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Thursday, December 04, 2008

This week was 'Decide Whether You Want to Offer Arbitration' week, which means that if you have a Type-A or Type-B free agent and they decide to leave your comfy confines than you get yourself some bonus picks. Many teams offered arbitration to many a player but the Yankees said screw it we don't need draft picks. So to make them feel stupid let's take a look at who would make up the All Compensation Draft Team in 2009.


Starting Catcher: Kelly Shoppach for Rheal Cormier [2001 Pick #48]
Starting 1B: Conor Jackson for Greg Colbrunn [2003 Pick #19]
Starting 2B: Brian Roberts for Rafael Palmeiro [1999 Pick #50]
Starting 3B: David Wright for Mike Hampton [2001 Pick #38]
Starting SS: Kelly Johnson for Jose Hernandez [2000 Pick #38]
Starting LF: Johnny Damon for Kurt Stillwell [1992 Pick #35]
Starting CF: Torrii Hunter for John Smiley [1993 Pick #20]
Starting RF: Aaron Rowand for Dave Martinez [1998 Pick #35]

The starters consist of only 1 superstar in David Wright and would have a suspect middle infield with Kelly Johnson forced to patrol short rather than 2nd but the lineup would be deep and the outfield defense would be extraordinary.


Shannon Stewart for Tom Candiotti [1992 Pick #19]
Jeff Mathis for Mark Petkovsek [2001 Pick #33]
Nick Swisher for Johnny Damon [2002 Pick #16]
Jacoby Elsbury for Orlando Cabrera [2005 Pick #23]
Jarrod Saltalamacchia for Mike Remlinger [2003 Pick #36]

Elsbury obviously would get some PT as he is essentially Johnny Damon in his youth. Mathis and Salty provide depth at catcher. Swisher provides the comedy and Stewart supplies some veteran leadership.


#1 Starter: Chris Carpenter for Tom Henke [1993 Pick #15]
#2 Starter: Adam Wainwright for Russ Springer [2000 Pick #29]
#3 Starter: Jeremy Bonderman for Kevin Appier [2001 Pick #26]
#4 Starter: Joe Blanton for Jason Giambi [2002 Pick #24]
#5 Starter: Dustin McGowan for Graeme Lloyd [2000 Pick #33]

The rotation is deep but not spectacular. Chris Carpenter was once the best pitcher in the national league but coming off injuries there would be major question marks about his 2009 production. Adam Wainwright was a staff ace before also getting injured last year. Bonderman has been a solid 2 or 3 starter for years again until he got injured last year. Blanton proved he could be the 4th starter on a World Series Champ. McGowan would be a great #5 starter but again he also got hurt last year.


Closer: Brad Lidge for Darryl Kyle [1998 Pick #17]
Setup Man #1: Joba Chamberlain for Tom Gordon [2006 Pick #41]
Setup Man #2: Huston Street for Miguel Tejada [2004 Pick #40]
Power Mid Relief: Jensen Lewis for Omar Vizquel [2005 Pick #102]
Lefty Specialist: JP Howell for Raul Ibanez [2004 Pick #31]
Young Mid Reliever: Phil Hughes for Andy Pettitte [2004 Pick #23]
Clay Bucholz for Pedro Martinez [2005 Pick #42]

The best part of this All Compensation Team would be its bullpen. Brad Lidge was the best closer in baseball in 2008. Huston Street has been a solid closer for the A's for a few years. Joba is arguably the best setup man in baseball when used as such. Jensen Lewis took over the closer role for the Indians in August and pitched very well. JP Howell was the lefty specialist for the AL champs. And finally Hughes and Bucholz would provide very talented mid-relief that could easily make spot starts if needed.

So what do you think? If this was a team in 2009 what would their record be? Would they have playoff or even World Series Aspirations?

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