Breakin It Down: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Breakin it down is 5 key stories plus a pick for each postseason game this season.

Is it the Iggles or the Eagles?

Which team in the NFL has been more inconsistent than the Eagles? It's almost as if they have two seperate teams that they travel with. They beat the Steelers at home and the Giants on the road. They tie the lowly Bengals and get embarrassed by the Ravens. Their offense scores 3 points against a floundering Washington then it scores 44 against a playoff fighting Dallas.

I Repeat You Are Not a Power Running Team

This is where the Eagles sometimes lose games. Andy Reid in his all knowing fupa decide that its time to man up and pound the rock. It never works because they just don't have the personnel to do it. It'll be benificial if the Eagles avoid manning up.

Will The Fat Be In the Middle?

Pat Williams is the player that makes the Vikings rush defense so formidable. You want to run up the middle? Well too bad because you have to get past a 6 foot wide man. The problem? Pat Williams has missed the past two weeks and is questionable for a weekend return. If he's not there than maybe even the Eagles can run up the middle.

Can T Make the Big Play

Tarvaris Jackson was benched. He wasn't making plays. He wasn't accurate. So the Vikings went with of all people, Frerotten. Then the Gus Gus got banged up and now it's back in T's hands. So what will he do in his first playoff game? Will he the guy who made plays against the Cardinals? Will he be the fumble machine like he was against the Falcons? Or will he return to the guy who couldn't throw a pass into the ocean if he was standing on a one foot wide island.

Is It Destiny?

Everything looked down and out for the Eagles. They catch potential game tying touchdown at the one and have to watch time and most likely their playoff chances expire. But the 1 o'clock cards fell right into the Eagles lap. The Raiders somehow won a big game and the Bears couldn't control Andre Johnson. Is Lady Luck still with Philadelphia after the Phillies took home the Series?

The Pick

Adrian Peterson is a beast but I just can't trust Tarvaris to make a play. Meanwhile I just think with all the cards falling the Eagles way in week 17 that maybe luck is on their side.

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