NFL Week 15 Pick Suggestions

Friday, December 12, 2008

Apparently it's favorite week, except of course for last nights game which I of course lost already.

5. Washington Redskins (-6 1/2) at Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals are so incredibly terrible.

4. Arizona Cardinals (-3 1/2) vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings are playing Tarvaris Jackson again... that's why I'm picking the Cardinals.

3. New England Patriots (-7 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
The Raiders have put up more than 1 good game this season, but their typical game is complete shit. So I'm guessing this weekend will be complete shit.

2. Indianapolis Colts (-16 1/2) vs. Detroit Lions
The Colts haven't lost in a long time and the Lions haven't won in longer. Nothing is going to give.

1. Tennessee Titans (-3 1/2) at Houston Texans
This spread is absolutely begging a sucker to take it. And well I'm just that sucker.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle
Washington over Cincy. I know Washington is struggling but it's Cincy they suck.

Non-Spread Picks

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