching staff gave up on the run. Tiki you gained 27 yards on 10 carries, that's horrible. If you gain 2 yards on first down, how do you expect your team to get first downs, when you don't get first downs you can't run the ball. Look in the Mirror, Tiki points the finger at others way to much.

Tom Coughlin then gets upset at this of course as any coach would. And what does he do the following week, well of course he throws Eli Manning under the bus saying how stupid he was for making that pass in the 4th quarter and that it was inexcusable. You know what was inexcusable Tom, you losing your cool and flipping out at Kiwanuka after his bonehead play when the Titans still had 57 yards to drive in order to just tie the game. Quite hypocritical there Tommy.

Team Leadership and Coaching

Obviously Eli Manning does not have the greatest leadership skills for this team. His receivers abuse him on the sideline when they don't get the ball and he doesn't seem to have the personality to confront them on the sideline and get them to shut up.

Coughlin has seemingly lost the discipline of his team further exploiting the attitude problems of Shockey and Burress. Furthermore he loses his cool during the game and seemingly panics on the sideline which certainly can't give the Giants players a sense of confidence. And if there is something that Eli appears to be lacking more than anything its confidence on his throws. Coughlin currently is doing a terrible job and his coaching in the 4th quarter on sunday was atrocious.

Personally, I believe he underutilizes Brandon Jacobs who is as fast as anyone on the field a bigger than any linebacker, he should get a minimum of ten carries a game.

Eli Manning's Accuracy

The first half of the season Manning appeared to have turned the corner and was completing passes at an almost 60% clip, the lst three games, quite the opposite. His turnovers are up and he is beginning to float balls high much like he did in his struggles of the past. In order for the Giants to click, his accuracy needs to return. This corals the attitudes of Burress and Shockey, helps move the chains and get Tiki rushing attempts so he has no excuses and puts points on the boards.

The Fix All

So what could possibly be the Fix All to the Giants woes, and get Giant fans back on the bandwagon. Simply enough all they have to do is beat the hottest team in the league, the Cowboys, at home this week. They do that and they move back into first place in the East, firmly establish a footing in the Wild Card standings and get back on the right track. In order to do that they need Eli to play very well, and they need to slow down the immortal Tony Romo, two tasks that seem improbable as we stand now, but eventually both are going to happen. One thing to their benefit it looks as if a few injured players including Osi will be back this weekend.

The Saving Grace

So even if they lose this weekend what do the Giants have working in their favor, well the NFC is absolutely terrible. Even at 6-6 they would still be positioned at no worst than tied for the final wild card spot in the NFC, with teams the likes of Minnesota, San Fran, Atlanta or St. Louis, not exactly world beaters. If the Giants can get their roster back to somewhat healthy and can get atleast one win in the upcoming two weeks, they should have no problem sneaking into the playoffs.

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NFL Week 12 Awards

Week 12 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: Atlanta Falcons Pass Offense, I watched much of this game as the Jet game was mostly out of hand in the second half and while Michael Vick was running wild it was blatantly obvious that the problems in the passing attack are two fold. First Vick is not the best passer in the world, he never throws touch passes and his accuracy is often suspect. That being said he is the least of their passing problems, their receivers simply can't catch. Jenkins dropped a big time ball which hit him directly in both hands. Roddy White dropped a deep ball which he was camped under like a punt return. Matt Millen gets destroyed for drafting two terrible receivers in the first round, wheres the heat on Rich McKay and the rest of the Falcons front office. Runners Up: Pittsburgh Steelers thanks for defending your Super Bowl title with such vigor, Cleveland Browns way to give the home fans a nice show by the way the Bengals defense is terrible just in case you guys were not informed.

Cough Cough Cough: New York Giants, If you were going to define choking a game away could you possibly script it better than throwing away a 21 point lead against a below average team with an anemic offense led by a rookie QB. Every single play from the terrible penalty, to the failed sack to 3 and outs to Eli's int, it was the perfect choke job. Runners Up: Eagles rush defense turned Joseph Addai into a rookie of the year candidate, Rex Grossman turnover machine.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Eli Manning, What is going through this kids brain. Looking at replay after replay of that pass at the end of the game there was no chance he was going to thread that ball over Pac-Man's head for a reception and yet he made the throw anyway and his team suffered the consequences. Runner Up: Jake Plummer threw away his job and the game on the Thursday Night Game that no one saw, Randy Moss's mouth and attitude have eliminated him from the offense.

The Shocker: Tennessee Titans, Pulling off back to back shockers, maybe the Titans aren't that bad. Check that they are still a bad team. If you watched any of the first three quarters of this game there was zero sign that the Titans would throw a single punch in the fight and some how in the final round they pulled off a knockout. Runners Up: Pittsburgh has essentially been eliminated from the playoffs by week 12 who saw that coming, Redskins knocking off the Panthers behind Jason Campbell.

The Pimp: Tony Romo, Romo fiested on the Bucs on Turkey Day and put every fantasy owner who was lucky enough to start him in the driver seat before the weekend even started. Does Romo ever stop smiling, have you seen this guy on the sidelines or during an interview, he pretty much has a perma smile its a bit ridiculous. Runners Up: Joseph Addai had his breakout game of his career with 4 tds and 170+ yards, LaDainian makes his weekly pimp stop as he is responsible for all three Charger touchdowns.

You Got JAKKED UP: Three Day Old Cheeseburger, I bet his head was spinning after this hit which completely lifted him in the air. It certainly added to what was a miserable day for Cheeseburger and his boys.

My Fantasy MVP: Steven Jackson, Big Boy was dominated the ball for the Rams and helped them and me get a victory by putting up 100+ rushing yards 70+ recieving yards and a td.

New York Jets MVP: Mike Nugent, Nugent was a stud in the first half of the game and showed for really the first time the flashes that made him a 2nd round draft pick. In addition to the 54 yard field goal he made a tackle on a long kick off return.

My Picks

My Picks: 10-6
Preseason Picks: 12-4
Picks Vs. Spread: 10-6

Movin in the correct direction again, still quite odd how succesful my preseason picks were this week considering I made them in September.

Week 12 Extra Quick Notes

~This week all of the negative awards could easily have gone to the Giants if I so decided, they were that bad in the 4th quarter.

~Everyone is going to get on Mathias Kiwanuka for stopping on the tackle of Vince Young but honestly I understand why he did it. If you have watched much of the NFL season, and as I have complained about prior, they are getting ludicrous with the roughing the Quarterback penalties. Just watch highlights of the monday night game and the penalty called on the Seahawks final td drive, incredibly lame. If you watch the Kiwanuka replay you see immediately after he let go he turned to see where the "pass" that he thought was thrown went. He let go because he knew if he brought Young down, he would have received one of those lame Roughing the QB penalties and the drive would have continued, unfortunately for him Young held onto the ball over his Kiwanuka's head, out of his line of sight. And the embarrassment pursued. I blame the NFL.

~Tom Coughlin is always emotional which isn't typically a bad thing, but it is when that emotion is panic. And nobody panic's more on the sideline than Tom Coughlin at the end of a game going in the wrong direction.

~Coughlin was upset about Tiki calling him out last week and what does Coughlin do in his press conference following the loss, throw the blame down on Eli. A Little Hypocritical.

~Speaking of Lame penalties the only reason the Bears moved the ball on the Patriots and scored a touchdown was two very questionable pass interference calls and another phantom defensive holding penalties. While I agreed with the second which led to a field goal, the first pass interference as well as the holding penalty two plays later were just terrible, the defensive back had perfect coverage. Gotta love the Contactless NFL.

~The Plummer miserable season was unavoidable, I knew it on draft day. You have a quarterback coming off his best season, when he typically isn't the most steady guy on the planet and you draft a quarterback in the first round and even trade up to get him. That had to crush his confidence and make him try even harder to make the big play, which turned him back into Jake the Mistake. I think that draft pick sabotaged their season, it may benefit them in the future but it was a pitfall in 06.

~I hate when they declare it a leg injury or arm injury, for instance Junior Seau blatantly broke his arm in half, just say his arm is broken, why declare it an arm injury the next day. Whats wrong with a little detail.

~I will miss the Vanderweenie Cowboy era as it led to so many of my favorite Bill Parcells bitter and angry scowls.

~Watching Jerricho Cotchery this season makes me wonder why the guy never got any playing time in the Herm era. He did break almost all of Tory Holt's NC State receiving records, so what if he isn't lighting fast, he's tough as nails and comes down with almost every ball. Shouldn't we value hands and the ability to make a tough catch more than speed. Watch the Falcons if you disagree.

~And the Jaguars continue to boggle the mind of anyone attempting to figure out how good they are.

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BCS Game Selection Breakdown

Monday, November 27, 2006

For those of you that do not know the rules of the BCS, here you go. I'd prefer not rewrite something that's already written.

Team Scenarios

Automatic Qualifications

Ohio St. - National Title Game, no questions asked.
USC - Already Qualified for the Rose Bowl as Pac 10 Champions, a win versus UCLA will send them to the National Title Game.
Boise St. - Currently ranked #8 in the BCS, must fall to #13 to lose the Auto-Qualification, this will not happen and thus are BCS bound.
Arkansas - Defeat Florida on Saturday to clinch SEC Title and bid.
Florida - Defeat Arkansas on Saturday to clinch SEC Title and bid.
Nebraska - Defeat Oklahoma on Saturday to clinch Big 12 Title and bid.
Oklahoma - Defeat Nebraska on Saturday to clinch Big 12 Title and bid.
Wake Forest - Defeat Georgia Tech on Saturday to clinch ACC Title and bid.
Georgia Tech - Defeat Wake Forest on Saturday to clinch ACC Title and bid.
Rutgers - Defeat West Virginia on Saturday to clinch Big East Title and bid.
Louisville - Defeat of Uconn combined with Rutgers loss to clinch Big East Title and bid.
Michigan - Automatically Qualifies for finishing season at either #3 or #4 in the BCS.
Notre Dame - Automatically Qualifies if they finish #8 or better, could happen with Louisville and Arkansas losses.

At Large Hopefuls

In order to be an At-Large Selection a team must finish in the Top 14 of the Final BCS standings. In addition only two teams from a given conference may play in the BCS games. When Breaking it down there are only a few teams remaining which will be options for the two At Large Selections.

Notre Dame - Assuming they do not move to the #8 spot in the BCS Notre Dame will be an attractive option for money loving BCS execs.
LSU - Currently Ranked #5 in the BCS, strong candidate for At Large Selection.
Florida - A loss versus Arkansas in the SEC Title Game moves Florida to an At Large possibility.
Louisville - A Rutgers Win would move the Cardinals to At Large Hopefuls.

Rose Bowl

The Rose Bowl will have the first selection of teams to choose from the Auto-Qualifiers and At Large Teams as a result of losing the Buckeyes to the Title Game. In addition if the Trojans defeat UCLA on saturday and qualify for the National Championship game then the Rose Bowl garners the first two selections. Else, if the Trojans lose they play in the Rose Bowl and perhaps Michigan plays in the title game.

Matchup #1: Michigan vs. Notre Dame
Matchup #2: Michigan vs. LSU
Matchup #3: Southern Cal vs. LSU
Matchup #4: Southern Cal vs. Michigan
Matchup #5: Southern Cal vs. Notre Dame

Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl gets to pick right after the Rose Bowl Regardless of who gets to the National Title game. In the faint chance that Florida moves on to the National Championship game the Sugar Bowl would get two selections after the Rose Bowl predictably replaced Ohio St. with Michigan.

Matchup #1: Florida vs. Louisville
Matchup #2: Florida vs. Notre Dame
Matchup #3: Arkansas vs. Louisville
Matchup #4: Arkansas vs. Notre Dame
Matchup #5: Florida vs. Rutgers
Matchup #6: Arkansas vs. Rutgers

Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl gets the automatic selection of the ACC team and then will fill their void with a single at large pick or the Big East Champion depending on how the cookie crumbles from the Rose and the Sugar's choices. Everything falls into place based on whether the Rose takes ND, if not the Sugar will most certainly select them leaving the Orange to decide between the Big East Champ or Boise St. More than likely though the Big East Champ will wind up in the Sugar and LSU will fall into the Orange Bowls lap. However, if this scenerio unfolds and Florida loses the SEC title game its a distinct possibility that the Orange Bowl committee goes with the home state squad as their At Large Selection.

Matchup #1: Georgia Tech vs. LSU
Matchup #2: Wake Forest vs. LSU
Matchup #3: Georgia Tech vs. Florida
Matchup #4: Wake Forest vs. Florida
Matchup #5: Georgia Tech vs. Louisville
Matchup #6: Wake Forest vs. Louisville
Matchup #7: Georgia Tech vs. Rutgers
Matchup #8: Wake Forest vs. Rutgers

Fiesta Bowl

First the Winner of the Big 12 matchup on saturday between Nebraska and Oklahoma gets the automatic bid to the Fiesta Bowl. Next the Fiesta Bowl has the last selection for an at-large or automatic qualifier. Due to the the physical location of Boise in addition to its status as a National program Boise is almost guaranteed to play the Big 12 winner in the Fiesta Bowl.

Matchup #1: Oklahoma vs. Boise St.
Matchup #2: Nebraska vs. Boise St.

National Championship Game

And the biggest of them all the National Championship game where Ohio St. awaits for one more week who they will play in the National Title Game. All eyes in Columbus will be on Southern Cal's game where if they win they obviously will be sent to Glendale. A loss there and that opens up the door for Michigan with a possibility of Florida jumping into the equation with a big win over Arkansas.

Matchup #1: Ohio St. vs. Southern Cal
Matchup #2: Ohio St. vs. Michigan
Matchup #3: Ohio St. vs. Florida

Personal Opinion

Personally as a fan of the Michigan Wolverines and an overal fan of College Football I do not want to see a rematch of ND and Big Blue in the Rose Bowl I do not think it brings and exciting must see matchup and I think the resulting flow of bowl games is hurt by its selection. I believe that LSU vs. Michigan would be an exciting game as well as a possible Florida Notre Dame matchup in the Sugar Bowl. A Rutgers Wake Forest Matchup in the Orange Bowl could put to Cinderella's against each other which could turn into an intriguing watch, which would leave Oklahoma vs. Boise St. which I don't think will generate much excitement east of the Mississippi one way or the other.

Past Weeks Scenarios: 11/15, 11/24

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NCAA Week 13 Power Rankings

What a weekend of college football with upsets all around and massive shifting in the Power Rankings. A few teams make their debut in the top 11 and not surprising a new team moves into the poll position for the race to Glendale.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes - With all questions answered its time for Tressel to sit back and start watching some Southern California game film and start prepping his boys for a massive layoff.Quality Wins: Penn St., @Texas, Michigan

2. Southern Cal Trojans - My preseason National Champion pick moves on to one rivalry game away from Glendale. The Trojans moved the ball at will on Notre Dame again showing Notre Dame's biggest weakness, a lack of depth and skill in the secondary. In additon the Trojans played better defense than their title game team last year and are looking like the legit 2nd best team in the Nation, unfortunate for Wolverine fans like myself but true. Quality Wins: Nebraska, @Arkansas, Oregon, Cal, ND Bad Loss: Oregon St.

3. Michigan Wolverines - The Wolverines couldn't get what they needed from USC and honestly the weekend could not have broken worse for Big Blue. With USC soundly defeating Notre Dame they moved comfortably in front of Michigan, in addition the SEC conference had a big weekend winning all three rivalry games over their stateside ACC opponents so even though Florida yet again failed to accumulate style points the SEC finally backed up their best conference hype machine. Quality Wins: Wisconsin, @ND, @Penn St.

4. Florida Gators - Those who expected the Gators to run up the scoreboard against the Seminoles were let down. Unfortunately the Gators are a big play team and not one who puts together methodical drives. The Gators got their couple of big plays and that was enough for them to carry through the big in state rival. While they didn't get that signature blowout victory, they still have a bigger case that the SEC is the best conference after their win as well as South Carolina and Georgia's wins over top ACC teams. Quality Wins: @Rocky Top, LSU, South Carolina

5. Louisville Cardinals - The Cardinals had a good weekend for their at large hopes with the Hurricanes coming through with a big conference win and USF pulling off a major upset at West Virginia. While I still think they will get into the BCS auto-style via a loss by Rutgers in Mountain country, their case for getting that one bid over the Bayou Bengals was held in parallel even with LSU showdown win by the Cardinals big win and the wins just noted by previously defeated teams. Quality Wins: Miami, WVU, @Kansas St., South Florida

6. Louisiana State Tigers - A little proof to go along with the hype for the Bayou Bengals. If only the Bengals had a win better than the Arizona Wildcats out of conference. I think they'll get the BCS bid anyway, however they have to hope the Gators win on saturday else that will create an interesting scenario for the BCS games to choose which secondary SEC teams they would like for an at large selection between the two. Once again congrats to Les Miles, former Michigan Man, on his big win.Quality Wins: @Tennessee, @Arkansas

7. Arkansas Razorbacks: McFadden is the real deal but honestly how good could a team be when they are completely without production at the quarterback position. 3-19 with an INT for Casey Dick? Why even play the pass, the only reason they were effective was the motion in the Wildcat formation. Right now, I think I've changed my mind about who will win the SEC title game. McFadden is special and Felix Jones is very good, but Florida's got a very good defense and facing a one dimensional offense, I just don't see them getting gashed as badly as the Bayou Bengals did this weekend. Quality Wins: @Auburn, @South Carolina, Tennessee Bad Loss: USC

8. Wisconsin Badgers - Man I wish Wisconsin played a single out of conference game of note or played Ohio St. I have a feeling that I might be overrating them simply because their only loss was a strong showing against the Wolverines. We'll see how good Wisconsin really is when they play in the Capital One Bowl against the leftover third SEC squad.Quality Wins: Penn St., @Purdue

9. Boise St. Broncos - Alright I finally succumbed to putting the Broncos in the top 11. Why, well Oregon St. is apparently the 3rd best team in the Pac 10 and they absolutely thumped them on the Smurf turf and apparently the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii are a ligit team as they beat the Boilermakers at home this weekend. In addition you had to like how well they dealt with the massive amounts of pressure this weekend against Nevada in clinching a trip to the BCS. Go Smurf Turf, I'm so excited to see your matchup against the Sooners.Quality Wins: Oklahoma, @Nebraska

10. Auburn Tigers - The Tigers remain stationary after their idle week and their season concluded. Unfortunately for them the Razorbacks lost to the Bayou Bengals decreasing the likelihood that the Tigers will play in the Capital One Bowl against Wisconsin. A loss by the Razorbacks to the Gators and that remains a possibility else they'll have to settle for a showdown against Joe Pa and the Nittany Lions in the Outback Bowl. Quality Wins: Florida, LSU Bad Loss: Georgia

11. Notre Dame Fighting Irish - It's certainly obvious that when Charlie Weis finishes up his recruiting trail in the coming months that he better focus highly on athletes who can play corner and safety. Its been the Irish's biggest flaw during his tenure and in all the games that they have lost they have given up a ton of points. The Irish hold on because really no one out of the top 11 would have faired any better against the Wolverines and the Trojans this season. Quality Wins: Penn St., @GaTech Bad Loss: Michigan

Dropped Out: Texas Longhorns picking up L #3, Georgia Tech falling yet again to cross state rival Georgia.

Bubble Teams: VaTech, Oklahoma, Rutgers

Past Power Rankings: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


~I don't want to hear whining from either Florida or Michigan fans or staff if the Trojans win this week and head to the BCS Title game. Simple reason, the Trojans went out and set up the best out of conference schedule in the Nation. Pete Carroll obviously does not shy away from big games, and ended up beating a top 10 team and two teams going to their respective conference title games. The Gators beat a terrible FSU squad and Michigan beat only ND. Florida plays in the best conference and Michigan lost by 3 to the best team, but boys thats not enough, play good teams out of conference, stop playing terrible MAC teams to start the season and a 1-AA team to conclude the season. No whining.

~Best game of the weekend hands down was the Rivalry matchup in Death Valley vs. Clemson and South Carolina. A ton of momentum swings, an INT to the house, a Leon Lett fumble play, Tommy Bowden turning into Herm Edwards clock management guy, and a missed buzzer beater field goal. Great, Great Game.

~Sportscenter needs a college jakked up segment, I saw some huge hits this weekend that I would very much like to see from every angle.

~Speaking of crushed, Colt McCoy could not have felt good after the one cheap shot and the other big hit in the closing minutes.

~VaTech is the best team in the ACC. They had two big time slip ups, but right now they are the best team in the conference and will give a good matchup in the Peach Bowl.

~The Firing Squad was out Amato, Coker, Koetter, Shula... there will be more.

~Slaton fumbles too much, WVU should not have lossed that game and killed their BCS hopes.

~I hope Peterson plays in the Big 12 title game, then I may think about watching it.

~Congrats to Wake, who saw that coming, I hope they can beat Tech to head to the Orange Bowl.

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BCS Title Game Scenarios

Friday, November 24, 2006

Congrats to the Buckeyes for clinching their spot in Glendale on January 8th, now with 2 weeks remaining only a handful of teams have any shot of playing the Buckeyes.

Last week Rutgers, Wake Forest, and West Virginia had very remote shots but with the close loss by Michigan and the losses of Rutgers and Wake Forest all have been eliminated from contention.

1. Southern California Trojans - The Trojans continue to control their destiny, their victory over Cal was highly impressive and barring some very weird situation the Trojans should jump the Wolverines with two more wins. Southern Cal will be and should be rewarded for playing ND, Arkansas and Nebraska as out of conference games.

Scenario #1: Win Remainder of Games without any controversy.

Scenario #2: Win Remainder of Games Period combined with Florida not defeating Arkansas and Florida St. by about 40+ in each game.

2. Michigan Wolverines - Very disheartening loss for any Michigan fan but there is still light at the end of the tunnel. With a few things falling into place the Wolverines could find themselves in Glendale anyway especially with their strong computer ranking. Notre Dame defeating the Trojans vastly improves Michigan chances to head to Glendale, so Brady Quinn jersey in Ann Arbor are at an all time high demand.

Scenario #1: USC loses to Notre Dame, Florida or Arkansas do not dominate their remaining games.

Scenario #2: USC loses to UCLA, Arkansas loses to LSU or Florida loses to Florida St. diminishing the SEC Title Game.

Scenario #3: USC loses to UCLA both Arkansas and Florida lose

3. Florida Gators - Florida would really have had a much better shot at the title game had they played a decent opponent outside of the conference. Sure they got unlucky with how bad FSU is this season, but scheduling Western Carolina any season is unacceptable and that is why they are behind the Trojans in every part of the BCS. Schedule Western Carolina in September and people will slightly overlook it, schedule them on the same week as Michigan vs. OSU and Cal vs. USC and people are going to ridicule you, simple as that. With that being said the Gators do not control their own destiny, and need to play really well down the stretch to get to Glendale. If Arkansas loses to LSU then that will highly diminish their matchup for the SEC Title and put them in a tough bind. In addition if ND beats USC it will put Michigan's computer ranking a flatlined 2 and will require Florida to have a significant edge in both polls. Difficult tasks for the Gators.

Scenario #1: Win Remaining Games in Dominating Fashion including a 1 loss Arkansas combined with a loss by USC preferably to UCLA.

Scenario #2: Win Remaining Games including a 1 loss Arkansas combined with a Southern Cal domination over ND than loss against UCLA.

Scenario #3: Win Remaining Games in Dominating Fashion including Southern Cal domination over ND than a loss to UCLA.

4. Arkansas Razorbacks - The Razorbacks need to win convincingly to have any chance to head to Glendale. They'll find it difficult to move ahead of Michigan in the computer rankings no matter how the final games fall and thus need to jump them in the Harris and Coaches poll. In addition they desperately need Florida to beat Florida St. the more convincing the better. A USC victory over ND and then loss to UCLA would bew the best case scenario as it would decrease Michigan's computer ranking as well as give USC the much needed loss.

Scenario #1: Dominating Wins over LSU and Florida Combined with USC loss preferably to UCLA.

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish - The Irish's only shot is to beat the Trojans convincingly and then convince voters around the country to place them ahead of the Wolverines and any of the SEC teams with 1 losss. Obviously if the SEC teams lose that increases their shot but still their big hurdle is jumping Michigan. And their win over SOuthern Cal would only solidify Michigan's computer ranking.

Scenario #1: Losses by Florida, Arkansas combined with a blowout victory over USC.

Scenario #2: Beat the Trojans by about 50 and much politicing that ND is better than either SEC team and much improved since the Michigan game.

Other Weeks Scenarios: 11/15, 11/27

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The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

Has there ever been a time in the past decade where the Florida Florida St. game was the 5th biggest game of the weekend? Well you certainly can argue this weekend whether the Seminoles even merit consideration for the Big 5 but because of the National Title implications which rest on the Gators shoulders it sneaks in to the last spot behind 4 big time BCS implication games.

5. Florida Gators vs. Florida State Seminoles in Tallahassee

Miami won last night versus a ranked team to secure a trip to a bowl game. Can Florida St. possibly follow up and do the same? Well Boston College is certainly no Florida Gators. SO the answer to that question is a big time no. While I don't expect Florida to run away with it, when have they lately run away with anything (WCU doesn't count), I expect them to win without much stress. The Pick: Gators by 10.

4. Boise St. Broncos vs. Nevada Wolf Pack in Reno

Call Reno 911, there's a big time sports event in the little big town. Boise St. wins and their going to in all likelihood the fiesta bowl. Lose and they'll probably end up playing on the lame Smurf Turf for about the 12th straight year. Nevada has won 5 games in a row and in impressive fashion as well and could be the Broncos biggest test of the season. Ian Johnson is still a questionmark for this game and it will be important that he plays else, they might wave goodbye to the BCS. The Pick: Nevada pulls a late field goal win and spoils the Broncos chances much to the delight of all the big conferences.

3. Texas A&M Aggies vs. Texas Longhorns in Austin

Sooner fans will be all eyes on ABC come noon and hoping that the Fat Back, Javorskie Lane, will run all over the Longhorns defense and pull an upset in Austin. The Longhorns need to be victorious in this game in order to move onto the Big 12 title and have any shot on the much coveted BCS. A loss and they'll most likely be picking Cotton. A&M currently is undefeated on the road this season, which is shocking for a team with 3 losses on the season but Austin is a different ball game. The Longhorns still have more skill players and more talent all around and come noon they will outplay the Aggies in another interesting Friday Showdown.The Pick: Longhorns by a bakers dozen.

2. Lousiana State Tigers vs. Arkansas Razorbacks in Fayetteville

Enough of all this talk about how good the Bayou Bengals are this season. I want to see a little proof in the pudding. They have won good win this season against Tennessee and that was when Tennessee was on its free falll without Erik Ainge. I don't see anything that they've done that warrants the #9 seed in the polls. Now with that being said this is a massively important game for both schools. If Arkansas wins they obviously have an outside shot at the title game if USC could lose a game. But more importantly a win over LSU could get them an at large BCS bid even if they fall to Florida in the SEC Title game. Same with LSU, if they beat Arkansas in Fayetteville they could become a very attractive at large teams for the BCS bowls to look at. Especially a bowl like the Orange in the Southeast, where the Bengal fans would travel well too. The Pick: LSU puts points on the board concentrates on stopping McFadden and gets that impressive win I've been wanting to see from them all season.

1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Southern Cal Trojans in LA

Here's the obvious, Southern Cal wins, and wins by any convincing margin and they shoot ahead of Michigan in the polls and the computers and they go into their rivalry game versus UCLA in the driver's seat with the car pointing the Glendale. Notre Dame on the other hand most likely does not have that opportunity to jump into the #2 spot but I believe that this game is just as important for ND for another reason. Pride and proof. Notre Dame should have won last years contest in South Bend, this is Brady Quinn's last regular season start his last big game against a rival he desperately wants to knock off USC once in his career. The Proof end is simple, beating USC in LA would be the biggest win of the Charlie Weis era and would prove that Notre Dame isn't just a team that beats everyone they should but struggles against those with more talent. Should be an interesting game and I'm looking forward to the outcome. The Pick: USC fights there way to one more win from Glendale.

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Joe Cowley is a Joke

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

As I said yesterday and in my award picks I did not think Morneau deserved the MVP and I thought Derek Jeter did. Well listening to the major culprit Joe Cowley, of the Chicago Sun Times, the man who voted Jeter 6th, speaking on the radio it is blatantly obvious that this man is an idiot and does not deserve a vote.

First I can see how you can look at the statistics and see all of Morneau's RBIs and HRs and average for a team that did not have overpowering offense statistics and vote him first I have no problem with that. I think they're wrong but I'm not gonna call a guy a complete idiot for voting Morneau first. Cowley however is an idiot for several reasons.

1) When asked by Stephen A. Smith how often he saw the Yankees play this season he responded with, how many times did they play the White Sox, 6. Ok so why exactly is a guy who watches the White Sox play everyday yet never watches another baseball game given the right to vote for something that would need a perspective of the whole league.

2) His sole logic for not voting for Jeter was the surrounding line up. Well just to inform him, Arod had a down year, Cano, Sheffield and Matsui missed significant amounts of time and the Yankees were routinely playing Aaron Guiel, Bubba Crosby, and other bums. People who were cut by other organizations. In addition to an unproven rookie Melky Cabrera. Take Jeter out of the lineup and there is a huge difference. Take him off the roster and you've lost tons of clubhouse leadership. Throw in the fact that he had by far the best numbers at Shortstop in the American League.

3) The phrase if you take Jermaine Dye off the White Sox they don't have much. Ludicrous, Konerko and Thome put up monster numbers this year.

4) Frank Thomas & David Ortiz? Ortiz had a great season but Jeter put the nail in Red Sox Coffin during their five game set. Frank Thomas was an above average DH this season and should not have been a thought of being placed ahead of Jeter who plays a valuable position on the field and puts up just as good numbers.

5) He refused to vote for Joe Mauer. The best catcher in all of baseball on a team he captained to having the best ERA and into the playoffs. Completely off the ballot. How? But he did vote for a different catcher...

6) He put AJ Pierzynski on his ballot. When asked why he included in his explanation the fact that he was traded in the package that gave the Twins Nathan, Bonser and Liriano. How does that have anything to do with whether or not he is the MVP of the American League. So if Soriano goes out and has a big time season it should improve Arod's candidacy because they were traded for each other? How about no.

7) This guy voted for Arod, he put Arod on his MVP ballot this year. He gave the same song and dance any player would be happy with Arod's stats. No players that want to win ballgames and want to get hits in a big spot wouldn't. You think David Ortiz would settle for Arod's stats or do you think he'd rather have his 10 walk off hits a year. In addition did he not know that Arod was in the top 3 in all of baseball in the following categories Errors, GIDP, Ks.

This ballot is why these votes lack credibility, he stated blatantly that he watched little to no Yankee games. While it didn't kill Jeter's MVP title its still plain stupid that this guy is allowed to have an opinion that matters. Revoke his vote.

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NFL Week 12 Pick Suggestions

Turkey Day throwing a wrench in when I have to write this article. Well hopefully nothing happens from today to friday which would have changed my decision. Anyway I think this week provides a few solid choices.

5. Carolina Panthers (-4 1/2) at Washington Redskins

Jason Campbell actually played pretty well in his first start, but their rushing game on the other hand was atrocious. Betts did nothing as a replacement for Clinton Po. The Panthers defense is starting to click on all cylinders and with Steve Smith the Panthers are one of the best teams in the NFC.

4. Cincinatti Bengals (-3 1/2) at Cleveland Browns

Ocho Cinco is back and the real reason for that is that Carson Palmer is throwing strikes once again and having fantastic performances week after week. The Browns are coming off a gut wrenching defeat to the Steelers and will lose another one down the stretch to another division rival.

3. New England Patriots (-3 1/2) vs. Chicago Bears

The Pats have come up empty in their biggest game earlier in the season but against the best team in the NFC they will come out in full force. Watching the Bears last week against the Jets for the whole contest I was not overwhelmed by their offense nor their defense. Pennington was just that bad. Tom Brady will enjoy the nice grip he will get on the new field turf in the Razor and the Pats will knock off the Bears who are in the Northeast for the 3rd straight week.

2. Indianapolis Colts (-9 1/2) vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Colts are going to come out and dominate the Eagles from the get go, and every one is going to head to bed before the start of the 4th quarter. McNabb is the Eagles whole offense, Jeff Garcia won't be able to accomplish much against the Colts defense. In addition the Eagles don't have the power rushing game to attack the Colts biggest weakness. Peyton is going to go off.

1. Green Bay Packers (+ 10 1/2) at Seattle Seahawks

This spread is so high completely because the Packers got absolutely demolished by a Patriot team that was completely due for a big game. Hasselback is coming back this week but they still have problems on the offensive line and Alexander hasn't come back to form yet. In addition the Seahawks offensive line gets gashed every game. This game won't be a blowout but I expect the Seahawks to win by single digits.

Miami (-2 1/2) at Detroit ... A turkey Day Classic
Tampa Bay (+10 1/2) at Dallas ... I'll take the points
Kansas City (+1 1/2) vs. Denver ... Arrowhead special
San Francisco (+5 1/2) at St. Louis ... What happenned to the Rams?
Arizona (+6 1/2) at Minnesota ... Repeat After me the Vikings stink
New York Jets (-5 1/2) vs. Houston ... Pennington bounces back
Jacksonville (-3 1/2) at Buffalo ... Who knows what your going to get with Jax.
New Orleans (+3 1/2) at Atlanta ... Vick due? Brees never goes away.
Pittsburgh (+2 1/2) at Baltimore ... Pittsburgh does its business.
Whale's Vagina (-13 1/2) vs. Oakland ... Randy Moss will be NOT happy.
New York Giants (-3 1/2) at Tennessee ... Desperately need this game.

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James Blake Does Not Improve Hooters Trivia

So every Tuesday Night I head out to the local Hooters for their trivia night. They typically ask the easiest questions in the world and by the end of the night I have consumed some wings, curly fries, and a pitcher of Samuel Adams, typically Sammy Seasonal. About 50% of the time our team ends up winning so we get about half our bill paid for so it works out in the end. Basically its something to do on a Tuesday when otherwise I would sit on my ass at home and search for a television show to watch that most likely would be completely uninteresting. But last night was different.

I come in the door try to locate where my buddies are sitting, I typically show up late cause I'm lazy, I finally see them to my left and I sit down. I notice that the waitress doesn't seem to be around nearly as much as she typically is, but don't think much about it right away cause I'm not really in a rush. There's one of those wooden dividers of right in front of me and as I look straight I ahead I see James Blake take a double take for a second and think yup that definitely is the 4th ranked player in the world that's pretty cool. Than his big brother Thomas walks in with his dreadlocks and now I'm 100% positive.

I am big Tennis fan love watching it love playing it so it wasn't difficult for me to recognize him, plus he's a local guy went to the same high school as my cousin but tennis isn't for everybody and some of my buddies had no idea who he was. Not a big deal. Than I jokingly say something like we should name our team Roger Federer, and they decide the want to run with it so they can "trashtalk" someone famous. They come up with the names Federer Owns Blake, not very original, and Federer is Betterer not bad but still kind of lame. Eventually myself and my buddy Joe convince them that this would not achieve "trashtalk" and if I was him I would only laugh at that knowing that A) No one beats Federer, tennis Jesus B) That was my girlfriend C) I made $1,894,295 this year a figure that some of them won't make in 20 years. My buddies want to try to make fun of this guy when he's won a career 4 mill, and they see an untouched bowl of fries on an empty table and want to grab it, idiots.

Anyway, it seems like he has the whole J-Block with him for the evening, probably spending the massive amounts of cash he just won in Shanghai this past weekend when he of course lost to Federer in the finals of the season ending Masters tourny, I watched a bit of that match and it wasn't pretty. Now I'm not starstruck or anything, it's cool he seems like a nice guy and all the success to him but the damn waitresses of course once my buddy said to them "You figure a Tennis star wouldn't try to cheat at trivia (his buddies were calling people for answers to questions they didn't know)" they proceeded to ask who and then oh wow he's my favorite. That was the end of it, now you could forget about getting any help from the waitress, our pitcher sat empty for way too long, my pallet went dry and of course the trivia people were too busy trying to get his autograph to actually ask the damn questions.

Well after about an hour and a half Blake and his boys bounced, he rented out a bus for everyone, they probably were hitting up a bar somewhere in CT. If I was him I know I would enjoy a night on the town after my most successful season ever. Good for him.

In the end they asked the final question which is arranging three items according to order, answer it right and you can get a large portion of points, wrong you lose that much, and don't answer and you stay at your point total. Typically we don't answer because the question is so bizarre that no one gets it right. This time the question was easy, arrange these three periods September, November, First 2 weeks of December from Most to Least of when people begin shopping for Christmas. Myself and Joe logically figured that half the population or more goes out on Black Friday so November is easily #1, 50% or more of males don't start til December, and only psycho females start in September. Simple November, December, September. But the dumb asses were steadfast on not answering the question, so when everyone else got it right instead of getting 35 bucks off our tab for answering it correctly, the karma came back and smacked them in the face for wanting to make fun of a dude that has everything going for him. Superb.

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Justin Morneau Not Even the MVP of the Twins

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This is another year where the voters picked a Most Valuable Player who wasn't even the most valuable person on his team. The most blatant of these past choices was when Jeff Kent somehow won the MVP over teammate Barry Bonds in 2000. When I came out with my award picks I had two Minnesota Twins in my 3 choices and neither were Justin Morneau. Morneau had monster stats but he wasn't the MVP of his own team nevermind the league.

Joe Mauer is hands down more valuable for the Twins than Justin Morneau. First off Mauer batted in the #3 hole the whole season while Morneau consistantly batted in the 5th or 6th spot in the order. Pretty simple that Ron Gardenhire thinks Mauer is a better hitter than Morneau. People who say that you shouldn't take position into account are fools and this is the primary reason why Mauer is much more important than Morneau in the lineup. If you look up and down at Mauer's stats in comparison to every other American league catcher the disparity in total statistics is ridiculous. In addition Mauer is a very good defender at arguably the most important position on the field, helping to lead the Twins pitching staff to a fantastic season. Replace Mauer with an average catcher a Brad Ausmus type and the Twins lose their #3, the best hitter on the team and wind up with a guy who hits around .240 in a good year.

Justin Morneau isn't more valuable to the Twins than Johan Santana either. Without Santana the Twins do not have a remote chance of making the playoffs. Santana is by far the best pitcher in baseball, the Twins were 26-7 in his starts. He won baseballs Triple Crown of pitching. Once again replace Santana with an average and your team is going to go around .500 in those games that's a difference of 9 wins or 18 games in the standings. The notion that a pitcher just because he plays 5 days is also nonsense.

When you compare Morneau to other 1B and DHs around the league his stats stack up against anyone else favorably but they do not overshadow the Big Hurt, Konerko, Thome, Ortiz, etc. quite like Mauer's or Santana's do. Replace him with an average 1B like Kevin Youkalis and the Twins aren't nearly as bad as they would be in the other two scenarios if either were replaced for an average player. Its not as if Morneau is a team leader either as Brad Radke was awarded the team leadership award at the end of the season.

Morneau is a product of finishing the season with great statistics, no one particularly looking at the Twins roster and saying he's the 3rd most valuable player on his own team, and just voting for a player who had a great season for a team that made a second half run to make the playoffs.

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NFL Week 11 Awards

Week 11 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: St. Louis Rams, I wasn't a big time believer of the Rams even after they got off to the 4-1 start. But I am pretty surprised that they have lost 5 games in a row. And they didn't even put up a fight this weekend. Steven Jackson had only 27 yards on 7 carries, the Rams only had 111 total yards. Just miserable, now they're even behind the 49ers in the standings. Runners Up: Seattle's rush defense got gashed to the tune of 212 on 24 carries from Frank Gore pathetic, Detroit sure knows how to position themselves for a high draft pick.

Cough Cough Cough: New York Quarterbacks, as bad as Eli Manning was on National Televesion last night consistently making bad throws including a ton of his typical high throws, Pennington was worse. He killed their best drive near the goal line with an INT. He killed their next best drive with a terribly thrown screen pass right to the safety. And he didn't throw a single deep ball the whole game. Runners Up: Vanderweenie once again proves how unclutch he is, Dunta Robinson said it best Losman is no Manning you can't let him get a last second td.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Jim Mora Sr., Ok Michael Vick just might in fact be a coach killer but how oh how are you possibly going to help your son by saying this. First off Vick is the franchise like it or not, they gave him a huge contract and he's the face of the Falcons so he is not going anywhere. With that being said all you are doing is creating unnecesary conflict between the coach and the franchise. So unless Jr. can smoothen it out this year, then Jr. just might be out the door come January. Runner Up: Speaking of Moras Jr's decision to continue to kick to Sams resulted in 3 50+ yard returns not intelligent, Gary Gibbs maybe you should have double teamed Chad Johnson all game.

The Shocker: Tennessee Titans, well it's not surprising that they won after Donovan went down but still it was my survivor pool pick. And I can't think of why anyone would have picked the Titans to go into Philly and beat a team that needed a victory very badly. But when your whole offense tears his ACL there goes the game and the season. Runners Up: San Francisco just gashing the Seahawks and holding onto a 20-0 lead, Carolina utterly dominating the Rams.

The Pimp: LaDainian Tomlinson, I might as well write this on sunday morning every week. Does he ever not have a huge game anymore? 19 touchdowns in 6 games? 6 games? Thats great high school running back numbers no one does that, that's not even fathomable. He's going to trash Shaun Alexander's td record. Runners Up: Lee Evans did anybody else see the bottom line on CBS and see that Evans had 206 yards while the game you were watching was still in the first quarter, Ocho Cinco once again proving how aerodynamic he is minus the mohawk 190 3 tds.

You Got JAKKED UP: Terrence Newman, This is the potential #1 Jakked up moment of 2006. On a Punt Return Newman got lifted about five feet in the air after he got hit, he was even taken out of the game for awhile.

My Fantasy MVP: Ocho Cinco & Drew Brees, I had another super week thanks to Ocho Cinco and Drew Brees. Hell I have Frank Gore and Willie Parker as well and they had great games too.

New York Jets MVP: Jets Defense, Obviously the Offense didn't do much to keep the Jets in the game. The D had their best game of the season by far and only had one terrible play which went against them. The proble was, the field goal after the on side kick was enough to stand up for the Bears.

My Picks

My Picks: 9-7
Preseason Picks: 11-5
Picks Vs. Spread: 9-7

Back in the positives in every column this week, not stellar but certainly a good start.

Week 11 Extra Quick Notes

~Um the 49ers are 5-5? How?

~The Bears are the only team in the NFC with a record better than 6-4, think they're getting homefield throughout, so do I.

~No matter what your expectations were for the season, whenever your team has a chance to make the playoffs and doesn't its a disappointing season. Prior to the season I thought the Jets would go 6-10, now if they had beaten the Bears they could have had the opportunity to flip that around and go 10-6, and it will be disappointing if they fall short.

~How about Tony Romo? Bill Parcells apparently is still a good coach and knows what he is doing.

~Aaron Rodgers was bad and then broke his foot.

~Goodnight Philly, atleast the Big Boy Howard won the MVP.

~Vikings proving they are a very bad team.

~When will Troy Smith go in the draft, I think people that label him a running quarterback have not watched a single Ohio St. game this season. He rarely runs and typically just moves around to avoid pressure in the pocket. He will be a better than average NFL QB. He should not fall to the 2nd round.

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Why Voters Should Not Send Notre Dame To Glendale

The Fighting Irish supporters might sit there and think that with a dominating performance they should head to Arizona for a rematch of last years Fiesta Bowl but there are several reasons why the Irish should not be ranked ahead of the Michigan. Obviously this is all under the assumption that Notre Dame does in fact beat USC to improve to 11-1.

Rematch Theory

Sure we just saw Ohio St. Michigan, really the only point Notre Dame or any pollsters could make in ranking the Irish ahead of Michigan. But so quickly do we forget that we have already seen Ohio St. Notre Dame this calender year in the Fiesta Bowl. Notre Dame lost worse than the Wolverines, 14 to 3, and their game was on a neutral field. We've seen both and if you want to say last years game is irrelevant thats your personal opinion, I see a better Ohio St. team this year and the same Notre Dame team as last year. The results would be the same or worse.

Quality Victories

One way I like to look at the talent of teams is who have they beaten and how good are those teams. My Power Rankings is solely based on Quality Wins and Bad Losses, as judged by me. Taking the Wolverines and Irish best two victories and comparing which are better there is no question in my mind nor should there be in yours that the Wolverines have the advantage.

Michigan would finish the season with wins over two one loss top 10 teams while Notre Dame's big wins would be against two teams that both finished with a minimum of 2 losses.

Georgia Tech still has an opportunity and a legit chance of losing to either Georgia or in the ACC Title Game and USC could lose to UCLA.

Notre Dame's wins would be impressive as both could be conference champs, but still not as good as Michigan's victories.

Quality of Loss

Everyone likes to look at the quality of the loss when determining who is the better team. Well lets look at it objectively losing to the unanimous #1 team in the country in their stadium by 3 points, or losing at home to what would amount to a top 3 team at home by 26 points. Not very difficult to give the advantage to Michigan losing at 3 on the road versus Notre Dame losing by 26 at home.

Comparitive Schedule

The Wolverines and the Fighting Irish had two common opponents in Penn St. and Michigan St. The Wolverines played a close game against Penn St. on the road and dominated Michigan St. at home. The Fighting Irish did the exact opposite, beatdown of Penn St. at home close game at Michigan St. Moot point.

Head to Head

Did you watch the matchup of Michigan and Notre Dame? Because if you watched the game there was no doubt left on that field that Michigan was the better team. That Michigan had a defense that could slow down Quinn's gang and that the Irish could not cover Mario Manningham. 26 point victory on the road could not get more convincing.

Brady Quinn currently has 5 interceptions on the season, 3 of them came against the Wolverines.

With all of these facts its just illogical to rank the Fighting Irish ahead of the Wolverines. Which is exactly why Notre Dame will not end up ahead of Michigan in any of the computer polls. Pollsters if Notre Dame wins, their only hope lies in your hands, look at the facts and rank them appropriately.

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The Agony of The Weekend of Football

Monday, November 20, 2006

Coming into this past weekend I had the opportunity as a fan to enjoy the greatest of all weekends. My college team had the opportunity of a life time to win against their biggest rival and head to the National Championship game in a blaze of glory and my pro team had a chance to improve to 6-4 with only terrible teams remaining on their schedule. Oh and it gets worse than just the losses of both of those teams.

Michigan vs. Ohio St.

Even if you aren't a fan of either of these teams if you are remotely a fan of college football you had to be pumped up for this contest. I as a big time Michigan fan was of course hyped for the showdown. It was all I could think about on friday and I even dragged my hungover ass out of bed on Saturday morning to watch College Gameday. And this is when things started to go awry. Lee Corso was saying his typical idiotic things saying Ohio St. defense was so good that Michigan might not even be able to score on them. So you know what that means, he's going to pick Michigan to win, and 75% of Lee's picks are wrong. So what does he do come 11:59 ya he throws on the Wolverine helmet. Great, super start to the day.

So I throw on the BC game its a bust, head to the gym come back to watch pregame. Nothing gets me upset on pregame, although its blatantly obvious come the picks that only dumbass Lee is riding the Michigan train.

3:30 and the head to the field. As a Michigan fan I have to admit that Script Ohio is pretty cool. I personally think the whole weaving of the lines is more interesting than the dotting of the i. But either way Script Ohio is classic.

I throw on my Michgan jersey sit in my seat and tune in to the great opening drive and think holy shit Michigan just torched that defense so bad, that was a grat start. Then of course Ohio St. comes right back down the field converts about 300 3rd downs and scores a td.

Biggest play of the Michigan game that no one is talking about, 2nd drive Mario Manningham pulls a double move jukes the corner out of his jock is wide open for what could have been a td put the Wolverines up 14-7 instead he overthrows Mario and as soon as you blink Ohio St. is up 21-7.

Hart bashes his way to make it 21-14 and I think ok thats not bad come on hold them here 7 isn't bad. Nope, Michigan's D is continued to be torched, 5 wide is unstoppable. I'm ticked off already games not over yet, but atleast I'm going to get myself some chinese food.

And who knew maybe the Chinese food was good luck but I get back to my house just before half time is over, sit at my kitchen table munch down some General Tso's, an eggroll and some fried dumplings and sooner than I could finish and the Wolverines are only down by 4.

They of course trade scores and I'm confused how this great run defense got gashed for two 50 yard runs but hey we're only down 4 we stop Smith on this drive and we got a chance. 3rd and 15 incomplete, what a flag oh come on not a roughing the QB? I knew it before they even shown the replay. F****CCCCCKKKK. Of course they go down and score a td now. I respond maturely and throw my remote at one of those Ab balls I have in my living room, not a good idea the remote bounces off the ball across the room smashes into a window batteries fly everywhere. Super, I'm an idiot.

The Wolverines manage to drive down the field with a little help from a lame Pass Interference call and score, now an On-Side kick, a common-thread of failed football weekend. Rivas lines up, one hopper straight to Ginn, ya thats the guy you want to kick it to. Game over, of course now in a bad mood. Simply put the Buckeyes are just a better team.

But the negative football was only just beginning. In my head I knew the Double Whammy was coming, whenver Michigan loses the Jets complete the job, but little did I know it would be worse.

Flag Football

Sunday morning flag football always fun I play a little CB. Starts off ok, end up getting an INT right before half time in a close game. Start of the 3rd quarter slot receiver runs an out route and I jump it fight the ball away from the wideout and I'm gone 2 INTs one to the house now thats a good game or so I thought.

We're up by two just less than two tds, because we can never convert conversions after touchdowns, and the other team is driving and what happens the run one of those damn wheel routes and what do I do, of course I bite on the pump fake and I'm dead 20 yard touchdown, god damn it I hate getting burnt for tds. Nothing ticks me off more, ok maybe one thing.

4th quarter they got the ball our defensive lineman jumps hits makes contact with their lineman and then the ball is snapped I see the flag thrown and slow down for a second the play is dead. What why is the play not dead, and why is this slow receiver 3 steps behind me ahhh shit, they throw a deep pass he catches it I catch up to him but can't grab the damn flag. I talk to the official and basically he's an idiot and doesn't know the rule. First off if an Offensive Lineman moves at anytime before the snap its dead. It's either unabated to the QB and dead or false start. But when the DL makes contact with the Lineman which the ref said he saw, it is most certainly dead, but instead of admitting he was wrong the touchdown stands.

And now I'm rattled, the phrase on tilt applies to me more in sports than in poker. Kick off, its going out of bounds last bounce comes straight at me and hits me in the leg and then goes out of bounds just friggin shoot me. We down by 2 needing and on side kick, kick is beautiful but doesn't go ten yards when I get to it, so I knock my guy off the ball, doesn't matter someone else grabs it we lose.

0-2 thus far on the weekend 0 for 2 on on-side kicks. And even though I had 2 INTs including a touchdown I'm pissed at myself for giving up 2 tds.

Ya and now the Jets are going to win, ha ya right.

Survivor Pool

But wait its not just the Jets that would let me down, with just two of us left in the Survivor Pool I made the obvious pick, at 5-4 needing to win to keep pace in the NFC East there is no possible way Donovan McNabb is going to lose to the Titans at home. No possible way, well unless he blows out his knee and the Eagles have to bring in Jeff Garcia, damn it 0-3 for the weekend.

New York Jets vs. Chicago Bears

Alright I'm already in a terrible mood I'm sure the Jets with a chance to move to 6-4 with a terrible remaining schedule are going to cheer me up. Hint of Sarcasm there. Oh and to put an added bonus on the game Joe Buck is doing the broadcasting, super.

But through the first half hell they're playing pretty good the Bears offense is terrible Rex Grossman has about 2 yards of passing even the Jets run defense isn't getting gashed and the Jets are actually moving the ball a little bit. And of course Chad, formerly no INTs in the red zone, Pennington throws a ball on 3rd and Goal into double coverage when his receiver was not open to start with and Urlacher picks it off. Super, a chance to score blown. And apparently Coles was wide open on the play, I didn't see it, just here-say.

Then right before the half Thomas Jones fumbles, ruled a fumble on the field the Jets recover on the Bears 35 nice maybe the Jets could score before the half. Here comes the red flag, ok its a red flag its review so obviously it is not going to go in my favor. Buck and Aikman are on my side saying its very close but there is certainly not enough evidence to 100% know he was down this play should not be overturned. And what happens, overturned. Of course, ugh. Zero-Zero at half, atleast their not getting throttled but they played much better than the Bears in the first half and have nothing to show for it.

Start of the 2nd half I turn it on and the kick-off has already happened. What they went for an On-Side kick and didn't get it, oh come on. 0 for 3 on on-side kicks, you have got to be kidding me. Now the Bears who couldn't move the ball 3 inches in the first half drive down the field and kick a field goal.

Now Pennington decides in the 2nd half that he no longer wants to throw a completion. He starts over throwing simple routes and is completely inaccurate, what is supposed to be Pennington's strong suit. And they still don't dare to throw the ball deep.

One play is all the Bears needed, a simple curl a slip by the corner back and a touchdown, there we go 10-0 they are done.

One last possession and the Jets are down by 10 with limited time left and still refuse to throw anything but 5 yard outs.

Shoot Me.

NCAA Week 12 Power Rankings

After this weekend of college football the rematch seems more likely than ever but the Trojans are still standing in the way of the Wolverines. This weeks Power Rankings had some movement in the top and the bottom but with only two weeks remaining in the regular season its now just a matter of finalizing the BCS games. Oh and I'm sure they'll be some good debating as to who really deserves that #2 spot.

Picking teams 1 through 6 is relatively easy, after that, it gets tough.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes - Back to the top for the Buckeyes after a one week hiatus. The Buckeyes jumped out in front of the Wolverines and minus the turnovers really dominating the game. It was interesting to see how Michigan's front 7 crashed the line so hard, and once Pittman or Wells got past them they took it to the house. Were you expecting the Buckeyes to have such game changing plays from both their running backs. I don't think there's a defense in the land that could stop the Buckeyes from putting up 30. The only thing I think that could stop Tressel's boys from taking home his second Buckeye National Title is the stupid 50 day layoff they have before the game.Quality Wins: Penn St., @Texas, Michigan

2. Michigan Wolverines - Why does Michigan remain #2 on the power rankings following a loss? Well the answer isn't very complex right now at this point in the season the Wolverines have the two best wins of any 1 loss team and the best loss of any 1 loss team. Considering the Wolverines hold the lone defeats of both the Wisconsin Badgers as well as the Fighting Irish and lost in a tight battle against by hands down the best team in the Nation, its not difficult to position themselves as #2. However, while their season is done others still lurk behind to pass them up. Quality Wins: Wisconsin, @ND, @Penn St.

3. Southern Cal Trojans - The Trojans jumped the Gators this week in the power rankings after a very nice victory over the Cal Bears. A win over Notre Dame, especially a convincing win would and should have the Trojans jump the Wolverines to put them one rivalry game against UCLA to having their 4th straight opportunity to play for the National Title. Once again the Trojans are closing in on making me look good and satisfying my preseason picks. Quality Wins: Nebraska, @Arkansas, Oregon, Cal Bad Loss: Oregon St.

4. Florida Gators - Mr. Athletic Director scheduler guy, remember next time you want to go to the National Championship game to not schedule a 2-8 1-AA team at a crucial point in the season. While I think that a 1 loss SEC most likely deserves to head to Glendale over Michigan, with a USC loss, Florida has no right to complain with the way they have played the past few weeks and the fact that instead of schedule a single decent out of conference game they scheduled a terrible 1-AA team and are unfortunate that Florida St. stinks this season.Quality Wins: @Rocky Top, LSU, South Carolina

5. Arkansas Razorbacks: Arkansas survived an early scare and for the first time in recent memory I am fully interested in the game they play every year against LSU on the friday after thanksgiving. The Razorbacks not only obviously need to win this game but the way they are positioned in the rankings they might just have to do it convincingly. Quality Wins: @Auburn, @South Carolina, Tennessee Bad Loss: USC

6. Notre Dame Fighting Irish- And here lies the Fighting Irish. Personally I'm under the impression that they should have no shot at the national title game, not solely because they lost the head to head matchup versus the Wolverines but in general their resume doesn't match up versus the Maize and Blue but I'll get into that in detail sometime later this week. With that being said Charlie Weis could certainly use a signature win at ND. He's won all the games he should have won and lost pretty much all the games he should have lost, with maybe the exception of last year versus Michigan. A win in LA versus the Trojans would certainly qualify as a signature win. Quality Wins: Penn St., @GaTech Bad Loss: Michigan

7. Louisville Cardinals - Out of the remaining squads Louisville has the best win against the Mountaineers and probably the best loss against Rutgers. They easily could have won that game versus the Scarlet Knight and are definately kicking themselves that they didn't hold on. Why the are ranked below the Mountaineers in basically every poll just seems stupid to me. Who has WVU beaten this season that makes you go wow that was a good win. Even when WVU pounds Rutgers at home, they should not be ahead of the Cardinals. Quality Wins: Miami, WVU, @Kansas St., South Florida

8. Wisconsin Badgers - Are the Badgers a product of the weak Big 10 and a weak out of conference schedule? Definately unfortunate that they didn't play the Buckeyes and that they finished the season with friggin Buffalo. Why, oh why do you play Buffalo, I hate that. Is Purdue any good? How did they finish 8-4? We'll see how good Wisconsin really is when they play in the Capital One Bowl.Quality Wins: Penn St., @Purdue

9. Texas Longhorns - One loss against the #1 team in the country and the other when your quarterback gets injured early in the game can't be held that strongly against a team. The Longhorns really shouldn't care less where they are ranked though, win the Big 12 title game against an inferior team and you get a nice ticket to the Fiesta Bowl.Quality Wins: Oklahoma, @Nebraska

10. Auburn Tigers - The last two teams in the Power Rankings could easily be debated but the Tigers have a victory over the #4 team in the country, no one else has that. The win against LSU also is solid and despite the fact the did get blown out twice at home, atleast one of those was to Arkansas a team with no conference losses. Quality Wins: Florida, LSU Bad Loss: Georgia

11. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Their loss against Notre Dame is nothing to kill them about and while their loss to Clemson was by a large margin, Clemson is a solid team. I still have to put up their big time performance at VaTech as one of the best wins this season. Any of the bubble teams could just as easily be in the spot. However, if GaTech beats Georgia and either BC or Wake in the ACC title game they'll solidify the Power Rankings spot.Quality Wins: @VaTech, Maryland Bad Loss: Clemson

Dropped Out: Wake Forest took a nice beating at home, Rutgers just got killed at Cincy really can't keep them in the top 11 after a beatdown by an unranked team and only one very good win

Bubble Teams: VaTech, Oklahoma, Boise St., Boston College, West Virginia, Rutgers

Past Power Rankings: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


~How far did Iowa fall off the tracks this year? You can't even call them a quality win anymore for these top rated Big 10 teams. Once again Mark May proved how much of a dope he is when he predicted that the Hawkeyes would win the Big 10 title this season. Instead? 2-6 in conference with no right to head to any bowl game. Nice season Mr. Tate. Oh and Mr. Ferentz not quite the Hot Coaching Prospect right now.

~While Alabama's expectations weren't nearly as large as those on Iowa this season both sit at 6-6 and 2-6 in conference, that is terrible. Alabama losing 5 in a row in the Iron Bowl? Equally poor and unacceptable. Alabama is a program that should never be this down and Mr. Shula should be double checking with his AD to see if he's still going to have a job come 2007.

~Kansas St. goes and follows up their win over the Longhorns with a loss to Kansas, go figure.

~I can't foresee how Miami could possibly keep Larry Coker next season, the Hurricanes currently sit at 5-6 which is terrible. Their team just lost to a very bad Virginia team. Combined with the fact that they started a brawl against a terrible team in Florida Int. While you obviously can't put him at fault for the death of Brian Pata, still at happened under his tenure and unfortunately for him and Miami, this is something that when it happened you weren't surprised it happened at Miami. Someone needs to come in clean out that program and get the Florida talent that usually flows to the U.

~If LSU is the most talented team in the SEC as so many people keep on saying, why did they beat Ole Miss by a field goal in overtime? Most talented team in the country my ass.

~Confusing as to how the Buckeyes didn't play Purdue or Wisconsin this season, aka 2 of the top 5 teams in the Big 10. They would have dominated either, but interesting how that scheduling worked.

~West Virginia will crack the rankings definately when they crush Rutgers, but most likely next week when someone else in front of them falls. Right now their best win is a so,so Maryland team.

~The opening hit in the BC game was the only positive moment of my football weekend, hopefully you saw the highlight cause I certainly got a smile out of it.

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