Week 14 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, December 01, 2008

Tonight We Dine On Seminole Blood
Next Week We Rip Out Saban's Liver

That's the Man
That's the Man Who Haunts My Dreams

Bradford With the Leap
Over Both the Cowboys and the Longhorns

Losing to Wanny Results in Spontaneous Vomiting

The Asians Pretending to Be Indians Think H2H is the Clincher
They Are Wrong

The Best Trophies Are the Ones You Can Drink Out Of
And Rice Shall Be Binging All Week Long

Tony the Tiger is a Clemson Fan
And Clemson Is GRRRRREEEAAA.. Eh Not Really

Why's There a Little Kid on the Field
Oh That's Just Jacquizz

Sorry But Santa Doesn't Give XMas Gifts in November
Should Have Asked the Easter Bunny or the Thanksgiving Mascot Pilgrim

Please Please Please Give Me a Handshake
I Promise I Won't Bring You Down With Me

Oranges Are Dericious
We Go To Miami To Eat Oranges Against ACC?

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