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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

11 Reasons Why I Hate NASCAR
NASCAR is a sports, i dont care if you don't like NASCAR,whoever doesn't like it can go DIE!!! seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!

(If only the Confederacy used NASCAR as motivation)

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My Top Eleven Worst 2008 Predictions

Time to take me behind the woodshed, so here are some of my predictions from 2008 that were absolutely F'N awful.

11. Your 07-08 NBA Coach of the Year will be Scott Skiles. He was fired midseason. (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

10. The Saints will go 14-2 and get the NFC #1 seed. Not quite. (NFC South Preview)

9. Richie Sexson will be your comeback player of the year. I think he's basically out of the league now. (AL Award Predictions)

8. The Miami Heat will win the NBA Southeast Division and Get the 3 seed. More like the 15 seed. Who knew Wade was going to get huryt and Shaq traded? (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

7. The Canadians were not going to make the playoffs. They got the #1 seed. (Review of my NHL Predictions)

6. The Lakers will miss out on the playoffs. They got the #1 seed, ha. (Reviewing my NBA Predictions)

5. NFL Comeback player of the year will be... Marc Bulger. Ugh. (2008 NFL Awards Predictions)

4. The Tigers would have the best record in baseball with 96 wins. They won 74. (AL Central Predictions)

3. The Mariners will win 91 games they won 61. Ouch. (AL West Predictions)

2. The Ravens will be the worst team in the NFL and will go 1-15. Perhaps I should stop predicting the NFL season by picking game by game and just start giving out generic records. (AFC North Preview)

1. The Lions will win 8 games this year which will.......... Win them the divsion. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Awful. (NFC North Predictions)

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Breakin It Down: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Is it the Iggles or the Eagles?

Which team in the NFL has been more inconsistent than the Eagles? It's almost as if they have two seperate teams that they travel with. They beat the Steelers at home and the Giants on the road. They tie the lowly Bengals and get embarrassed by the Ravens. Their offense scores 3 points against a floundering Washington then it scores 44 against a playoff fighting Dallas.

I Repeat You Are Not a Power Running Team

This is where the Eagles sometimes lose games. Andy Reid in his all knowing fupa decide that its time to man up and pound the rock. It never works because they just don't have the personnel to do it. It'll be benificial if the Eagles avoid manning up.

Will The Fat Be In the Middle?

Pat Williams is the player that makes the Vikings rush defense so formidable. You want to run up the middle? Well too bad because you have to get past a 6 foot wide man. The problem? Pat Williams has missed the past two weeks and is questionable for a weekend return. If he's not there than maybe even the Eagles can run up the middle.

Can T Make the Big Play

Tarvaris Jackson was benched. He wasn't making plays. He wasn't accurate. So the Vikings went with of all people, Frerotten. Then the Gus Gus got banged up and now it's back in T's hands. So what will he do in his first playoff game? Will he the guy who made plays against the Cardinals? Will he be the fumble machine like he was against the Falcons? Or will he return to the guy who couldn't throw a pass into the ocean if he was standing on a one foot wide island.

Is It Destiny?

Everything looked down and out for the Eagles. They catch potential game tying touchdown at the one and have to watch time and most likely their playoff chances expire. But the 1 o'clock cards fell right into the Eagles lap. The Raiders somehow won a big game and the Bears couldn't control Andre Johnson. Is Lady Luck still with Philadelphia after the Phillies took home the Series?

The Pick

Adrian Peterson is a beast but I just can't trust Tarvaris to make a play. Meanwhile I just think with all the cards falling the Eagles way in week 17 that maybe luck is on their side.

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Power Rankings Fluctuation

Power Rankings are a fickle thing. They truly are meaningless, well except for college football, and yet everyone seems to do them. Who's better than who is always on everyones mind so the best way to say who's better than who is to print out a 32 deep list.

But then when putting together the list two things make them completely biased. First off, everyone needs expectations and preseason rankings are those biases. So the Falcons for instance started out as the worst team in the NFL and yet wound up at 7 to end the season. Whoops. The next bias is that whatever happened today is significantly more important than what happened yesterday. Look at the Jets. They get crushed on National TV in San Diego and move to #21 on the list aka pathetic then they lose to the Raiders to stay below the midway point yet weeks later when they beat the Titans they are the 3rd best team in the NFL? Whoops.

Anyway here is your ESPN NFL Power Rankings. I've including graphs tracking the progression of each team from from prior to week 1 to yesterday and a table that shows all of the rankings week to week plus each teams average ranking, the difference between their starting ranking and finishing ranking as well as their years high and low ranking. I've also posted a few wrap up notes at the bottom.

1-5: Titans, Giants, Steelers, Panthers, Colts6-10: Ravens, Falcons, Dolphins, Patriots, Vikings
11-15 Eagles, Chargers, Cardinals, Cowboys, Bears
16-20 Bucs, Jets, Texans, Saints, 49ers
21-26 Redskins, Broncos, Bills, Packers, Jaguars, Raiders
27-32 Bengals, Seahawks, Browns, Chiefs, Rams, Lions

Power Ranking Notes

~Only three teams were ranked #32 in any poll and one of them was the Falcons.

~The Lions were ranked 32 in the final 12 polls. Ouch.

~Only the Steelers and the Giants stayed in the top ten all year long.

~Five teams achieved #1. Titans, Giants, Cowboys, Steelers and Pats.

~Only 4 teams that started in the top ten finished in the top ten, and one of them didn't make the playoffs.

~The Falcons and Dolphins not surprisingly had the biggest positive swing whereas the Jags and Seahawks had the most negative swing.

~Nine teams that didn't make the playoffs were at one point or another considered top 5 quality.

~The Broncos were the only team to start and finish at the same place. The problem is every point in between was lower than the end points.

~The Raiders, Bengals, Chiefs, Rams and Lions all stayed in the bottom ten all year long meaning it might be easier to predict futility.

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Do Not Get On the Tracks When the Duck Truck Comes A Runnin

Jeremiah Masoli is my new favorite Quackerback. Sure his passing appeared piss poor last night, but on two seperate occasions he dropped his shoulder and absolutely trucked an Okie State Dback. Including the one shown here at the 40 second mark, which after he trucked the DB he took to the house.

And... Mr. Robinson might want to check to see if his brain cell count is the same as it was yesterday after this head smash.

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Breakin It Down: Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

The Health of 81

Mr. Boldin has missed out on the final two weeks due to injury, granted both games were meaningless for the Cardinals but there is still reason to be concerned. He says he's playing but if he's not 100% the Cardinals secondary is not very scary.

Will the Lawyer Be At Work?

Lawyer Malloy might not be the dominant force he used to be back in the day with the Pats, but he's still a veteran leader in the secondary and a warm body. The Falcons will be in nickel and dime coverage all day trying to matchup with the 3 or more wideout sets, so if the Lawyer is not in town the Falcons may suffer.

Burner Turner

Mr. Turner is out of the shadows and into the limelight. He seemingly scores 3 touchdowns a game and against a weak Cardinals defense he could easily take over the game and give the Falcons a first round victory.

Ice Water

Matty Ice is 3-0 as a starter in games in January, aka he won all three bowl games at BC. The rookie has played anything like a first year inexperienced player this season but still in his first game in the postseason will the veins stay icey or will Matty be thawed?

Captain Small Hands

What's the best way to rattle the old veteran? Hit him in the mouth or hit him in the back. The Old man still can fumble the football with the best of them and key turnovers could sink the Cardinals.

The Pick

The Falcons played well down the stretch run and the Cards have been gashed by the run so I expect the Falcons to pound the rock with Norwood and Turner and take home the victory.

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This Is What It's Like to Be a Jets Fan

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Listening to the Radio I just Heard a Jet Fan Call in and Say "Yesterday was a great day to be a Jet fan, we actually fired a coach that wanted to stay. That's the first time that's happened since like Kotite."

Actually, the Jets didn't even get to fire Kotite. He resigned two days before his final game of the 1-15 season. Then we got Parcells who "retired" from coaching. Then Bill Belichick quit a day after getting the job. Al Groh quit to take the head coaching job at UVA. The Herminator left to take the Kansas City job after going 4-14. The last coach the Jets fired was Pete Carrol, and that was to hire Rich Kotite. Shit.

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The Broadcaster Jynx: Jeff Wolfert

Jeff Wolfert is a very accurate kicker. How accurate? Wll Wolfert eclipsed the NCAA Record for accuracy percentage after he made the field goal to tie the game at 23 and so ESPN's broadcasters started to stroke his stats. The ESPN broadcasters continued to go on and on about how great of a kicker he was, and when he stepped up to kick the game winner with 3 seconds left it was just a formality. ESPN even posted the tagline showing he was the most accurate kicker of all time to give the extra confidence boost.

So what does Wolfert do? He shanks it of course.

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Which Conference Dominates the Playoffs?

I've always been interested in where people go to college and what sort of trends pro teams may have when they recruit players. Thus last year going into the conference championship game I put that interest into action and created a spreadsheet which separated the 4 remaining NFL teams rosters by conference. I tallied up the total players, marked down which NFL team scooped up the most players, and noted some notable players from each conference. And of course pulled together a little conclusion and analysis at the end. This year I'm slightly ahead of the game and have created the list for all playoff teams.

If you care to quiz your knowledge on the subject first I set up a 12 question quiz earlier. Additionally if you desire the spreadsheet you can go here for the D1 list tabulated by conference and here for the D1-AA and Lower list. Hopefully this will appease those who want more info / give some clarity to all those who may be confused.

Now onto the Conference by Conference breakdown sorted by which Conference has the most representatives during this weekends title game matchups.

ACC (94)

Once again the ACC is incredibly benefited by the imports of Miami, BC and VT as they consist of 30 of the 94 bodies. The U of course leads the way with 17 but FSU trails barely behind with 15. The ACC has plenty of star power on both sides of the ball plus the entire conference has at least one player representing them so even Duke has someone to root for. And finally the Giants really like acquiring people in the ACC.

Most Notable Players: Matt Ryan, Brian Dawkins, Anquan Boldin, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Reggie Wayne, Edgerrin James, Julius Peppers, Willie Parker, Chris Hope
Biggest School Contributor: Miami with 17.
Schools Without Representation: None
NFL Team With Most Players: New York Giants with 11.

Big Ten (88)

Ohio State much like the actual football games wins this battle with Michigan as they edge them out 14 to 13 in players represented. The Wolverines may have the bigger names though with two stud offensive lineman and LaMarr Woodley who has emerged as one of the more fearsome pass rashers in the NFL. The Colts apparently like getting very good players from Iowa.

Most Notable Players: Dallas Clark, Bob Sanders, Jake Long, Steve Hutchinson, LaMarr Woodley, Kerry Collins, Derrick Mason
Biggest School Contributor: Ohio State with 14
Schools Without Representation: None
NFL Team With Most Players: Arizona, Pittsburgh, San Diego and Carolina with 9

SEC (79)

Unlike last year, Eli Manning has some solid company at the top of the SEC, like his brother Peyton. Face Stomper Albert Haynesworth just might have eclipsed Eli as the 2nd best player representing the SEC as well. Atlanta in the heart of SEC company not surprisingly leads the way with the numbert of roster spots while Georgia dominates all in representation even the mighty Gators. Also, poor Vandy has no one to cheer for.

Most Notable Players: Albert Haynesworth, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Joseph Addai, Ronnie Brown, Lito Sheppard, Jevon Kearse, Hines Ward
Biggest School Contributor: Georgia with 15.
Schools Without Representation: Vandy
NFL Team With Most Players: Atlanta with 12.

Big 12 (62)

Snoooooze. The Big 12 is your clubhouse leader for most boring power conference representation. The Big 12 really supplies limited offensive fire power but with Williams and Hampton provides a lot of beef. The Long Horns tied Miami for the most players represented in all of college football but don't provide the flare like the U.

Most Notable Players: Justin Gage, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Ricky Williams, Quentin Jammar, Pat Williams, Casey Hampton
Biggest School Contributor: Texas with 17.
Schools Without Representation: None
NFL Team With Most Players: Minnesota and Baltimore with 7.

Pac 10 (59)

The Giants like recruiting on the East and the West Coast as they lead the way for the Pac 10 as well. USC leads the way with 12 with Cal, Oregon and the Arizonas not too far behind.

Most Notable Players: LenDale White, Jonathan Stewart, Lawyer Malloy, Todd Heap, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Antonio Pierce, Troy Polamalu
Biggest School Contributor: USC with 12.
Schools Without Representation: None
NFL Team With Most Players: New York Giants with 7.

Big East (40)

Doesn't Syracuse suck? Why is it that they not only lead the way in Big East representation but dominate their conference mates. The Cuse have 11 where the next closest is Pitt and Rutgers with 8. Additionally they have the biggest names with Harrison, McNabb, Freeney and Bulluck. Perhaps the Cuse can be good again? Oh and poor UConn's got nobody to love.

Most Notable Players: Marvin Harrison, Donovan McNabb, Larry Fitzgerald, Dwight Freeney, Trent Cole, Keith Bulluck
Biggest School Contributor: Syracuse with 11.
Schools Without Representation: UConn
NFL Team With Most Players: Indianapolis with 7.

Mountain West (26)

Please tell me how Joey Porter went to Colorado State? Doesn't he just seem like he went to the U? Also, Steve Smith doesn't seem like a mormon to me, but who knows. The Chargers lead the way in the Mountain West and of course have its prized possession in LT.

Most Notable Players: LT, Joey Porter, Steve Smith
Biggest School Contributor: BYU and Utah with 7.
Schools Without Representation: Air Force
NFL Team With Most Players: San Diego with 5.

WAC (25)

Ya not much excitement coming from the WAC either, with Lorenzo Neal probably the best player and he's a fullback. Fresno St. dominates with with 10 representatives, but when the hell was the last time they won the conference? The Dolphins lead the way with 5 with no other team having more than 3.

Most Notable Players: Bernard Berrian, Jason Elam, Kevin Curtis, Lorenzo Neal, Travis LaBoy
Biggest School Contributor: Fresno St. with 10.
Schools Without Representation: San Jose St.
NFL Team With Most Players: Miami with 5.

Conference USA (24)

Conference USA has less reps than the WAC but certainly has larger names with DeAngelo and Chris Johnson form the back field and Chadwick as a possible 2008 MVP.

Most Notable Players: Chad Pennington, DeAngelo Williams, Roddy White, Asante Samuel, Chris Johnson, Gus Frerotte
Biggest School Contributor: Marshall with 4.
Schools Without Representation: Rice and Southern Methodist
NFL Team With Most Players: Minnesota and Philadelphia with 4.

MAC (18)

The MAC's got some players with Gates, Turner and Big Ben leading the way. The Colts have the most players in a conference that's in their back yard. Oh and what's up with Directional Michigan coming in very very weakly.

Most Notable Players: Antonio Gates, Michael Turner, Domenik Hixon, Ben Roethlisberger, Chester Taylor
Biggest School Contributor: Kent State, Akron and Northern Illinois with 3.
Schools Without Representation: Central Michigan, Western Michigan and Ohio
NFL Team With Most Players: Indianapolis with 4.

Independents (13)

Woo Notre Dame has 12 reps with Justin Tuck leading the way. Fasano is a decent name but really none of the other Golden Shower helmet wearers are worthy of mention.

Most Notable Players: Justin Tuck, Anthony Fasano
Biggest School Contributor: Notre Dame with 12.
Schools Without Representation: Army, Western Kentucky
NFL Team With Most Players: Giants and Philadelphia with 3.

Sun Belt (9)

Last year Osi lead the way but he's been out the entire year so he gives way to the Ragin Cajun Jake Delhomme and La-Lafayette leading the way. Poor Florida Atlantic is the lone Sun Beltian with nothing to cheer for.

Most Notable Players: Jake Delhomme, Ike Taylor
Biggest School Contributor: Louisiana-Lafayette with 3.
Schools Without Representation: Florida Atlantic
NFL Team With Most Players: Miami and Carolina with 2.

Division 1-AA (72)

There is certainly talent to be had at the 1-AA level. Three of the likely starting quarterbacks in the playoffs were 1-AA QBs. Two of the star running backs were 1-AA players. And the craziest defensive lineman went to school at Idaho St. Don't sleep on 1-AA.

Most Notable Players: Joe Flacco, Brian Westbrook, Jared Allen, Kurt Warner, Adam Vinatieri, Bart Scott, Tarvaris Jackson, Brandon Jacobs
Biggest School Contributor: Northern Iowa, Montana and Howard with 3.
NFL Team With Most Players: Minnesota and Tennessee with 9.

Division 2 or Lower (28)

Not overly surprising nobody who went to school D2 or lower is a massive impact player. Fort Valley St., wherever that is, is the only school with more than one player represented. Meanwhile None is represented twice by both Australian punters, plus it took me forever to figure out that Bradley for Marcus Pollard does not have a football team.

Most Notable Players: Kevin Boss, Nate Washington, Grady Jackson, Dominic Rhodes
Biggest School Contributor: Fort Valley St. with 2.
NFL Team With Most Players: Indianaplois with 5.

Conclusion and Analysis

~Once again this is done by current conference alignment and not what conference these players actually played for when they went to school. Therefore the ACC massively benefits from its inclusion of Miami whereas many of those players actually played in the Big East.

~The SEC is always hyped as the best conference in America yet for the second straight year they trail other conferences on the total playoff player tally.

~If you're going to a DII school than your chances of making the NFL are very very slim and you're chances of being a superstar are almost nada.

~The Armed Forces is not a very good gateway to the NFL as Navy, Army and Air Force combine for one player in the playoffs.

~Tom Brady made the Big Ten's list a lot prettier last year.

~Randy Moss's inclusion made Conference USA's list look prettier as well.

~There are 118 or so D1 programs and yet three of the playoff starters slipped through the D1 fingers.

~Why do so many kickers not go to major D1 schools?

~I find it amazing that of the major BCS conferences only UConn and Vandy lack any kind of representation.

~The Cuse beat out some major colleges including current BCS bowl bid collectors Bama, Oklahoma, Utah, VaTech, Cincy, Florida, and Penn St. and yet they seemingly have won a single game in the past five years.

*All Rosters were taking from and their active 53 man roster list. If a player is on the PUP or IR he is not included.

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Which Conference Dominates the Playoffs? Trivia

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One Last Arm Punt

Monday, December 29, 2008

If You're Looking for Humor, go watch the Jets Highlights here and pay attention for when Eric Mangini says "Why Would He Throw That?" after a patented Gunslinger arm punt.

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Faces of Fail: Week 17 Coaches

Jon Gruden is EMO.

Wade Phillips is battling a case of the sniffles.

Eric Mangini is finished watching Arm Punts.

Rod Marinelli is confused as to whether the scoreboard says 0-16.

Rod Marinelli is sad to see that it actually does say 0-16.

Romeo Crennel is eating for the last time at his favorite Cleveland Buffet.

Herman Edwards is not enjoying starting a QB from Coastal Carolina.

Marvin Lewis is ready to be the mercy kill.

Marvin Lewis is wishing Herman luck on his impending job search.

Dick Jauron is very intrigued but baffled as to how clocks work.

Mike Shanahan is uber-pissed that he lost to this chump.

Lovie Smith is preparing to clean up his tear drops with a red hanky.

Bill Belichick is getting blown out of the playoffs.

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NCAA the NFL Way: Divisional Matchups


#5 Florida at #4 Utah in Salt Lake City

Florida Key Wins: Miami, LSU, UGA (n), @FSU, South Carolina
Florida Losses: Ole Miss
Florida Wildcard Win Over Georgia Tech (72%)

Utah Key Wins: BYU, TCU, @Air Force, @Michigan
Utah Losses: None

Storyline: Can Urban return to Utah and dominate his former school?

#3 Southern Cal at #2 Alabama in Tuscaloosa

Southern Cal Key Wins: tOSU, Oregon, Cal
Southern Cal Losses: @Oregon St.
Southern Cal Wildcard Win Over TCU (85%)

Alabama Key Wins: @Clemson, @Georgia, @LSU
Alabama Bad Losses: None

Storyline: Can Pete Carroll lead his Trojans to a massive victory on the road against Nick Saban?


#6 Texas at #2 Oklahoma in Norman

Texas Key Wins: OU(n), Mizzou, Okie St., @Kansas
Texas Losses: @TT
Texas Wildcard Win Over Penn State (66%)

Oklahoma Key Wins: Nebraska, Texas Tech, @Okie State, Cincy, TCU
Oklahoma Losses: Texas(n)

Storyline: Can the Sooners enact revenge on their homefield?

#5 Texas Tech at #1 Boise State in Boise

Texas Tech Key Wins: Nebraska, Texas, Okie State, @Kansas
Texas Tech Losses: Oklahoma
Texas Tech Wildcard Win Over Cincy (89%)

Boise State Key Wins: @Oregon, LaTech
Boise State Losses: None

Storyline: Can Mike Leach lead the Red Raiders to victory on the smurf turf?

Current Bracket

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NFL Week 17 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: Tampa Bay Bucs, There were a lot of collapses yesterday, but none to me was worse than the Bucs. At home against the awful Raiders in a game that could have potentially put you into the playoffs and you lay an egg. You let Michael Bush who was the Raiders 3rd running back, run all over you. Embarrassing. Runners Up: The Cowgirls can enjoy Cabo without any media attention this year, J E T S Just End the Season

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Jerry Jones, Think it was a bright idea now to say that you are going to definitely bring back the coach next year before the game and then reiterating it after the blowout? Now when you fire him you're going to be a liar. Solid job Jerry. Runners Up: Dick Jauron is a play calling whiz,

Cough Cough Cough: Denver Broncos, There were a lot of chokes this year, but the Broncos were probably the worst. They had three straight weeks where they could have clinched the division and each week they fired blanks including the beat down in San Diego last night. Runners Up: the Jets going 1-4 down the stretch, the Cowgirls getting embarrassed, the Bucs going 0-4 in December.

The Shocker: The Eagles Sneaking In, The Eagles need everything to fall their way at 1. They needed the Bucs to choke. They needed the Bears to choke. And they needed to beat the Cowgirls. It all happened and now the inconsistent Eagles could be a scary playoff opponent. Runners Up: the Raiders really the Raiders?, goal posts falling down in Buffalo.

The Pimp: The Johnsons: Andre and Calvin, Andre and Calvin Johnson are arguably the two best receivers in the NFL right now. Both had over 100 yards and two touchdowns yesterday. Calvin unfortunately couldn't strap a victory on his back whereas Andre dashed the Bears playoff hopes. Runners Up: Chad Pennington dominating in his return outing, Drew Brees throwing a lot of yards.

You Got Jakked Up: Three Day Old Cheesburger's Noggin, How did that concussion feel Ben? I'm guessing you don't remember.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Hope is Gone, I'm out of the postseason so it's all meaningless.

New York Jets MVP: Nobody, Screw them all.

My Picks

My Picks: 10-6
Preseason Picks: 8-8
Picks Vs. Spread: 6-10

2008 Season Picks

My Picks: 165-91
Preseason Picks: 150-106
Picks Vs. Spread: 130-126

Overall the Spread picks were so so and really tailed off at the end of the year. The preseason picks are pretty solid considering I Had the Ravens and Falcons with about 4 wins combined, whoops.

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And Your Scapgoat is Eric Mangini

The Jets collapse in December so somebody needs to take the fall, and that man is Eric Mangini. Owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum decided that it was time to let the "Mangenious" go and well to that I say meh.

The Mangenious moniker came in 2006 and was strictly handed down by the media because the Jets made the playoffs when everyone thought they were going to suck. But here's the deal in the NFL, teams make dramatic turnarounds all the time. Look at the playoffs this season. The Falcons, Ravens and Dolphins were all horrible last year and then they get good quarterback and look now they're in the playoffs. In 2006 that's exactly what happened. The Jets in 2005 were a disaster mostly because Pennington got injured. In 2006 Pennington came back and played well and thanks to a weak schedule the Jets managed to win 10 games. It was certainly a welcome unexpected outcome but in heinsight it really wasn't completely shocking. Last season once again Pennington went down and the season was gone before it started. So whatever on the 2007 season.

Now onto this season. After week 12s victory over the Titans everything looked great in the world. A lot of things went wrong in the last 5 weeks, the defense sucked especially on the pass, the play calling was suspect, the coaching decisions were questionable, etc. But most of all Brett Favre sucked. He sucked. In 5 games Brett Favre never eclipsed a quarterback ranking of 62. He didn't once throw for more than 1 touchdown. He didn't once throw for more than 250 yards. He was awful and he's the main reason we choked. But in the world of the NFL it's Mangini that takes the fall and not the man really at fault.

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You Had 13 More Tackles Than Me This Season

Apparently being ridiculously jacked up and 264 pounds of pure muscle doesn't mean you're going to make an immediate impact in the NFL. The Jets 6th pick in the 2008 draft Vernon Gholston recorded 13 total tackles this entire season, with 5 of them being solo. Not quite the impact you look for from a top ten draft choice.

The Jets in their decision making this past offseason were win now. They opted to bring in the aging Favre. They spent top dollar on free agents Pace, Faneca and Woody. They traded for defensive tackle Kris Jenkins. They were set to win this season. But why then draft a kid that everyone proclaimed had massive talent and physical skills but lacked polish and was going to be a project. The kid didn't pick up football until his sophomore year of high school so his experience isn't quite top notch. Maybe in a couple of years he'll round into a pro bowl but right now he was a complete waste of a pick and the difference between having an impact rookie and 13 tackles just might be the difference between making and not making the playoffs.

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And This Is How It Feels to Be a Jets Fan

I think that pretty much sums up my emotions pretty well.

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The Thoughts of a Deranged Jets Fan

Here is a recap of my thoughts throughout a Sunday afternoon at the bar. All times are estimated

1:00-2:15 Go Buffalo

2:15 Aww crap stupid Rian Lindell

2:30 Haha, can't kick through a 50 mile per hour wind can you Gostkowski.

2:45 Seriously? Dick Jauron might be the worst coach in the NFL. How do you call a run on 3rd down with 22 seconds left and no timeouts left? You're getting fired tomorrow and you deserve to get fired. The Bills are done, this sucks.

2:55 Trent Edwards you stupid prick, how the hell do you not see the rusher right in your god damn face. The Bills are screwed.

3:00 Touchdown Pats, well there goes the division.... Go Chad?

4:00 Hmm, what are the chances the Jaguars come up big? I mean the Raiders won so maybe? Please maybe?

4:20 Eh 3-0 Baltimore shit.

4:25 Nice Arm Punt Brett ya douche.

4:30 J A G S JAGS,JAGS,JAGS... 7-3 Wooooo

4:35 6-0 Jets Yay

4:40 Crappity Crap Crap the Jags are fucked... Go Chad?

4:50 Eh touchdown Chad, stupid f'n Jets

4:55 Oh shit balls, this Jags game is over... Go Chad?

5:25 Wow Brett you really Phil Merling in stride. Congrats on that studly pass.

5:30-7:00 Whatever just give me an f'n beer, Screw Mangini, Screw Favre, Screw the Pats.

7:10 Another god damn interception... Well at least the Pats aren't making the playoffs. Get me another drink.

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Which Conference Dominates the Playoffs? (Lower Division List)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

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Which Conference Dominates the Playoffs? (D1 List)

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Arm Punt Formations: Just End The Season

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Episode 8 of Arm Punt Formations starring the "Gunslinger"

a comic strip!

Check out more Episodes of Arm Punt Formations

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December Is Chad Pennington Month

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So I have a little 2008 New York Jets Calendar hanging up in my cubical and for the entire month there has just been this chilling face staring back at me. See the Calendars are made approximately October of the previous year, so they're really just guessing who's going to be on the team the next season. They always include players who are no longer on the roster, for instance in 2007 Curtis Martin was prominently displayed despite retiring. But this year is different, this year is all about bad karma because December is Chad Pennington month.

Not only is Chad 3-0 in December while the Jets are 1-2, but now the Dolphins can clinch the division in the Meadowlands during the last December game. Karma is a bitch.

Chad's also on the Calendar Cover too.

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NFL Week 16 Awards

Wow You Guys Suck: NFC Wild Card Contenders, First the Cowboys stumble at home against the Ravens, then the Bucs get thumped at home by the Chargers and finally the Eagles can't get it done against a Redskins team that has been imploding. Nobody wants to make the playoffs. Runners Up: the Jets don't want to make the playoffs either of course, the Lions are 0-15.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Every Jet Player and Coach, 4 games on the West Coast against below .500 teams. 4 games that should be wins. And yet you come home with 4 losses. Someones got to rethink travel schedules because obviously it isn't working. Runners Up: me for actually getting my hopes up, the Cardinals for even making the trip to New England.

Cough Cough Cough: Three Day Old Cheeseburger,The Cheeseburger vastly outgained the Titans but then he decided to turn the ball over 4 times. Whoops. Runners Up: John Casey missed the 50 yarder to clinch home field, all the teams who held destiny in their hands and threw it away (Jets, Bucs, Cowboys, Eagles).

The Shocker: Buffalo Bills, The Bills should have beaten the Jets last week but other than that they've been on a downward spiral, so who expected them to travel cross country and knock off the Broncos when they needed the victory. Runners Up: the Eagles losing the game by a single yard, the Dolphins are 1 win away from the division title.

The Pimp: Derrick Ward, With homefield advantage on the line and Brandon Jacobs still banged up Derrick Ward became the man and rushed for 215 yards on only 15 carries. Runners Up: Matt Cassel is Tom Brady?, Ed Reed is a hero.

You Got Jakked Up: My Spirit, Shattered.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Hope is Gone, I'm out of the postseason so it's all meaningless.

New York Jets MVP: Nobody, Screw them all.

My Picks

My Picks: 8-7
Preseason Picks: 8-7
Picks Vs. Spread: 6-9
Pick Suggestions: 1-4

Tack one more thing on an already awful weekend.

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NFL Playoff Picture

Monday, December 22, 2008

Here is the current NFL playoff picture. I didn't go into the detail of which team gets the NFC's 5th seed if the Falcons lose, if I get time to do that over the course of the week I will.

Mangini can go screw.

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How Many Stars Does it Take to Get to the BCS

So you're team isn't going to make the BCS Bowls this year, I know it sucks. Do you want to go to one sometime in the future (Obviously)? Do you want to know what kind of recruiting it takes to get there (Of Course You Do)? Well here's a breakdown of how many 5 star, 4 star and 3 star recruits each BCS school has recruited over the 4 years.

So what do we get from such a chart? Well first of all you can see that if you're not dominating the recruiting scene in the Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10, or SEC than chances are you've got limited chance against the elite. Meanwhile VT has become the ACC elite since joining the conference but is at a notch below Florida, OU, UT, & USC in the recruiting game. This map also shows either just how solid of a coach Brian Kelly is or just how terrible the Big East is. 10-2 in a BCS conference with one single 4 star recruit in 4 years. Something tells me that his 'Cincinnati is a big time program now and not a stepping stone' statement will probably be regrettable when he still can't get the recruits he needs to turn the school into a perennial elite.

Other notables are: USC dominates the top 100, UT dominates the 4 star recruits, Bama dominates the 3 star recruits. USC doesn't want 3 star recruits cause you're not really good enough. Also, Utah has better recruiting numbers than Cincy over the past 4 years.

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A Little Vacation Time

I'll be taking time away from the computer this week so the posts will be much less frequent then the norm. Everyone (except Brett Favre) have a great holiday.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


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NCAA Bowl Predictions

Friday, December 19, 2008

Here are my selections for the Bowl Pick'Em game. If you care to soundly defeat me then join up here Tebow is a Superior Being, Password: Tebow. All the action begins tomorrow.

EagleBank Bowl: Wake Forest over Navy because rematches in college football are uber lame.

New Mexico: Fresno State over Colorado State cause the Bulldogs have a victory over the best football team in all of Jersey.

magicJack St. Petersburg: South Florida over Memphis cause nothing says magic like the Grothe mohawk.

Pioneer Las Vegas: BYU over Arizona cause the Mormons and Vegas mix beautifully.

R+L Carriers New Orleans: Troy over Southern Miss because Trojan men don't lose bowl games.

San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia: TCU over Boise State cause Boise St. is not on the Smurf turf.

Sheraton Hawaii: Notre Dame over Hawaii cause the Irish are bound to snap that bowl loss streak against a lame opponent.

Motor City: Central Michigan over Florida Atlantic cause the its the god damn Motor City bowl who in Florida wants to go to Michigan in December.

Meineke Car Care: West Virginia over North Carolina cause Pat White is going to go out a weiner, I mean winner.

Champs Sports: Florida State over Wisconsin cause the Badgers lost to Michigan, that means they are TERRIBLE.

Emerald: California over Miami (Fla.) cause that's a long plane ride to the West Side.

Independence: Louisiana Tech over Northern Illinois cause the Independence Day was won over the Technically advanced advanced Aliens when Will Smith Jeff Goldblum cracked the code. Rutgers over NC State because Jersey obviously loves cheap Pizza more than North Carolina.

Valero Alamo: Missouri over Northwestern cause the Chase Daniel wants to get drafted on the first day.

Roady's Humanitarian: Maryland over Nevada cause I'm ranking ACC competition over the west coast advantage.

Texas: Rice over Western Michigan cause well its a home game for Rice, how many fans does Western Michigan have.

Pacific Life Holiday: Oregon over Oklahoma State because he's a man he's 40.

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces: Air Force over Houston cause its the Helicopter bowl, shouldn't the armed forces get a little love from the officials.

Brut Sun: Pittsburgh over Oregon State cause you do not mess with the Wannstache on New years Eve.

Gaylord Hotels Music City: Boston College over Vanderbilt cause BC never loses bowl games cause they always play in shitty ones.

Insight: Kansas over Minnesota cause the Gophers are highly fraudulent.

Chick-fil-A: Georgia Tech over LSU cause the Tigers have definitely packed it in this year.

Outback: Iowa over South Carolina cause the Hawkeyes already shot down one old coach its time for another.

Capital One: Georgia over Michigan State cause Sparty isn't ready for the big time.

Konica Minolta Gator: Clemson over Nebraska cause the Tigers are lifted from the anchor that was Tommy Bowden.

Rose Bowl Game: USC over Penn State cause the Trojans feast on the Big 10 in Pasadena.

FedEx Orange: Virginia Tech over Cincinnati cause the the Hokies will score one defensive touchdown and win 7-3.

AT&T Cotton: Texas Tech over Ole Miss cause the Red Raiders are pissed off at all of their countless snubs.

AutoZone Liberty: East Carolina over Kentucky cause its a Pirate's life for me.

Allstate Sugar: Alabama over Utah cause its the SEC vs. the Mountain West no brainers.

International: Connecticut over Buffalo cause it's time for Turner Gill's resume to take a dip.

Tostitos Fiesta: Texas over Ohio State cause screw the Buckeyes.

GMAC: Tulsa over Ball State because Hoke bailed ship for San Diego St., that's not even a good job.

FedEx BCS National Championship Game: Florida over Oklahoma cause the Gators have Tim Tebow and the Sooners do not.

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NFC Playoff Picture

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1. New York Giants (11-3)
Remaining Schedule: Carolina, @Minnesota
Can Clinch Homefield With: A Win Carolina
Can Clinch Bye With: A Win or a Vikings loss

If the Giants win one of the next two games they get a bye. If they lose both then they could go from 11-1 to wildcard weekend.

2. Carolina Panthers (11-3)
Remaining Schedule: @Giants, @New Orleans
Can Clinch Division With: A Win

The Panthers still have to win a game to clinch the division title as both the Falcons and Bucs would hold a the tie-breaker over them thanks to a better record within the conference.

3. Minnesota Vikings (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: Atlanta, New York Giants
Can Clinch Division With: A Win or a Bears Loss
Can Clinch 2 Seed With: Two Wins and Two Giants Win
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Carolina, Chicago

The Vikings win this week and they clinch the division thanks to common game record. If they lose this week and beat the Giants while the Bears win out than it drops down to Strength of Victory in which would be a serious toss-up in the final week. The Bears would have key wins against the Colts and Eagles where as the Vikings would have key victories over the Giants and Cardinals.

4. Arizona Cardinals (8-6)
Remaining Schedule: @New England, Seattle
Already Clinched Division: Snooze
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Nobody

The Cardinals can get the 4 seed if they win out and the Vikings lose out. Snooze.

5. Dallas Cowboys (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: Baltimore, @Philadelphia
Can Clinch Wildcard With: Two Wins
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Tampa Bay

The Cowboys hold the tie-breaker over the Bucs and thus 2 wins gets them into the postseason and likely the 5 seed.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: San Diego, Oakland
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Nobody

They just need teams to lose ahead of them. They get two home games against AFC West candidates and win out and they'll have a chance. Too bad for them the Chargers are still alive coming into their game sunday or else they might have just laid down for them.

7. Atlanta Falcons (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Minnesota, St. Louis
Can Clinch the Wildcard With: Two Wins*

The Falcons do not control their destiny and yet can still win their division, the 5 seed or 6 seed.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Washington, Dallas
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Doesn't matter cause of the tie.

For the Eagles it's simple win out and hope for a Bucs or Falcons loss. In reality they need either the Bucs or Falcons to lose this weekend as their week 17 competition is the Raiders and Rams respectively.

9. Chicago Bears (8-6)
Remaining Schedule: Green Bay, @Houston
Can Clinch Division With: Two Wins and Two Vikings Losses

The Bears obviously need to take care of business first but they need to put on their Matt Ryan hats big time.

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NFL Week 16 Pick Suggestions

Ugh, looking for a bounce back from last weeks debacle.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (-4 1/2) at Washington Redskins
The Eagles are playing well and are still in the playoff hunt where the Redskins have officially given up on the season.

4. Houston Texans (-7 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
Come on the Raiders are atrocious and the Texans are playing really well. This one is a gimme.

3. Detroit Lions (+6 1/2) vs. New Orleans Saints
The Saints are done this year and the Lions are a cover machine, plus they have more motivation to win this week. Who the hell wants to be 0-16?

2. Indianapolis Colts (-6 1/2) at Jacksonville Jaguars
The Colts let me down last week by only losing by ten, but I didn't no Dan-O the cover machine was playing for the Lions. This week the Colts clinch the three seed with a win and destroy the decrepit Jaguars.

1. New York Jets (-4 1/2) at Seattle Seahawks
If I'm gonna go down in a heap of misery I'm going to do so with confidence. The Jets got the lucky bounce they needed last week and now they can finally get that first west coast victory.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle
Running out of teams so we're going with the Broncos at home against the Bills even though I hope they lose.

Non-Spread Picks

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NFL Week 15 Awards

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wow You Guys Suck: Washington Redskins, You're playoff hopes were essentially trashed coming into last week already but you certainly threw some extra dirt on your grave by losing to the friggin Bungles. Runners Up: Cardinals defense gave up 4 touchdown passes to Tavaris Jackson, Oakland's defense let the Pats score on their first 5 possessions.

This Scarecrow Needs a Brain: Dick Jauron, The Jets needed a gift and I was about one more first down away from turning it off and kicking a hole in the wall, but alas Dick Jauron and JP 'Loss'man were there for me. And now the Jets have two more weeks to break my spirit. Runners Up: the Refs that decided it was indisputable that Santonio scored the touchdown, Jeff Fisher opting to throw a bomb No-Hands McCareins rather than kick a 49 yard field goal.

Cough Cough Cough: The HERMINATORS, The HERMINATORS had an 18 point lead and the chance to knock the Chargers out of the playoffs. But then their offense opted to not score anymore and their defense opted to give up just enough points to lose. Runners Up: JP 'Loss'man let the ball and the game slip threw his fingers, the Saints D let their playoff hopes go out the window by giving up back to back drives to Kyle Orton.

The Shocker: Houston Texans, I know I picked this game last week but I started convincing myself towards the weekend that the Texans had a shot to take home a victory. (Mostly when I wrote the Manning Bowl post and thought the Colts still had a shot at the division, they don't). But it's still the most shocking outcome of the weekend. Runners Up: the Redskins are lifeless, the pounding Minnesota gave Arizona on the road.

The Pimp: Andre Johnson, If this guy had a quarterback for his entire career he might just be thought of as a potential hall of famer, that's how good he is. But he was stuck with David Carr for too many years and is relegated to putting up 209 yards on a top ranked defense without much media adulation. Runners Up: the Cowboys pass rush tortured the G-Men all night long, Philip Rivers two touchdowns in just over a minute is pretty pimp.

You Got Jakked Up: Eli Manning, Eli was getting pummeled on just about every play as his line decided that they didn't want to block to many blitzers on sunday night.

My Fantasy Anti-MVP: Hope is Gone, I'm out of the postseason so it's all meaningless.

New York Jets MVP: Abram Elam, he can't cover anyone but he made a huge game and potential season saving play.

My Picks

My Picks: 9-7
Preseason Picks: 13-3
Picks Vs. Spread: 6-9
Pick Suggestions: 1-4

Hey, I was great at picking week 15 games in September... not so much in December.

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Arm Punt Formations: Runnin Just Ain't The Same

Episode 7 of Arm Punt Formations starring the "Gunslinger"

a comic strip!

Check out more Episodes of Arm Punt Formations

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Who Is The Least Worthy Pro Bowler?

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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AFC East Division Winner Scenarios

There are a total of 32 possible combinations of wins and losses over the next two weeks. The Dolphins and Jets both win 12 of the possibilities where the Pats win the division in 8 of the scenarios.

1. I highlighted two of the Dolphins wins with a 1. In this scenario the Dolphins and Pats would have the same Division Record, Common Game Record, and Conference Record. It would then come down to Strength of Victory where beating a better team helps you out. The only difference in their victories would wind up being the Chiefs and the Chargers. The Dolphins would have beaten the Chargers and the Pats beaten the Chiefs. Because the Chargers have a better record the Dolphins would win the Tie-Breaker.

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AFC Playoff Picture

1. Tennessee Titans (12-2)
Remaining Schedule: Pittsburgh, @Indy
Can Clinch Homefield With: A Win over Pittsburgh or A Win over Indy and a Pittsburgh loss to Cleveland

The Titans can lock up the #1 seed this week with a win over Pittsburgh. A loss however sets up a situation where they would need Cleveland to show up and beat the Steelers in week 17. Doubtful.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers (11-3)
Remaining Schedule: @Tennessee, Cleveland
Can Clinch Homefield With: A Win over Tennessee and Either A Win over Cleveland or a Tennessee loss to Indy

Thanks to the Texans the Steelers now control their own destiny. Win out and the AFC title travels through Pittsburgh. Lose to the Titans and they may have to schedule a return trip to the land of country music.

3. New York Jets (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Seattle, Miami
Can Clinch Division With: Two Wins or A Win over Miami and a Patriot Loss
Holds Tie-Breakers Over: Patriots and Dolphins in the Event They Beat the Dolphins. Nobody if they lose to the Dolphins.

The Jets currently hold the tie-breaker over both the Dolphins and Patriots thanks to division record. If the Pats lose in either week 16 or 17 than all the Jets need to do is beat the Dolphins. Beating Seattle wouldn't be necessary. If the Jets lose to the Dolphins they are almost certainly done. They would need to beat Seattle and have both the Ravens and Pats drop their final two games, meaning the Jets would need big efforts from the Jaguars and Bills in the final week. Doubtful.

4. Denver Broncos (8-6)
Remaining Schedule: Buffalo, @San Diego
Can Clinch Division With: A Win over Buffalo, A Win over San Diego or a San Diego Loss
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: New York Jets

It's simple win 1 more game or get a Chargers loss and they are in. The Broncos lost to both the Pats and the Dolphins so in order to get the 3 seed they would need the Jets to win the division at 10-6 which isn't overly likely.

5. Indianapolis Colts (10-4)
Remaining Schedule: @Jacksonville, Tennessee
Can Clinch 5 Seed With: A Win over Jacksonville or Tennessee
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Everyone, thanks to a 8-2 conference record which at worst would be 8-4 in addition to wins over Baltimore and New England.

Take care of business against the Jaguars and the Colts can rest up in week 17. If the Colts lose both of their remaining games they will need a maximum of one of the Ravens, Patriots, Jets and Dolphins to win out.

6. Baltimore Ravens (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Dallas, Jacksonville
Can Clinch the Wildcard With: Two Wins
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Miami

The Ravens currently hold the tie-breaker over the Dolphins and the Patriots thanks to a victory over Miami and a better conference record than the Patriots. If the Ravens fall to 10-6, a loss to the Cowboys would maintain their tie-breakers over both the Dolphins and the Pats. The tie-breaker with the Jets is a bit more confusing as the Jets could also wind up with an 8-4 conference record. Than it would come down to Common Games which are Cincy, Tenn, Oakland, Miami. Both teams would likely be 5-1 against those oppnents. Than it comes down to Strength of Victory which would likely go to Baltimore's favor thanks to the NFC east competition.

7. Miami Dolphins (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Kansas City, @New York Jets
Can Clinch the Division With: Two Wins
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Patriots

The Dolphins currently hold the tie-breaker over the Pats thanks to conference games so they win out and they not the Pats win the division. If they lose to the Jets and the Pats beat the Bills that tie-breaker flip-flops. If they lose to Kansas City and beat the Jets than they would win the tie-breaker if the Pats also finished 10-6.

8. New England Patriots (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: Arizona, @Buffalo
Can Clinch Division With: Two Wins and a Jets and Dolphins Loss
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Denver

The Patriots do not control their destiny for either the wildcard or the division and will need help to get either. The reason is because all of their losses have come within the conference where as their competition has lost at least once to an NFC opponent. A Ravens loss or a Jets and Dolphins loss will give them back their own destiny. The Pats are the only team that could go 11-5 and miss out on the playoffs.

9. San Diego Chargers (6-8)
Remaining Schedule: @Tampa Bay, Denver
Can Clinch Division With: Two Wins and Two Denver Losses

The Chargers path is simple. Win these week and put on your Buffalo Bills cap at 4 PM.

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The Lions Are Much Better With Orlovsky

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Lions are putrid, disgusting, pitiful, incredibly awful, etc. Just think of a negative adjective and you can easily apply it to Detroit. They are 0-14 and have incredible potential to go 0-16. They have started three different quarterbacks who haven't put a W on the board: Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky and Dante Culpepper. Two of them are veterans and close to household names, the other is the unknown who has consistently outperformed the others.

Sure Orlovsky is forever going to be known as the dumb ass who ran straight out of the end zone for a safety, but the fact is he has played vastly superior to his teammates. In games in which Orlovsky has started (5 in total) the Lions have lost by a combined 25 points or an average of 5 a game. These starts came against the Colts, Texans, Vikings, Bears and Washington before they turned dogshit. Meanwhile in games started by Kitna or Culpepper (9 in total), the Lions have lost by an average of 19+. The only double digit defeat with Orlovsky under center came this week against the Colts. Meanwhile, the Lions 7 times under Culpepper and Kitna lost by 10+ points.

In the games started by Orlovsky he's played at a QB rating of 88.58, which certainly isn't spectacular but not futile. He's only thrown two interceptions, both coming in the game he tore up his thumb. Meanwhile he's thrown for 6 touchdowns and averaged 233 yards per contest. None of this is Pro-Bowl worthy but it just might be good enough to give him a realistic shot of winning the starting job in 2009.

Quick Note: He graduated in my senior class in high school, so you gotta hope the hometown kid gets a shot.

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Man Boobs Are Not Needed

Seriously who wants to go to a football game and see a person with enormous man boobs and arm fat flapping in front of their face shirtless for 3 hours. Would it be that bad if he was just wearing a t-shirt with a green J.

And really if you're going to paint your damn chests (which is lame) the least you can do is be funny. See Syracuse.

Bowl Game?

Blow Me?

See Much Better

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