Beating Duke is Always Delicious

Monday, December 08, 2008

Given that it's only early December, meaning I am only mildly in tune with the college hoops world, it's not surprising that on Saturday afternoon I completely forgot about the fact that Michigan was hosting the Blue Devils*. But thanks to the power of gambling my buddy, whose house I went to, was completely in tune to the game. Why? He was laying cash on Michigan +10, so instead of just focusing on the 1st half of the SEC championship we were hitting the last channel button plentifully and it was glorious.

Michigan has played Duke multiple times in the past decade and well the results aren't good. Hell the results aren't typically good when they play anybody nevermind Duke. But not this saturday. Nope the Wolverines are no longer miserable (don't know if they're good either but not miserable). Sure the Wolverines were at home and Duke struggled mightily from beyond the arc (7-33 ouch) but who cares, there's no better feeling in college basketball than beating Duke.

And that's what I did on saturday afternoon I enjoyed watching Michigan beat Duke. I enjoyed the back cuts. I enjoyed the clutch threes by white kids I've never seen play before. I enjoyed the dejected looks of Scheyer and Singler. I enjoyed the lack of PT given to the douche aka Greg Paulus (10 minutes ha!). I enjoyed the fact that Michigan now has two marquee out of conference wins and may break the misery streak of 10 years without an NCAA bid.

After last years misery, including a loss to Tommy Amaker, it's nice to see that John Beilein is finally getting the message across to his players. Perhaps this means that next year RichRod will do the same?

I think I'll end this post on a song:

Michigan beat Duke HaHaHa.
Scheyer is a Crier, HaHaHa.
Paulus is a Douche, HaHaHa.
Michigan beat Duke HaHaHa.

* I mean I had a presentation in the morning and decided to skip the part of my 2nd class just so I could get home for the Bama vs. Florida game, there were things on my mind.

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