And Your Scapgoat is Eric Mangini

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Jets collapse in December so somebody needs to take the fall, and that man is Eric Mangini. Owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Tannenbaum decided that it was time to let the "Mangenious" go and well to that I say meh.

The Mangenious moniker came in 2006 and was strictly handed down by the media because the Jets made the playoffs when everyone thought they were going to suck. But here's the deal in the NFL, teams make dramatic turnarounds all the time. Look at the playoffs this season. The Falcons, Ravens and Dolphins were all horrible last year and then they get good quarterback and look now they're in the playoffs. In 2006 that's exactly what happened. The Jets in 2005 were a disaster mostly because Pennington got injured. In 2006 Pennington came back and played well and thanks to a weak schedule the Jets managed to win 10 games. It was certainly a welcome unexpected outcome but in heinsight it really wasn't completely shocking. Last season once again Pennington went down and the season was gone before it started. So whatever on the 2007 season.

Now onto this season. After week 12s victory over the Titans everything looked great in the world. A lot of things went wrong in the last 5 weeks, the defense sucked especially on the pass, the play calling was suspect, the coaching decisions were questionable, etc. But most of all Brett Favre sucked. He sucked. In 5 games Brett Favre never eclipsed a quarterback ranking of 62. He didn't once throw for more than 1 touchdown. He didn't once throw for more than 250 yards. He was awful and he's the main reason we choked. But in the world of the NFL it's Mangini that takes the fall and not the man really at fault.

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