For Some Reason I Don't Think The Mets Are Done

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Mets bullpen sucked last year. It sucked mightily. It cost them their chance to win the division and paved the way for the Phillies to win the World Series. And in the past two days they've gone about trying to address this. They brought in K-Rod to be the closer, even though many people have brought up valid points about how he's already on the decline, and they brought in JJ Putz to pitch in the 8th. Sometimes I'm a bit wary about sending a dominant closer back to the 8th inning, but still he's certainly a lot better than what they had last year. But there is still something missing. Who the hell is taking the ball to start the game?

The Mets right now have three starters, Mike Pelfrey, John Maine and obviously Johan Santana and then well nothing. So time to spend more money? Let's see who they could potentially target.

Ollie P: He's been there two and a half years and he's been great. And then bad. And then great. And then really bad. You never quite know what you're going to get from an Ollie P start. Will the Mets dip back into that well? I'd imagine so.

Pedro Martinez: The best pitcher of his generation is nothing more than a #4 injury riddled starter now. I wouldn't be surprised if the Mets bring him back, but I'm leaning towards thinking that they won't.

Bartolo Colon: The Fat man is a free agent and seemingly no one knows about it cause he did limited for the Red Sox last year. He does fit the Mets general description (Latin) though, and my guess is he winds up on the Mets roster as their #5.

Freddy Garcia: You know he's only 32? Seems like he's been around forever. He's also coming off multiple injuries so he could be a cheap get for the Mets as well. Plus he's you guessed it Latin.

Tom Glavine: That made me chuckle a bit.

Ben Sheets: Who's trying to sign Sheets now? Anyone? Perhaps he'll wind up with the Mets when I want him to wind up with the Yankees.

John Smoltz: If Glavine bolted once then why not Smoltz? Ya not gonna happen.

Derek Lowe: They could potentially go for Lowe but I'm not sure what he as a country hunter boy adds to the clubhouse chemistry.

Carl Pavano: I think he's going to go as far away from New York as possible. Although it would be humorous if he went to the Mets and wound up on the DL in Spring Training.

Brad Penny: Eh fat, not very jolly, and white do not make a Met.

Randy Wolf: I don't think Wolf fits the Mets mold either.

So we're guessing the Mets sign 3 of these 4: Ollie P, Pedro, Bartolo and Freddy.

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