When Picking Your Heisman Winner, First Cut the Fat

Friday, December 12, 2008

Who really cares how McCoy played against Rice or how Bradford played against Chattanooga or Tebow against the Citadel. What matters is how they played in the biggest games of the year. For each team I trimmed down their schedule to their biggest six games of the year. For McCoy that meant including essentially their entire Big 12 schedule and stretching a bit with Kansas and Colorado. For Bradford that meant including TCU and Cincy and ignoring Kansas and Nebraska. For Tebow that means FSU plus their big SEC games but ignoring the U.

When you get those stats in the same place you'll notice that really, McCoy does not belong in the conversation. The table below shows the stats for those 6 games and I've highlighted their totals for each category, green is tops, yellow is middle and red is bottom.

First off McCoy played weaker opponents throughout, because he played no out of conference games of any consequence. He had less passing touchdowns than either Tebow or McCoy, had way less passing yards than Bradford and half the rushing touchdowns as Tebow. In McCoys one loss he had one of his two worst performances where as Bradford threw for 5 touchdowns and 387 yards in his loss and Tebow threw for over 300+ yards for the only time of the season and had 3 touchdowns. All three had costly turnovers in their losses as McCoy threw an INT, Bradford thre 2 and Tebow had a key fumble lost.

To me it comes down to Bradford or Tebow. Do you prefer Tebow's versatility as the power back? Or do you perfer Bradfords highly superior but one dimensional passing numbers? Me? I think I'm leaning towards Bradford. All 6 of his teams are ranked in the top 25. The only game he didn't have 4 or more tds his team scored 62 points. Tebow was great and absolutely carried the Gators in the SEC title game and is also a good choice but to me seeing Bradford average 375 yards in those 6 games should win him the award.

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