NCAA Pre Bowl Final Power Rankings

Monday, December 03, 2007

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you hold the best out of conference win in the country and play in a far superior conference you just might have an advantage in the rankings despite an extra loss or two.

1. Louisiana State -I've had LSU at the top of the polls for now 10 of the 13 weeks this season. And I truly think that they deserved above all teams to play in the title game. They played in the toughest conference, won the title game without many of their key players, and have the best out of conference win in the country. Quality Wins: VaTech, Florida, Auburn, Miss St., Tennessee(n)

2. Oklahoma - They lost one game cause their QB got knocked out, and they lost one on the road, which was a bad loss. But they knocked off Missouri twice and killed them on a neutral field. They are better than Ohio St. this year.Quality Wins: Texas(n), Missouri, Missouri(n) Bad Loss: Colorado

3. Georgia - Mark Richt should not complain for a second about not going to the BCS title game. They never should have been ranked in front of LSU in the first place. Enjoy what should be an easy win in the Sugar bowl. Quality Wins: (n)Florida, Troy, Auburn, Kentucky, @GT Bad Loss: South Carolina

4. Missouri -Losing to Oklahoma twice isn't exactly a shame. I didn't see Ohio St. beating Oklahoma this season either. Perhaps there is a bit of a bias coming from me right now, but Mizzou beat Illinois and only lost an extra game because they had to play an extra game. Meanwhile Ohio St. lost to Illinois at home. And while the Big 12 is poor the Big 10 is probably a tad worse. Quality Wins: @Illinois, Texas Tech, Kansas(n)

5. Ohio St. - I can't argue with them in the title game. I understand why they are there. I just think that people just don't get that the Big 10 has done nothing to show it's worthy of a top 2 team this season.Quality Wins: @Penn St., Wisconsin, @Michigan

6. Virginia Tech - Tech played poorly in the 1st half but somehow managed to wind up tied. Then in the 2nd half they put the finishing touches on their revenge against the Eagles. Tech had a great finish to the season but they were justly left out of the title game as the ACC isn't exactly a robust league this year either. Quality Wins: @Clemson, FSU, @UVA, GT, BC(n)

7. West Virginia -Pat White is a little weiner. Ooh my thumb hurts take me out coach I can't hold the ball with my non throwing hand. Do not compare Pat White with Dennis Dixon, Dixon is both better and vastly tougher. Quality Wins: @Cincy, @Rutgers, Miss St., UConn Bad Loss: Pitt

8. Boston College - Matt Ryan played very well this weekend but Tom O'Brien has to be chuckling in North Carolina for atleast a second. BC was only a play here or there away from the BCS, but instead because their fan base blows they're playing in the illustrious Champs Sports Bowl. Woo.Quality Wins: Wake Forest, @VT, @Clemson, GT Bad Loss: Maryland

9. Florida - Tim Tebow will be picking up his trophy on Saturday and will be enjoying a highly productive January 1st which will be the subject of a post soon enough. Quality Wins: Troy, Tennessee, @Kentucky, FSU

10. Tennessee - Losing in the conference championship game really isn't a bad thing. It just means you made it and had to play a very good team. Plus if dumb ass Erik Ainge decided to throw the in route instead of the out route the Vols would have won, as LSU's offense was dead with Perriloux's bleeding hand. Quality Wins: UGA, @Miss St., Arkansas, @Kentucky Bad Loss: South Carolina

11. Illinois - The Zookers got that coveted trip to Pasadena for which they will be rewarded by getting their asses handed to them by the Trojans. Quality Wins: Penn St., Wisconsin, @Ohio St. Bad Loss: @Iowa

Dropped Out: Nobody

Noticeable Absences: Kansas has the 11th worst schedule in college football, thus why they have one loss. Hawaii has beaten Boise St. that's it. USC beat Arizona St. and Oregon St. but the loss to Stanford is really damning and apparently the Pac 10 was vastly overrated early this season, only 4 teams finished over .500.

Previous Weeks: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

(n) = neutral field

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