Bringing Ineptitude to New Depths

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It's now the first week of December and since College Football is done and the Jets are all but out of it, I decided to check in on the Michigan Wolverines hoops squad to see if they were perhaps going to not suck this season, and what I saw was almost unbelievable. Michigan sits at 3-5 after losing their third consecutive game over the weekend, but that doesn't nearly tell the whole story. The Wolverines lost to Harvard a bad 4-4 Ivy League school team who opened the season with a 55 point loss to Stanford and is coached by someone who they should be very familiar with... The very same coach they shitcanned earlier this year, Tommy Amaker.

Are you serious, an Ivy League school with a 5 white starters, an asian kid coming off the bench, and a Chris Klein look-a-like? The Wolverines are so bad this season that they couldn't muster up enough motivation to beat their old coach who has a roster of non-scholarship players. To top it all off they lost by double digits. That's just downright embarrassing.

I was all for both the Amaker axing and the Beilein hiring but damn John how about you fire up the troops. Certainly Tommy didn't leave the cupboard more barren than the squad he picked up at Harvard. Certainly you can do better than losing to a .500 Ivy League School right?

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Scott Albrecht said...
8:05 PM  

I wonder when the program will realize it has to wake up and spend some money on new facilities and get their hands dirty in recruiting. They are absolutely hopeless. And I think the football program in heading in the same direction. Great pics, too.
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Scott Albrecht said...
8:07 PM  

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