We Are Backups No Longer

Monday, December 01, 2008

If you look around the league this weekend there were a lot of former backup running backs coming up massive.

Michael Turner

Hi I'm Michael Turner, you may formerly know me as the 'best backup' in the NFL for 4 seasons behind LaDainian Tomlinson, the former best back in the NFL. Now what you should know is that in 2008 I am a far superior back than my former stealer of carries. See LaDainian only has a meager 794 yards and 6 touchdowns on the ground and he's only been able to take 217 carries. I on the other hand have been a complete horse. I have 1208 yards and 13 tds on a league leading 282 carries. Oh and did you notice this weekend when my Falcons went into San Diego and came out the victor and LT just had a meager 24 yards on the ground. Ya pathetic.

In fact if you look at where Atlanta is right now and where they were at this time last season you could even make a case I'm a darkhorse MVP candidate. Man it's nice not to be in the shadows or confined to the bench anymore.

Peyton Hillis

Hi I'm Peyton Hillis. You might remember me as that other guy in the Wildcat formation. You know the one that just stood next to D-Mac rarely got the ball and just mostly hit people for Felix or for Dmac. Hitting people is always fun so I enjoy blocking but sometimes you just want the damn ball. Sure I'm white and in a fullbacks body but I can run too. Just ask the Jets this weekend. I rushed 129 yards on just 22 carries, and they were supposed to be a good rush defense. Ha I ate them up. And you know what, guess who has more touchdowns this year, Dmac or Me? Ya Me. What about Felix or Me? Ya me. Maybe that's why Houston Nutt had to runaway from Arkansas last season, he didn't get me the ball enough. I dominate, and I am not on the bench anymore.

DeAngelo Williams

Hi I'm DeAngelo Williams. You all wondered why DeShaun Foster was a starter for so long and I was his backup. You must have just thought I was injury prone and couldn't get the bulk of the carries. But you're wrong. I'm getting the bulk of the carries and I'm dominating just like I did back at Memphis. 955 yards on 193 carries. That's 4.9 yards a carry, that's unstoppableness. Did you see me this weekend? I put up 4 touchdowns on the Pack. 4. Top that DeShaun. I'm no longer on the bench and because of that the Panthers are back.

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