Mitchell Report Quicknotes

Thursday, December 13, 2007

~The Friggin thing is one big citation. Every single page is practically half footnotes. Also, do they know how to create a PDF? Is it that hard to link up the damn table of contents so you can click on a topic and it will bring you directly to that point. I guess they couldn't afford the 20 extra minutes of formatting this would have taken. Anyway the way the document is put together it looks like a 5th grader did it. Now I guess onto its contents.

~Did we need the rehashing of all the BALCO stuff we already knew? Or the HGH shipments to Ankiel, Glaus, Matthews Jr. etc. that we already knew?

~In Reality this report is BALCO, Radomski, the Segui household and the Internet HGH scandal it barely scrapes the surface of the steroid era. They really have two suppliers (BALCO & Radomski) and their users to think that there were only two suppliers in major league baseball is ridiculous.

~I wonder how much money Radomski made dealing. Probably a decent chunk of change.

~Nook Logan's name is Exavier? Who knew. Dude weighs about 153 soaking wet though.

~Andy Pettite should just admit to whats in the document as should many others. The Document simply says Pettite took a few injections of HGH while rehabbing an injury. It mentions nothing about steroids at all and doesn't make claims that he had a prolonged use. So simply put this says that he took HGH to attempt to heal while not playing. Who the hell cares about that. Just come out say you did it and not answer any of the other questions. Especially regarding Clemens who is accused of doing far more than you were.

~Maybe some of these players should have met with Mitchell as many of the segments end with, I gave him the chance to meet with me and talk about this but he declined. In other words I gave him the chance to give a feasible denial, but he bitched out so he can go to hell and enjoy the smearing that will come after the report was published. One such case was Brian Roberts who all he has against him is that he apparently admitted to Bigbie that he tried steroids a few times. That's the only evidence, nothing about him buying anything or people injected him, a here say confession.

~Does Tejada now acccept a pay cut?

~Apparently a few guys when getting caught for roids blew the whistle on Radomski and this is why he decided to say f 'em all and give up everybody. I bet the folks that didn't rat him out are pretty pissed about this.

~Do normal people pay for drugs using checks? Wouldn't cash make a lot more sense?

~Paul Lo Duca responded on Dodger Stationary which is pure genius on his part.

~ESPN couldn't get their own employee, Fernando Vina, to come on camera and respond to the allegations?

~There are way too many people who are out of baseball on this list whom I don't care about at all.

~I found this funny "Radomski called Brown and told him not to check the signature waiver box on the overnight delivery package when he was sending cash, because the envelope was left on Radomski’s doorstep for several hours and could have been taken."

~But not so much this "...Steroids speculated by GM. Less than two months later, the Dodgers traded Brown to the Yankees." The Dodgers thought Kevin Brown was taking roids so they traded him to the stupid Yankees.

~I found this funny "Theo Epstein asked, 'Have you done any digging on Gagne?' Mark Delpiano [responded], 'Some digging on Gagne and steroids IS the issue... Personally, durability (or lack of) will follow Gagne...'" And yet the Red Sox still traded for the bum.

~I found this funny "Radomski said that he did not sell Vaughn steroids because Vaughn was 'afraid of the big needles.'" Ha Mo is a big pussy.

~I found the section about Tejeda taking around 50 B12 shots a season very humorous.

~A lot of these players took HGH from Radomski way after their prime. Brown, Vaughn, Pettitte, Knoblauch, etc. so many of them got the stuff from Radomski when they were starting to suck and were trying to get back from injury which for the most part didn't work.

~Man I thought my list was really good but I was obviously wrong. I picked the wrong Met apparently, I should have thought about Todd Hundley. That one was so obvious.

~Oh I got the Broncos tonight to cover against the Texans. What a useless football game.

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