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Thursday, December 06, 2007

~Busy at work again today so the posts are limited, but whatever I spent way too much time on the NBA post last night so just read that a few times and stop your bitching.

~SI Hot Clicks and TrueHoop even linked up that post so maybe it was worth foregoing finishing my homework, which is due this evening which I have to finish sometime in the next few hours, to do. Might even make enough to get me a pint of Newcastle this weekend.

~Yet another thursday night game, I'll try to get the picks out later today but doubt I will have time, so the pick is Chicago to cover and win. They're getting 3 points for some reason.

~I have not posted on the Heisman yet this season and mostly because if you don't vote for Tim Tebow you're an idiot. He should runaway with this thing. He has 50 god damn touchdowns and is the entire Gator offense.

~The Big Ten is lame and is killing a blog because of copyright infringement. They should get the copyrights for Weak 11 cause the whole conference blows.

~Nondescript cornerbacks should not guarantee victories when playing against an undefeated team. He should be laughed at and ridiculed by Patriots players if they do in fact beat the Steelers on Sunday. He however should not be applauded if the Steelers win, cause chances are he wouldn't have played a big roll in the victory.

~The Tigers might already be trying to trade Dontrelle Willis which is not very surprising but kind of humorous. They've started talking to the Mets who the Marlins refused to trade Willis to. Pretty funny.

~Andruw Jones getting 18 million a year is a bit ridiculous considering his average and number of Ks was practically identical last season.

~So much for the Sox deal with the Twins being all but done. Stupid ESPN and their rumors.

~The Dolphins better win this weekend against the Bills. This is probably their best chance as the Bills aren't that good.

~Jason Kidd apparently just skipped out on the game last night cause he 'caught' a cold. What a bitch. I've always disliked that guy and his stupid free throw kiss. They lost to the Knicks because of this.

~Go look at Krik Hinrich's stats. What happened to the birdman? He sucks.

~That featured comment stuff on is really dumb.

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