Ten Plays of Ineptitude

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Let us count down the 10 plays that were the biggest culprits in the Jets loss to the 49ers.

1st Quarter

3rd and 2 at SF 38 (13:54) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass incomplete short right to D.Keller.
The Jets recovered the onside kick and had every chance to jump out to a big lead given their ridiculous field position but instead they went three and out thanks to Keller's drop. It was the biggest culprit of the Jets not taking advantage of their opportunities.

2nd and 5 at NYJ 7 (2:26) S.Hill pass short middle to J.Hill to NYJ 1 for 6 yards (H.Poteat). FUMBLES (H.Poteat), recovered by SF-J.Staley at NYJ 0. TOUCHDOWN. Caught at NYJ 3, lost ball at NYJ 1. J.Staley recovered ball in end zone for TD.
The Jets sucked it up for the second straight defensive drive but once again managed to force a fumble. Cody Spencer a backup linebacker had the first opportunity to fall on the ball, and he did. The only problem is he didn't come close to holding onto the ball and the Jets were down 6-0.

2nd Quarter

2nd and 20 at NYJ 40 (2:00) (Shotgun) S.Hill pass short right to D.Zeigler to NYJ 27 for 13 yards (D.Lowery). Caught at NYJ 29.
The Jets on 1st down with the Niners driving got pressure and got the sack then in typically fashion on 2nd down they play soft coverage and let them get all their yards back plus some more. The Niners got the 1st down on the next play.

3rd and 4 at NYJ 4 (:50) S.Hill pass short right to F.Gore for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN. Caught at NYJ 6.
The Jets forced Hill to throw 2 separate incomplete passes and had a chance to force a San Fran field goal. But the beautiful defensive scheme decided that Frank Gore should be covered by the safety in the middle of the field who was forced into a futile fight through 2 wideouts and 2 dbs.

3rd Quarter

2nd and 20 at NYJ 38 (:57) S.Hill pass short right to J.Hill pushed ob at NYJ 27 for 11 yards (K.Rhodes; T.Law). Caught at NYJ 33.
Once again the Jets got the Niners into a 2nd and 20 thanks to a holding penalty and a sack and yet again they fell into incredibly soft coverage and let them get the lost yardage plus some more. The Niners once again got the 1st down on the next play.

4th Quarter

J.Nedney kicks 69 yards from SF 30 to NYJ 1. L.Washington to NYJ 40 for 39 yards. PENALTY on NYJ-J.Ihedigbo, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 40. KORet for TD nullified by holding penalty. L.Washington credited with 39-yard return.
The Jets seemingly took the lead and I had a second of joy but alas it was not to be as Ihedigbo was called for a highly questionable holding penalty.

1st and 10 at NYJ 30 (14:29) B.Favre pass incomplete to T.Jones (M.Lewis). PENALTY on NYJ-C.Baker, Offensive Holding, 10 yards, enforced at NYJ 30 - No Play.
The Jets followed up the kicking holding penalty with and offensive holding penalty which killed their chances at a successful drive.

3rd and 6 at NYJ 13 (7:47) S.Hill pass short right to J.Hill to NYJ 4 for 9 yards (D.Coleman).
The Jets needing a stop to keep the game at 1 possession saw the 49ers run a wide receiver criss-cross to Jason Hill. Revis had the opportunity to step up and make the tackle prior to the first down but took a miserable angle and allowed Hill to get by him and get the 1st.

J.Nedney kicks 65 yards from SF 30 to NYJ 5. B.Smith to NYJ 14 for 9 yards. FUMBLES, recovered by NYJ-L.Washington at NYJ 1. L.Washington to NYJ 1 for no gain (B.Bajema; T.Banta-Cain). B.Smith attempted a backward pass and is charged with a KOReturn of -4 yds.
Desperate situations leads to desperate moves and the Jets running the option on the kickoff was just that. I honestly think with a good pitch it may have been succesful because Leon looked like he was in the clear to gain 20+ additional yards, but instead the pitch sucked and Leon was lucky not to take a safety.

1st and 10 at NYJ 38 (2:00) (Shotgun) B.Favre pass intended for L.Coles INTERCEPTED by W.Harris at SF 7. W.Harris to SF 7 for no gain (L.Coles). Penalty on NYJ-L.Coles, Offensive Pass Interference, declined.
The exclamation point on their shitty play. Brett throws up an arm punt down the sidelines which Coles has to attempt an offensive interference to avoid it being intercepted, but it doesn't matter as Harris came down with it anyway.

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