How Did Charlie Keep His Job?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Saga of Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick's search for a new head football coach.

a comic strip!

If You Enjoyed that Comic Than Check Out Arm Punt Formations, starring Brett Favre the Gunslinger.

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"your" = "you're"?
touchdown "you"??? do you mean touchdown "U"?

Anonymous said...
5:08 AM  

Hey anonymous dickbag get a joke / off the grammar police. Touchdown you = touchdown Jesus.

Anonymous said...
8:11 AM  

I like how ND went to coaches with Cincinnati ties.. and both said no. Urban is a Cincinnati grad and obviously BKelly is the current coach.

Anonymous said...
9:09 AM  

Hilarious. Like Urban would be all anxious to leave his pro caliber team in Florida to go to Notre Dame. Maybe Weis threatened to eat his family if he even thought about taking his gig

The Prophet said...
11:57 AM  

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